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  1. what anime to watch spring 2015
  2. Everyone is saying their own thing and stuff but really everyone's right and you just have to learn to instinctively recognize how to play because no match is the same. "how do you find the "feel" for a game to know when to strike? Is it when the map changes? Is it in your gut? Do you wait until 3 people die on the enemy? 4?" I doubt most people actually think so much about this or have a set formula. These skills are just the result of improving your own gameplay and learning the game better over thousand game. skills learned after thousand game is all I can say. I know this isn't a v
  3. Living life as a Warrior. Such honorabru.
  4. I recommend Space Battleship Yamato 2199 for all audiences
  5. Well I used to be CommunistChina, named after the greatest country in the world But then one day while playing team battles I talked trash to some mongolians from MGL-A and they probably reported my name and so I got a free name change Now I'm named after a ship from this anime: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arpeggio_of_Blue_Steel
  6. space battleship yamato 2199 so gud
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