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  1. Noob here,

    I am one of those players who turns this tank into a Lowe 2.0. I dont have much experience playing TD, in particulary the glass canon type. I T hink the hyping by Quickybaby and others got to me and thus I bought it. And now I quite struggle with it. I had some good games with it (good for me, 2-3k damage. I think 3.5k is my highest, on a loss that was), but many more 400 damage games where I get obliterated. But for some reason this feels like the derpiest German gun I ever experienced. It does not feel like 0.3(?) accuracy at all. The ammount of trackshots or just blatantly missing tanks is insane. Also the constant module damage is annoying.

    I think I am doing something horribly wrong, and perhaps glass canons aren't my thing at all. I have had much more fun in the Jagdkitten 8.8, which is probably much more tomato friendly too. Maybe not helping too is that I did not play for a good 2-3 months.

  2. yIIuQea.jpg

    Starting to really like it now. 100k profit with 3.5k damage. I wonder how close i was to ace tanker. Getting the hang of using the awesome gun depression now, though I still wish the mantlet was stronger.

    Dont laugh at my T-34-3 stats plox.


    Bought it, I <3 US mediums.


    Also, 90mm performs good in general? Gun handling is great :)

    I would change it to great if it had a bit more accuracy in my opinion, but 0.38 is not bad ofcourse. ;)



    Should I buy it? :doge:


    I leave that open to answer for people who are actually not yellow potatos like me. :P

  4. So, woke up and I saw this tank being for sale as the final tank in the advent calander. I thought screw it, going to give myself a christmas present. My impressions thus far:

    + 10 degrees gun depression

    + Reasonably good mobility

    + 90mm gun performs good in general

    + Very, very good credit earnings. Tank hp in damage = 50k+ profit on a win, 20k or so in a loss.

    - Turret mantlet doesnt seem very strong

    - Paper armour for the rest.

    - Lots of crew losses

    I am completly new to this playstyle, I am a Chinese heavy tank and light tank player, along with some TD's along. Thus I mishandle the tank completly I guess. But when I seem to be doing it right, it shows hints at being just a good tier 8 medium tank. Please dont look at my stats, as in addition of not being used to (American) medium tanks, I also seem to suffer new tank syndrome alot now.

    I put my Sherman crew in it, and I am doing SS + Repairs as first skills, as a tracked near paper medium tank is a dead one. As equipment, I have rammer + Vstab right now, but the Vstab seems unnessecary because Patton tanks are quite good at firing on the move, I will replace with with GLD when I have printed enough cash to improve the 2.5s aiming time so I can aim and retreat faster when peaking over ridges, as the turret manlet doesnt seem that great in bouncing stuff. I suppose the third slot should be optics, as it wont hurt to have its 390m base view range buffed to over the 400 range.

    What is the opinion of people who are actually competent in playing tanks about the tier 8 little brother of M46 Patton?

  5. With the Germans and Soviets now getting partially included later this month, I am actually wondering which navies are to be included as well. I can't really find anything about that subject, but I can be quite retarded so I might have missed a whole planned tech tree. Below is my own ramblings about what I see possible for the future.

    - Ofcourse, the British, that is self explanitory.

    - German Battleships and destroyers ofcourse, but is there any word on aircraft carriers for them?

    - I am not sure how the Soviets are to be shaped further apart from destroyers, as they didn't build any large ships during WWII I think. Perhaps lots of paper designs?

    - French. I am not sure if the French are able to go to tier 10 due to them not being able to design / build ships from 1940-1945. Paper designs as well?

    - Italians seem very likely to me, but maybe the highest tiers might give difficulties due to them stopping any development after 1943 if not earlier.

    - Smaller European navies. For example I can think of some Dutch destroyers and cruisers, but no way we can get all the way to tier X obviously, as our largest ship was a light cruiser and we decided that for our naval expansion programme it would be a wise idea to order Battlecruiser designs from Germany. Other navies I can think off are Polish destroyers, Norwegian destroyers, Swedish destroyers and cruisers, Spanish destroyers, cruisers and an odd battleship. Perhaps all premiums for the Royal Navy, or some kind of handicapped EU tree which seems unlikely?

  6. Thanks everybody for your input. Upboats for everyone who replied (and I run out of upboats so the rest will come tomorrow :P). While reading this, I realised something. I tend to be much worse than I already am in tanks which are not true to their type. So for example, heavy mediums to say something. I guess I can conclude that the T-54 is a better choice for me, as it is a true medium? I am also really agressive and impatient so I guess the WZ-132, being a more second line support tank apperantly, is less suited for me than the T-54 with its flexibility.

    You probably already know this but you can get the top gun on the WZ-120 for free (saving ~60K xp) by grinding out the WZ-1111114

    I have the WZ-111-4 with top gun, but the WZ-120's top gun is not unlocked. Unless you meant getting the 113 unlocked as well, but I leave my WZ-111-4 in the garage for the time being untill I get better a tonks. I got the tank while I was drunk and used all my free XP while I was at it to get the equipment. They should make a mod which prevents me from logging in while drunk. Or atleast spending free xp.


  7. Hey guys,

    First off, this is a thread for longer term. I am not ready to get a t9 medium yet, because... well look at my WZ-111-4 stats. I shouldn't be in tier 9 yet. Wotlabs advised me not to get a t9 yet in my previous I can has tanks related question, and this time I actually plan to listen. Still, I want to inform myself about the following:

    I am not extremly far away from unlocking the WZ-120 via the WZ-132. I also got a Rudy and started to train a crew in it. My intention is to go further where I left off my T-34-85 (which crew I now have in my terrible T-34-85M) and go to the T-43 -> T-44 -> T-54. This made me ponder about what my first t9 medium will be. Will it be the WZ-120, or its Soviet nephew the T-54?  I am having a hard time however finding out how those two compare to each other. Basically the WZ-120 is a Type 59 with the possibility of having a 122mm gun on it, in other words, a tier 9 T-34-3. 

    Some pros/cons for me:


    + More hull armour

    + I have the choice of 2 Soviet tier 10 mediums for later

    + Faster according to the wiki

    - I don't have good Soviet crews yet


    + I have good Chinese crews

    + I already got 3 out of 4 guns unlocked

    + Better camo according to the wiki

    + Hitting things with a 122mm gun is fun

    + Better turret

    - 3 gun depression with 122mm, and I suck with bad gun depression.

    - I am not sure about going to tier 10 with the Chinese (very maybe the 121)

    I am wondering, who has / have played both, and how do they compare to each other? What is the better choice?

  8. I never understand wn8 padding myself, as you inflate your wn8 and if you do it for a while, you might get to levels where you have high wn8 but still play like shit.

    The tanks however I found to get ridiculous wn8 values thus far are:

    59-16, to the point that I think it seriously needs to be looked in to.

    O-I , probably because the values have not been adjusted yet since the tank is new, and it is quite easy to do alot of damage in this landship.

  9. My thoughts on this (note I am a noob compared to you):

    * The first feeling I get is that the IS/IS-2 simply might not be your playstyle at all. Maybe you are more into tanks which require a bit more... finesse... and 'in your face' tanks like these do not suite your style very well. I for example cannot get the Tiger II to work, because I am simply to agressive. Chinese tonks in general are much more suited for my retarded playstyle. From your opening post I get the feeling you are trying to force this tank to work for you.

    * About the 122mm (which I call the drunkard gun), try to shoot more if you do not fire alot right now. Accept that you WILL miss shots. Once I got to terms with that, my damage per game increased considerably. Sometimes shooting even fully unaimed will work, especially when you are in a corner fight. You might just hit the other tank instead of the tank you were 'aiming' at ;). Do not be afraid to take clutch shots sometimes, wont be the first time I hit 3 times in a row when on the move. Ofcourse, when you have the time, aim as much as possible.

    * Don't overestimate the armour. I won't call the armour shit as Cuni did, except when bottom tier. A mistake I however make is that when I actually bounced a few times, I start to feel 'invincible'. The armour is alright when properly angled, but surely not fantastic. I would say don't be afraid to pop out sometimes and try to bounce when you have the HP left to trade, but don't overdo it.

  10. Hi. We're recruiting for 22ACU (1250+ WN8, #2 clam in tier 6 CW) and our training clam 22OTC (sub-1250 WN8). We're an international group of clams, official language is English but one of our Combat Officers is Dutch and we have a few players from ZA.

    Hi Woe2you,

    Thanks for your reply :). I am not good enough for 22ACU unfortunally. I did notice that 22OTC does not seem to be active in stronkholds and teambattles and that sort, is that true or is that a fluke of the WG website? I am really looking for stronkholds and TBs and those sorts.

  11. Hello all,

    My klanu seems to have died after the summer holidays :(. I am currently considering leaving it as activity seems to not return. I am not 100% sure I will leave yet, but if the situation does not improve in the comming days, I will leave my clan which I had much fun in for more than a year. This thread for now is looking for options for me.

    Who am I

    I am a 23 year old Dutch noob, currently at +/- 825 wn8 / 48% WR average and +/- 1200 wn8 / 52% WR recent stats wise. My 'niche' in the game is light tanks, I fare best in the Chinese lights thus far. My bread and butter heavy tank is the Chinese  110. I only play untill tier 8 thus far, I have one tier 9 tank but I bought it too soon as you can see in my stats. I will not even consider going to tier 10 for the time being as I feel I will not fare well there. I also seem to be doing well in tank destroyers as I noticed with the ISU-122s (or that thing is just blatantly OP). My weakness is medium tanks, I cannot really get into the playstyle it seems. Clicker scumbag machines are out of the question for me.

    I speak Dutch, English, German and Afrikaans. I have a slight preferance of being in a Dutch/Flemish clan, but an English language clan is no problem for me ;). I play atleast 4 nights a week, sometimes every day of the week. I am a night crawler so I tend to play very late (04:00-05:00 is not uncommon for me). I have TS, currently my headset's microphone is broken but  I will get a new one soon.

    What am I looking for

    I want to play strongholds and/or team battles regulary. I also want to take my first steps in (tier 8 ) clan wars. In my new clan, I want to work on getting better. However, just as important for me is unwinding after a stressfull set of games in randoms. This is either by joking around in training rooms or driving blatantly OP platoons. So my ideal clan would be one which works on improving the gameplay, as well as having a good amount of fun :).


    Dutch scrub.

  12. Some Steam games purchased to play for 10 minutes (full priced)

    Buying the Superpershing after like 200-300 games as a 100- wn8 tomato

    Buying a bike, forget to lock it, have to buy another bike the next day

    Spending a shitton on beer only to remember nothing the next day (this happens to me more than it should)

    Arriving back home from a night like above, log into WoT, play 30 games, win nothing. Then proceed to spend my free XP or gold on random crap. Wake up the next day with a new tank and no gold.

    Paying €100 for a party in which you can drink for free all night. Arrive stupidly drunk, drink one beer and for the rest water, and that me drinking water is the only thing I remember

    Paying €50 for a 10 minute cab ride because I didn't look up the currency exchange rate before hand.

  13. World War II Online: http://battlegroundeurope.net/home

    Game is a bit old (1999 original release but still updated) but few other games can match the scope of this game. You play on a 1:2 scale map of Southern Netherlands, Belgium, France, SE England and West Germany. Air land and sea are done simulataniously.

    The game is a bit lacking in numbers now but they are working to get it on Steam.

  14. World War II Online: http://battlegroundeurope.net/home

    Game is a bit old (1999 original release but still updated) but few other games can match the scope of this game. You play on a 1:2 scale map of Southern Netherlands, Belgium, France, SE England and West Germany. Air land and sea are done simulataniously.

    The game is a bit lacking in numbers now but they are working to get it on Steam.

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