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  1. Meh. I see people dropping arty completely in live servers, because most of them were M53/55 AP slinging arse holes, and most will cry over loosing their precious RNG slot machine bullshit damage.
  2. Picked up the new DOOM for £14. Nice.
  3. I might pick one up as having a premium tier 7 tank is useful, and I'm also raging box tenk collector...
  4. Isn't that a good thing? Endless tryhard T54 LW/IS-3 set ups made tier 8 SH cancerous, because got to maintain 70%+ WR in SH like stat like that actually fucking matters. Maybe SH might be playable for fun again...
  5. While I really want high tier UK lights, I'm really hoping WG release more higher tier Japanese lights, with the late model chaffee as their tier 5 as it was sold to them. But, in reality, I don't think so.
  6. Ask ANY unicum player here. They all agree the E5 is the most comfortable tier 10 heavy. The E5 even won the "Tier 10 elimination challenge" on WoTLabs. I don't just pull data out my arse, I go with what is considered "common knowledge" around these parts. The argument of "you don't own x tank" is moot when the data, players and statistics back up what I said.
  7. Welp. I knew things we're tough for you Firefly, but not to that extent. I apologise if my post became across as overly salty and just bashing you, but that's what it looked like to me. Adding in the fact no one was really talking about why you left made me reach this conclusion too. No one was being open and transparent, which was stupid. One of the reasons I left, amongst others.
  8. I Lost respect for FireflyDivision for his sperging and rage quitting of L-KRU/ARKT as commander due to epic salt from CW and trying to sprint before walking. Not surprised he's going around moderating like he does now.
  9. I find that people here expect the top tiers to be fast as fuck with amazing gun handling, gun depression and fast reload with working armour. Let's just fuck the tier 8/9/10 meta even more, shall we? I for one give WG some credit. At least they are legit trying to balance these tanks with the other top tier auto loader heavies. Because I think they learnt their lesson with how fucking retarded the Tier 9/10 Skoda tanks are.
  10. Pity the poor Panther/M10 I found it a bit quirky, and not too bad. Sure, it's slow, but it's got armour that can work (especially since it only sees tier 6-8) and a gun that's not too shabby. True, it's slow as a dog, but in all it's not super shit. It's just ALL the other tier 7 Prem's are better in certain WATS that leave it behind. At least it's HD model is pretty...
  11. Because some people want fun and a challenge, not constant boring easy mode.
  12. @Gandaran That clutch made my penis explode with joy
  13. @Xen are you trying to farm my upvotes in status updates you glorious bastard? :serb:

    Also, any video with Laci Green upsets me. Not just because of her stupid feminist SJW bullshit, but because if she wasn't any of that, I would knob her until the cows come home because she's a pretty girl with big tits.

    Damn it... :brokenheart:

    1. PityFool


      You would like this line from the legend himself, Eminem.

      " you call me misogynistic
      Bitch get to massagin' this dick "

    2. Folterknecht


      Just gag her - problem solved

    3. Xen


      Her face is way too round for my taste and fuck those problem glasses.

  14. I'm currently on a serious hiatus from WoT. Not because I hate the game, but because of a new non potato laptop giving me more game options and me playing nothing but WoT Burmese out a bit. I'll return, but not until the new year at least. Anyway, I'm currently playing a bit of Skyrim (modded to fuck for epicness) and CSGO if I fancy some good FPS. But the game I'm currently playing that's awesome is DayZ standalone.
  15. This. Pity summed it up more or less perfectly. It's not about pace, but about positioning and exploitation of gaps and numbers and knowing what your tank can and cannot do. Most players can literally only nearly do one of those things. Add in 14 more, and steamroll games happen not due to the pace, but the other team exploiting shit positioning, shit tank deployment and 3 Vs 1 a tank all alone on a flank.
  16. I'm imagining every fucker and their mum who misses the old "KV-1Serb" will buy this to relive the old days of EZ mode. Not realising its not a tier 6 bullshit wagon anymore, but a thoroughly mediocre tier 7 premium. But good luck when bottom tier E-75, E-50, T-10, ST-I, Type 4 Heavy, Conquer and VKB drivers will be laughing as they push your shit in. HARD.
  17. Yeah, I kind of dig them too. AK could have sounded a tad meatier, but the new sounds are pretty gud IMHO.
  18. So,first time playing tonks last night for 2 months.

    Not too shabby, but is it me, or is the stock gun of the Jagtiger derpy as Fuck? Aimed shots go all over the shop, even with my 4 skill crew :/ You literally cannot snipe with it, but I suppose you aren't meant to with an Assault TD, but Jesus, you literally are taking a chance at 250m+ shots...

  19. I'm on the fence about this mega buff to be honest. In one hand, it will make the Type 4/5 more effective, and at least have a chance of damaging any tank it sees. But, giving zero weak spots and the ability to just click and damage might be a bit too much.
  20. I think I just jizzed in my pants a little. Grille 15 drivers be afraid. Be VERY afraid.
  21. Welp. Can't deny I was a problem too, but kids suck your time like no tomorrow, and not playing due to current in game events till next patch sort of didn't help too. I'll try to add you all to my spam list, and I'll probably end up going back to my first clan. Good bunch of bastards and they're always badgering me to return... Good luck fellow 1-UPs, Ines's emotional
  22. Reading all the updates on "base camping TD twats" and "Top of tree/T-44-100 marathon retards" reinforced my (wise) decision to quit world of tanks until the next patch.

    May god have mercy on your souls you brave tankers who are enduring this shitfest.

    1. leggasiini


      I thought you already quit since Scorpion G happened?

    2. FreddBoy


      Oh I didn't quit - I'm just taking a break until the current ToTT on EU and T-44-100 grind a thon finish, as I remember the airshow that was...

  23. With regards to the mouse settings Flak, I'd use 1200dpi and in game set to 1.0 even tho it's more or less what you are doing, I don't trust in game mouse settings, as I believe their acceleration to be shit. I had it at about 2, and the crosshair felt really floaty and uncontrollable past mid range. I struggled like this for about 3 hours before I asked here for help. I took the advice from both Gandaran and Siimcy (both MUCH better players than me) and to be honest, it works wonders. Aiming doesn't seem so "sensitive" to recoil, but I still have the speed to turn quickly if I need to bu
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