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  1.   If you can stomach a non limited tank, IS-5 and CDC are pretty much perfect.  All the others range from mediocre to shitter.

    What about the T-54 first prototype? As a terrible player, I can't see how I will succeed in a CDC and how a large paper thing like that is a carry hard machine... do you consider it a shitter as well? I was thinking at eventually, sometime in the future getting it as a Soviet medium crew trainer.

  2. I would severly advise AGAINST pre-built PC. I would rather pick the components yourself and if you cannot assemble it yourself, let it be assembled at a store. I had my PC assembled by Alternate for example, it barely costs extra if anything at all.

    With pre-build PCs, you always pay more for less quality. You get 'special' OEM graphics cards which are worse, or you get for example a crappy power supply in which it proves unable to upgrade your PC without upgrading the power supply.

    Try building something at: https://www.alternate.nl/html/configurator/builder/pc/page.html

    I just advised against pre-build pcs, but the pre-build ones of Alternate or Informatique are quite ok, as long as it doesn't carry a brand name like Dell or anything.

  3. Thanks everybody for the thoughts, upboats for everyone!


    I haven't gotten to play without mods yet, but to answer above:


    The drive is from 2009, according to CrystalDiskInfo, it has run for almost 30.000 hours (So active life around 3.5 years). It is connected with SATA-3 indeed.


    I did some tests with CrystalDiskMark, write and read speeds are about 85 MB/s. I remember it being around 110 once, but that was maybe because the disk was not 90% full.


    However earlier tonight I played some strongholds and the stutters were noticbly absent for a while. Then all of a sudden, disk usage bumped up to 100% (for WoT) and there I was bumping against stuff with my Type 64 again. I can't put my head around it, but as I said I still need to try it without mods.

  4. I already defragged my disk, it was quite fragmented but to no avail. Don't have money for computer upgrades unfortunally, otherwise I would have gotten a SSD already (yes €60 is alot for me right now). The SMART values of my disk are good, I was afraid it was dying so I checked it, but it says 95% and 96% and no errors.


    Yes, I run sound mods. The way you describe what is happening, might be the case for me as well now you said it. I am going to check that out!! Alot of these stutters occur after somebody shot.

  5. Hey all,


    I have a serious problem which sometimes make the game unplayable for me. I am having periods of intense stuttering of between 1 and 3 seconds each at random times. The frequency of these stutters are much more on the newer maps, especially Kharkov is almost unplayable for me at times. The problem seems to have gotten worse after the latest minipatch, and the problem is aggrevated by the fact that I am now playing mostly light tanks. It has already caused me falling of cliffs and driving my tank in front of a friendly fireline because I can't steer when I have these stutters, and thus get teamkilled by accident.


    I notice that for some reason, my hard disk is being used 100%. I can't find what is causing it. It gets slightly less when I close ALL background applications, it used to be when I did this that the stutters would be nearly gone except on the newer maps, but now it sometimes is just downright unplayable and frustrating, not knowing when the next stutter comes.


    My system:


    Intel Core i7 920 @ 4 Ghz

    AMD Radeon HD 5870 @ Stock speeds running latest beta drivers (also had the problem using older to downright outdated drivers)

    Samsung 1TB Mechanical Hard Disk Drive

    6 GB Ram

    Windows 8.1


    I seriously hope there is a solution for this, as I sometimes just get 0 damage killed because of this, let alone the accidental teamkills this causes.

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