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    8_Hussars got a reaction from PlanetaryGenocide in After a few weeks off from the game I've played a bit for a couple of days now. The o   
    @PlanetaryGenocide  I have an 9853 game data set.

    Miros and my numbers agree quite well.  I will link the data later tonight. 
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    8_Hussars reacted to Balthazars in Whee, realised I finally saved up enough bonds for a second piece of improved equipme   
    @PlanetaryGenocide Oh, I have the improved v-stab already. Currently running the improved v-stab, optics (now improved optics) and rammer. But will switch the rammer for improved vents once I save up enough bonds again.
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    8_Hussars got a reaction from canadiantrex in #REMOVE_ARTY_FROM_GAME   

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    8_Hussars got a reaction from DirtyACE7 in I've been bouncing this idea around in my head the last couple of weeks. Is the ramme   
    It's an oldie but a goodie...

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    8_Hussars got a reaction from sohojacques in Due to my profound love of the VK7201 and (assuming normal schedule) the campaign aro   

    I always appreciate anyone willing to put the effort into generating high level content for the wotlabs community.  Even, if I currently don't have the tank yet.
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    8_Hussars reacted to Bavor in I just played two randoms for the first time since February. I load in a good 10-20 s   
    https://peteronprogramming.wordpress.com/2018/04/03/interleaving-small-reads-of-multiple-files-why-world-of-tanks-1-0-has-abysmal-loading-times-on-hdds/ and https://www.ccleaner.com/defraggler
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    8_Hussars got a reaction from monjardin in I just played two randoms for the first time since February. I load in a good 10-20 s   
    I had a similar issue (ended up HD cratered) but a good defrag or even just the Wot sound folder, can do wonders.  Turning off the sound works as well because WG have some significant inefficienties built into the sound programming.
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    8_Hussars reacted to Assassin7 in Well holy shit, I can see Name and Shame thread again! (instead of 78)   
    can confirm our lord and saviour is up and doing some stuff in the background. hes also migrating Wotlabs to a new host server which should be better. (and cheaper according to him)
    he said the migration would take a while because its a couple of terabytes lol
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    8_Hussars reacted to king_spaniel in Are the gun mark % indicators in garage bugged? Stuck at 90.54 for 5 games.   
    if you haven't noticed a pattern from the last 3 years, every patch breaks marks
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    8_Hussars got a reaction from Medjed in One thing that I haven't been able to figure out since coming back from my hiatus: Wh   
    Murazor has ushered in the era of soviet armour and skillless HE meta.
    This one suggestion by "therealisnes" (from TAP comments) made me spit out my coffee...
    "They should make a KV-5 WG Edition and make Murazor the radioman"  
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    8_Hussars reacted to Raj in Not even 2 months in and 7 fucking school shootings in the States. Then Trump adminis   
    Fuck off eurocommie. We've become a degraded society that doesn't value anything and is increasingly outcasting people who want to live a good life with no sickness. Count in increasing ostracization of certain groups of people in the US. This is what you get. Oh but you know, being able to shoot others in self defense shouldn't be allowable because a person brought a gun into a no gun zone and shot others???
    Might want to consider Europe has goatfucking allahu ackbars that cause 1000%+ crime increase in past decade, but das racist. USA is utter fucking garbage though I can agree with that. btw pls ban me someone, I asked months ago but never got banned xddd.
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    8_Hussars reacted to mistervanni in MFW I crest the Himmelsdorf hill and see crab and dual aiming down on the lane...   
    haha crab and dual derping pubbies
    and damn that chinese gunneryXD
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    8_Hussars got a reaction from Ollie Tabooger in Buy T54LW now to get a free Tier 9?   
    (Primarily this is a partial re-post with some of my own and others notes thrown in...)
    Other than the "free" up-tier (tank/module costs/XP increases) the only tanks you receive for "free" are the back-filled T8s and even then its really only the non-elite HWK 12 and BC 12t... It looks basically revenue neutral other than the garage slots (to be verified) as you receive compensation if you already have them in the garage.
    *T-54 ltwt.
    **If the T-54 ltwt. is researched:*
    The crew will not be retrained from the T-54 ltwt. to the LTTB (including dismissed crew members that are available for recovery)
    If the LTTB is not available in the Garage, add the LTTB with a vehicle slot and a crew trained to 50%.
    If the LTTB is available in the Garage, perform refunding in the amount of 1,205,000 credits._
    (to be verified) If the LTTB is available in the Garage, camo, emblems, insignia will stay_
    *If the T-54 ltwt. is available in the Garage:*
    It will be promoted to Tier 9
    Any unassigned XP will remain at Tier 8
    Camo, emblems, insignia will be refunded (in gold or pro-rated credits)
    The crew is not sent to the Barracks.
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    8_Hussars got a reaction from CraBeatOff in Tankrewards are up. Do I get the Skoda T40 or the tier 6 Swede premium? ( I already h   
    I picked both up over Christmas with tourney gold (and while on a deep discount).  The Skoda T-40 plays similar to Tier 8 VTU at T6, and trains crew.  The swede is a nice little tank but doesn't get the swede great gun depression.  The other downside is it trains med crews which doesn't really help for the TD/Heavies that are keepers in the swede lines.  I prefer the Skoda T25 for a T6 autoloader play.  So me being wishy-washy, I suggest grab which ever one peeks your interest, the other will be a reward sooner or later anyway. 
    (no-lifer 68 point getter, so I picked up the T-34-85M)
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    8_Hussars got a reaction from Dangalang_time in Today, I played 6 battles without personal reserves activated and I average 2500+ DPG   
    FWIW, I have come to realize I generally lose when I play shitty and win when I don't.  Often, I seem to play shittier with reserves running because of pressing to get games in (before reserve time runs out) or pressing to get XP (to finish daily grinds) or pressing to meet some goal (finish crew or tank grind), or pressing to get something done before IRL takes over.
    Correlation does not equal causation and all that so you may be correct but for the wrong reason.  Its not rigging during reserves; its that we play with a different mindset with reserves activated... and are not as focused on the game but on maximizing our results during the reserve time while not reflecting on all the strategic/tactical options available and not properly reflecting on the mistakes we are making...because we cant "waste" those reserves...
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    8_Hussars got a reaction from SmirkingGerbil in Today, I played 6 battles without personal reserves activated and I average 2500+ DPG   
    Unfortunately, we usually only see the patterns we are looking for (confirmation bias) and often cant determine the long term patterns over many sessions/time.  Players "expectations" of random usually don't coincide with what random really means...  The math over 1000 coin flips indicates you have a 37% chance to have a streak of 10 or more in a row which for most would be unexpected and not "random".
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    8_Hussars got a reaction from SmirkingGerbil in Today, I played 6 battles without personal reserves activated and I average 2500+ DPG   
    Come on guy's you cant have it both ways... that WG is incompetent with shit mm, balance, mods, maps, etc and everything, but can take the time to rig matches so a select few get "balanced", especially when running reserves...  Its the oft mentioned confirmation bias because you pay more attention to your streaks and are looking for reasons and patterns where randomness reigns.  
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    8_Hussars reacted to HapcDave in can anyone recommend a good way to upload multiple replays somewhere? don't want to d   
    Vbaddict ADU has an option to upload replays. You point it at the folder and let it run. 
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    8_Hussars got a reaction from Tarski in How much do fire skills reduce fire damage?   
    I have yet to find any better data but it seems that the firefighting skill essentially reduces the damage taken "per tic" and also reduces the amount of "tics" by reducing the damage taken to the minimum threshold faster.
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    8_Hussars got a reaction from FavreFan4ever in Screw WG for ***ing up the 2nd French Heavy line and making us grind one of the worst   
    Thanks.  I just came through the AMX M4 (on the 50 120 now) and would likely recover the tank, start a new crew, and grind some XP. 
    This must be it...
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    8_Hussars reacted to TheMarine0341 in Is it viable to run the AMX 301er with just the stock turret? You would lose 10m view   
    get the top turret. Tumor isnt an issue as it is on the 30B
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