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  1. I just re-discovered the IS-2. People say its the best t7 heavy tank, but I really think its the IS-2 instead. Except for the occasional getting trolled by the 122mm gun, its awesome.

    1. no_name_cro


      I think Tiger 1 and T29 are better but IS-2 is pretty good tank overall.

    2. Denizzje


      I am still traumatised from driving the Tiger I as a noob, you can see my stats and you'll see why. Never took it back since then.

      Never played the T29 myself, but I am basing that on the fact how easy I find T29s to kill.

    3. monjardin


      I really enjoyed the Tiger I. The gun accuracy, pen and DPM is fantastic. HP pool is best in class. It's also pretty mobile. I found the Tiger II to be lackluster in comparison.

      Now, the Tiger (P) can go die in a fire. I HATED that thing and used a generous amount of free XP to skip it after about a dozen games.

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