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  1. There's already several 24/7 Fort Vaux servers... That's why we can't have nice things.
  2. Really liking the new maps, specially Verdun Heights. Fort Vaux is your locker-esque map in a mostly underground bunker, just much, much better. Soissons and Rupture are very good too. The DLC weapons are pretty good as well and the new sentry (Trench Raider) is a melee class. I've been able to get in conquest matches in few minutes on the NA DLC servers, using the server browser.
  3. https://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2017/03/14/mass-effect-andromeda-review-opening-hours/
  4. First DLC out today for premium players. They nerfed AA again on the last patch, because OP air vehicles is how you know that you're playing a real Battlefield game.
  5. If nobody else is on the res site, you can reset spawns by leaving and getting into it again, it's kinda random what you'll get and res sites can get cleared if many players are hunting in it, which will reduce spawns for a few days. Do keep an eye on CGs, they can be very rewarding, like 20-25M for only top 25% sometimes. And you can still go to Sothis and the like, just do a good haul every few days or so instead of doing it over and over until you're a burned out billionaire.
  6. Doesn't help that Gaijin are they own worst enemies.
  7. Took off on my first long range trip out of the bubble last night, taking a tourist to a spot 6.5k LY away. Didn't wanna fly the Asp X, so i left on an engineered Python, can jump 31.8ly while still having 500mj of shields and 3 weapons. Lasers are pretty good right now, particularily Beam but Pulse too, the multicannon upgrades got balanced it's no longer the undisputed king of weapons. Weapon balance is better after 2.2.3, hit point inflation is still a problem tho'. They also removed comodities from engineer recipes, so you no longer needs crap like modular ter
  8. Anyone know if the fixed the cash issues with GTX 680/690/770 cards?
  9. I guess they've been breaking H1Z1 to fix Planetside 2. I'm fine with that.
  10. Check out Windward I've played both and consider Pacific the better game. At least i had more fun with it than Midway.
  11. Had you been on the forum longer than just coming here to whine about your padded stats droping, you'd know sr360 is worthy of his moderator position.
  12. There are console versions of the game, so i guess so, specially if you aren't doing combat. In combat using a keyboard i found out i didn't have enough fingers to make the most of your ships. since you have all the thrusters (roll, yaw, pitch and strafe), the pips for power management and other useful hotkeys, i guess it would be worse even worse with a controler. Gimbaled weapons
  13. As of today update, you no longer need comodities for engineer blueprints, only materials and data i believe.
  14. Oop plz. A game can be released and still in development. See WoT or E:D. Gaijin abused the perpetual beta as their favorite excuse when they made bad changes and bad design decisions.
  15. So, two weeks ago and over 3 years late? I'm surprised Gaijin would ever give up on their "it's a beta" excuse.
  16. That's my point, yet you still see claims of "it's a beta" in reddit and their forum.
  17. I'd look at SCs future progress to how Starbound development went. Things that were to be granted features during early access where axed by the time the game released. Good example was that each race would have it's own story (and they had animated intros in EA), which got replaced by a single plot with earth at the focus. Also the progression and changes to the starmap, which resulted in less varied and more boring planets and star systems, with difficulty locked the kind of planet, so you'll never find a forest or desert planet with string mobs and better loot. SC keeps relea
  18. Dunno if you play starbound, but http://avali.wikia.com/wiki/Art_%26_Concepts

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