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  1. Doesnt the IS-3A count in statistics for wn8?

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    2. Denizzje


      Ah, I see. So they just wait a few weeks or so to add the tank, as they are collecting the stats right now, got it. I am doing reasonable for my doing in my IS-3a I feel, so I was hoping to see it back in my stats ;).

    3. It's_Matra


      Yup, exactly that, sometimes it can take up to a month or so but it will eventually appear. Same issue happened with the M4A1 Ravioli and many other tanks where placeholder stats would be useless and people would complain about how their stats dipped drastically after a WN8 update etc.


      If an IS-3A had the same requirements as a standard IS-3 then it would be one mental statpadding tank! An IS-3 with 9.6 second reload would (or at least should) be capable of dishing out more damage and killing a lot more tanks 

    4. Denizzje


      I dont have a normal IS-3, I drive their made in China clones, but I do teambattles alot these days so I thought it couldn't hurt getting a credits printer for that as my WZ-111 cant really compete in the IS-3 fest that is team battles and the 110 doesnt print credits.


      And it turns out to be quite a good purchase. I am a noob so IS-3s are the tanks I should actually drive ;). But due to me having alot of games in the WZ-111 I am quite used to the 0.46 accuracy, and it doesnt hurt as bad when missing due to the nice reload speed. And ofcourse the much better penetration. I just wish it had AP/APCR instead of APCR/HEAT, I dont like HEAT at all.

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