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  1. You are not forgotten...

  2. Yup. It was my...4th or 5th game in my new Obj. 261. Himmelsdorf, a scary place. All my shots went short of where I aimed.
  3. I saw sr360 and camador on the opposite side on fjords. The RHM on my team immediately called it a mm fail and camped the southern peninsula the entire game, he didn't move until we had cap at 95 or so. I managed to kill sr360, then was killed by camador. Thankfully the rest of the team managed to win their little battles, and the game, as we had just one tank left on that flank.
  4. I actually ran into Ruestir 2 matches in a row. I managed to do terrible in both. He was on the enemy team the first match, my team won, then he was on my team the next one, and we won that despite me managing to tk our 50B.
  5. I would be buying it, but I'm not sure as I'm saving money for a trip to Washington state in august. I doubt I'll have enough money free to buy gold
  6. I saw Panzer and Marine in Strongholds earlier. I hate the Kharkov map.
  7. I found xvm too distracting, it was hurting my play and my enjoyment of the game. I uninstalled xvm and my other mods, and my play hasn't seen any serious decrease, and the game is more fun. Maybe it's just me, but I found xvm gave me too much information and I couldn't actually focus on matches.
  8. Not really sure if this would be name and shame, but this conversation... We had 3 tanks, a KV-85, SU-152, and a Churchill I believe that all decided to push towards their cap from the middle of city on Ruinberg after the enemy started capping. The AT was sitting on the middle road fighting a Stug and a T25/2 after he drove past the Chaffee (that capped us out) that was sitting in one of the little ruined buildings along the middle road. It took me 2 shots to kill the comet, I was lucky that he didn't push me as i only had 230 hp or so, then tried to get back to base but was too slo
  9. Shaming myself for getting killed by arty 3 games in a row then being the first guy dead on fiery salient....in a WFTE100. I can't play today apparently.
  10. Well, I tried pvp again using the arbitrator. I actually managed to deal damage to one of my attackers, but a minmatar militia fleet jumped me while I was foolishly picking up loot from some pirates on a gate. Now I know one more thing to not do.
  11. As much as I hate lights(because I'm terrible in them) the last few days playing t8 lights with a clanmate have been fun. Also, its nice to be getting some wins again.

  12. I finally managed to do something i've wanted to do for a very long time. I've always wanted to visit this and see it for myself after hearing about it. I'm actually surprised I made it here without getting killed.
  13. I saw you and said hi. There were a bunch of really good players in that battle.
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