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  1. Wotlabs EU chat channel seems quite dead, a shame as I found it a nice place to ask potato questions/advice or team up with somebody.

    1. kukis12345


      It's dead indeed

  2. Omg I actually turned green overall. Only took me about four centuries 5300 games.Hope I can keep it up. :P



      Congrats, every color is a goal, and its an accomplishment to hit it. You're headed for purple.

  3. Noob here, I am one of those players who turns this tank into a Lowe 2.0. I dont have much experience playing TD, in particulary the glass canon type. I T hink the hyping by Quickybaby and others got to me and thus I bought it. And now I quite struggle with it. I had some good games with it (good for me, 2-3k damage. I think 3.5k is my highest, on a loss that was), but many more 400 damage games where I get obliterated. But for some reason this feels like the derpiest German gun I ever experienced. It does not feel like 0.3(?) accuracy at all. The ammount of trackshots or just blatantly m
  4. Starting to really like it now. 100k profit with 3.5k damage. I wonder how close i was to ace tanker. Getting the hang of using the awesome gun depression now, though I still wish the mantlet was stronger. Dont laugh at my T-34-3 stats plox.
  5. I swear I saw you in a M46 Patton KR today. But it must have been a different _cro then.
  6. Toldi III + some free consumables, 1 victory required. It is horrible.
  7. I would change it to great if it had a bit more accuracy in my opinion, but 0.38 is not bad ofcourse. I leave that open to answer for people who are actually not yellow potatos like me.
  8. Hmm, off all premium foods, I would consider the German ones to be the least useful. So I am considering this as free credits when the equipment sale is over and I can sell it :P.
  9. Denizzje

    M46 Patton KR

    So, woke up and I saw this tank being for sale as the final tank in the advent calander. I thought screw it, going to give myself a christmas present. My impressions thus far: + 10 degrees gun depression + Reasonably good mobility + 90mm gun performs good in general + Very, very good credit earnings. Tank hp in damage = 50k+ profit on a win, 20k or so in a loss. - Turret mantlet doesnt seem very strong - Paper armour for the rest. - Lots of crew losses I am completly new to this playstyle, I am a Chinese heavy tank and light tank player, along with some
  10. Doesnt the IS-3A count in statistics for wn8?

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    2. Denizzje


      Ah, I see. So they just wait a few weeks or so to add the tank, as they are collecting the stats right now, got it. I am doing reasonable for my doing in my IS-3a I feel, so I was hoping to see it back in my stats ;).

    3. It's_Matra


      Yup, exactly that, sometimes it can take up to a month or so but it will eventually appear. Same issue happened with the M4A1 Ravioli and many other tanks where placeholder stats would be useless and people would complain about how their stats dipped drastically after a WN8 update etc.


      If an IS-3A had the same requirements as a standard IS-3 then it would be one mental statpadding tank! An IS-3 with 9.6 second reload would (or at least should) be capable of dishing out more damage and killing a lot more tanks 

    4. Denizzje


      I dont have a normal IS-3, I drive their made in China clones, but I do teambattles alot these days so I thought it couldn't hurt getting a credits printer for that as my WZ-111 cant really compete in the IS-3 fest that is team battles and the 110 doesnt print credits.


      And it turns out to be quite a good purchase. I am a noob so IS-3s are the tanks I should actually drive ;). But due to me having alot of games in the WZ-111 I am quite used to the 0.46 accuracy, and it doesnt hurt as bad when missing due to the nice reload speed. And ofcourse the much better penetration. I just wish it had AP/APCR instead of APCR/HEAT, I dont like HEAT at all.

  11. I impulse bought a BT-SV.

  12. AW Question: Does the T-62 Vet gift tank progress count for progress in the Eastern European branch at the dealer?

  13. Well he does kind of having a point with no skill needed. The fact that I as a potato can keep it between 60-65% winrate says something....
  14. B2 is an awesome unwind tank from a frustrating night of fail teams. Just shoot shoot shoot with that peashooter gun :).
  15. Ah, I am not the only one with this issue. I kind of like the tank, but the ammorack hits I get are a bit annoying.
  16. Can we has Czechoslovak tonk subforum plox?

    1. aaveq


      lets do slovak and czech, they will split eventually :serb:

    2. Denizzje


      In before Czech - Slovak war on Wotlabs

  17. M4 Sherman - 105mm and 1st turret or 76mm and second turret?

    1. Das_Schlippo


      Always 2nd turret.  Sometimes I derp, sometimes I M1A1.  AFAIK, the only time you keep the stock turret to derp is on the M4A3E2 Jumbo.

    2. Flametz


      ^^^ only the Jumbo should get stock turret, especially after the HD model raped the top turret effective armor from 188mm to ~80mm on the mantlet.

    3. Assassin7


      why would you put the stock turret on the M4? I mean, a month or so ago I ran into a platoon of two of them (both just barely orange) who were running the stock turret and derping, when I asked why they said "because it has more armour" it has like 10mm more armour, and it doesn't have a gun mantlet (which makes up for the loss) much less view range, and less total tank HP.


      the E2 is probably the only tank in teh game you would run the stock turret on.

  18. Just started with AW, thanks for the overview on the premium tanks senpai. What line of non MBT vehicles are good/fun to start as an AW noob? Or should I just stick with MBTs for the time being? I am absolutely clueless about modern vehicles.
  19. With the Germans and Soviets now getting partially included later this month, I am actually wondering which navies are to be included as well. I can't really find anything about that subject, but I can be quite retarded so I might have missed a whole planned tech tree. Below is my own ramblings about what I see possible for the future. - Ofcourse, the British, that is self explanitory. - German Battleships and destroyers ofcourse, but is there any word on aircraft carriers for them? - I am not sure how the Soviets are to be shaped further apart from destroyers, as they didn't build any large s
  20. Thanks everybody for your input. Upboats for everyone who replied (and I run out of upboats so the rest will come tomorrow :P). While reading this, I realised something. I tend to be much worse than I already am in tanks which are not true to their type. So for example, heavy mediums to say something. I guess I can conclude that the T-54 is a better choice for me, as it is a true medium? I am also really agressive and impatient so I guess the WZ-132, being a more second line support tank apperantly, is less suited for me than the T-54 with its flexibility. I have the WZ-111-4 with top gun, bu
  21. Hey guys, First off, this is a thread for longer term. I am not ready to get a t9 medium yet, because... well look at my WZ-111-4 stats. I shouldn't be in tier 9 yet. Wotlabs advised me not to get a t9 yet in my previous I can has tanks related question, and this time I actually plan to listen. Still, I want to inform myself about the following: I am not extremly far away from unlocking the WZ-120 via the WZ-132. I also got a Rudy and started to train a crew in it. My intention is to go further where I left off my T-34-85 (which crew I now have in my terrible T-34-85M) and go to the T-43 ->
  22. I never understand wn8 padding myself, as you inflate your wn8 and if you do it for a while, you might get to levels where you have high wn8 but still play like shit. The tanks however I found to get ridiculous wn8 values thus far are: 59-16, to the point that I think it seriously needs to be looked in to. O-I , probably because the values have not been adjusted yet since the tank is new, and it is quite easy to do alot of damage in this landship.
  23. My thoughts on this (note I am a noob compared to you): * The first feeling I get is that the IS/IS-2 simply might not be your playstyle at all. Maybe you are more into tanks which require a bit more... finesse... and 'in your face' tanks like these do not suite your style very well. I for example cannot get the Tiger II to work, because I am simply to agressive. Chinese tonks in general are much more suited for my retarded playstyle. From your opening post I get the feeling you are trying to force this tank to work for you. * About the 122mm (which I call the drunkard gun), try to shoot more
  24. I just re-discovered the IS-2. People say its the best t7 heavy tank, but I really think its the IS-2 instead. Except for the occasional getting trolled by the 122mm gun, its awesome.

    1. no_name_cro


      I think Tiger 1 and T29 are better but IS-2 is pretty good tank overall.

    2. Denizzje


      I am still traumatised from driving the Tiger I as a noob, you can see my stats and you'll see why. Never took it back since then.

      Never played the T29 myself, but I am basing that on the fact how easy I find T29s to kill.

    3. monjardin


      I really enjoyed the Tiger I. The gun accuracy, pen and DPM is fantastic. HP pool is best in class. It's also pretty mobile. I found the Tiger II to be lackluster in comparison.

      Now, the Tiger (P) can go die in a fire. I HATED that thing and used a generous amount of free XP to skip it after about a dozen games.

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