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  1. I want more credits.

  2. Have you considered this brandnew portable Apple computer? 16mhz cpu, 1mb of ram and a retina 640x400 screen with a 40mb hard drive, or ofcourse save everything on floppies. Perfect for enhancing Wotlabs further. In all due seriousness, your budget seems a bit cramped for your specifications. Over here, the price point you give seems to be just the drop off point where SSD's fall off the chart, or other specifications suffer like having a screen resolution lower than 1920x1080 (which I doubt you want with your video editting stuff) or you end up with a laptop as large as your fridge,
  3. Best stronkholds light tank, is it still the T37 or has the new AMX 13 57 taken its place?

    1. no_name_cro


      Type 64 is like T21. Really good choice for farming monies.

    2. Constie


      yea can confirm gud moneymaker, when it goes on sale the next time i would pick it up

    3. aaveq


      T37 is miles better than T64 but Type is so much money hoe <3 <3 <3

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  4. Su 100y stronk stetpedder tonk.

  5. Denizzje

    GTA 5 PC

    I want your computer. Do you close everything else before running the game? Maybe some background process using your harddisk at the same time as GTA V. Antivirus for example can drag your harddisk down while scanning, with those 60gb you had to install I assume the game uses the disk heavily.
  6. Denizzje

    GTA 5 PC

    Thanks for this! Was looking for something like that but to no avail. Yes I have the 'fake' AA on, I keep turning it off and on because I can't decide what looks better, the blurry mess or the ugly texture borders. I actually have a decent framerate as long as I am in the same area, driving however can be a pain as then the game starts 'stuttering', not the 'stutering' of low FPS but just hanging in general for like a second when it loads in a new area. I think it has to do with my HD5870 just having 1GB, I had to exceed the suggested limit as I couldn't draw anything further than right in
  7. Please let it keep it that way. It is one of the few tanks I do well in, and I think it is partially due to the enemies not knowing how to handle this tank and just keep shooting on my front for some odd reason. And I just enjoy it most of the time .
  8. Denizzje

    GTA 5 PC

    Alright, my poor performance on low settings at 1200p with my Radeon HD5870 is seriously starting to piss me off now. I can't run AA and I have constant stuttters while driving through town making me crash against things. And the game looks worse than GTA IV did on my computer. I see some second hand HD 7870s and R270s for sale on a website which I could pick up for about 60 to 80 euro. Somebody perhaps able to confirm these cards (or their nvidea equivalent) can run the game at a decent quality and without those damn stutters at 1200p? With decent quality I do not mean superduperultra high w
  9. How do I make my guy run in third person in GTA V, all he does is either walk or sprint when I press shift.

    1. Denizzje


      I know how to get in first person, but I want that guy to run in third person for a better overview :P.

    2. PumpkinSpiceOctavia_


      Not sure the question, but you press shift to cycle between walking and running. Holding shift allows you to sprint until you stop holding shift.

    3. Denizzje


      Ah, thats it! I was only holding shift (I said I pressed it but was actually holding it), didn/t know about the pressing shift . :)

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  10. Denizzje

    GTA 5 PC

    My HD 5870 does not like this game. Cant play it above normal on 1920x1200 with no AA.
  11. Go away, ugly WGL garage! I want to rotate my tank normally.

  12. Only 22 hours before my GTA V download is done. #stronkinternet

    1. Victrix



  13. Always wondered why Ensk is not a map for the lowest tiers indeed. I think you hit the nail with the two maps you say, I don't see any viable options for the rest.
  14. I got my HT-15 for the StuG in the 110. Go hulldown in, bounced 4-5k damaged while using the relatively good behaving 100mm to deal out damage. The Chinese HT line is quite fun in my opinion, IS-2 and 110 are very good, and supposedly so is the WZ 111-4.
  15. I was the second best player in a tier 8 battle just now. I am 718 average wn8. It was very painful.

    1. DoggieKruger


      Get used to it :^)

  16. Oh dear, didn't know that one. Happens to me occasionally playing the WZ-111 or other Chinese firecracker.... but that is just because I am terrible.
  17. Shoot the engine, or shoot Chinese firecracker tanks? I think the put stuff on fire mission is the least bad RNG mission i dont even have the stug IV yet.
  18. I am trying to learn the T-34-1. Having vary variable games in it, some good ones and some zero damage ones... After your review, which unfortunally I only found after I got it, I have some questions: You state in your review the equipment choice 'is set in stone'. I now have GLD + Rammer + Vents (equipped that before I found your review). What I am wondering though, is optics really worth the extra view range, as in isn't it quite useless due to the bad gun handling? I obviously made a mistake going with full 'fire control' crew first though, should have taken camo. I am however wond
  19. I logged in to WoT when stupidly drunk and bought the second turret. Atleast that is my theory, because I didn't have it before going out, and when I logged in the next day it was suddenly installed on it. But sometimes those 50 hp can just make the difference between life and death.
  20. Sorry Umek for hijacking your thread a bit, can't help you because I am still a total scrub and stuck on t8. But I need to ask, why do you think the KV-4 is 'sorta bad'? These buggers give me a very hard time. Recently unlocked the KV-3 and I was planning on making the KV-4 my next tier 8.
  21. Denizzje

    GTA 5 PC

    Its ofcourse completly personal. When I still had a 300/300 fiber connection I would easily eat several terabytes on my own each month. Now with my terrible 15 mbit/s DSL connection I barely manage 200-300gb. And I sure as hell don't look forward at downloading GTA V on it . But I still find it utterly retarded that you pay $100 and still have a cap, especially when they give you those speeds. it is moneygrabbing at its finest. You probably can buy a nice 'deal' in which you can get another 100GB for $10 .
  22. Yes, I connected my bank account with PayPal and everything gets paid inmediately, including my bribe to Never which goes through PayPal via Patreon (if there is any cash on it, I am poor).
  23. Denizzje

    GTA 5 PC

    A cap on your internet for $100.... you pleb.
  24. Denizzje

    GTA 5 PC

    Get it on DVD? You need to swap disc 7 times but that I assume that is quicker than downloading 27 days.
  25. Denizzje

    GTA 5 PC

    Oh god, you just reminded me that this game is comming out in the middle of my exams week.
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