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  1. I'm not going to get into the technical bits but I've been on a 40Mbps DSL for a little over a year now. Its used for TV and internet service so its broken up 20Mbps for each one.


    As long as its just me using it, playing WoT is never a problem. However when my son starts uploading youtube videos its triple 9's. Not sure of my upload speed off hand but, think its 8Mbps or something.


    TL;DR - DSL should be fine.


    EDIT - YAY 3000 Battles!


    Limit the upload rate of your connection in your router to no more than 80% of the upstream capacity. You can usually do this with a feature called QoS. On a DSL line, if you use all upload capacity, the whole line gets 'jammed'.


    You can see this effect when you download upload a torrent. If you let it upload on full speed, your download speeds collapse. If you curtail the upload speed, you will notice the download will go as fast as possible.

  2. The speed of DSL is dependant on your distance to the central exchange. However, latency will generally be less affected by the speed of your DSL line. Should you even get a prehistoric 10 mbit connection or less, you could still play WoT with it. However, due to the large size of the US ( I am assuming you are from the US due to you being on the NA server) you might still experience higher latencies if you live far away from the server. I would say, check with the provider for the following things:


    1. What is the distance?

    2. Is VDSL availible? VDSL is a newer technique than the prehistoric ADSL, and provides for higher speeds and lower latencies on distances less than 2km from the exchange.


    I play wot on a crappy 15 mbit/s VDSL line, and I got 30 ms ping. However, I am from the Netherlands and the servers of EU are in Amsterdam.


    Satelitte is indeed completly useless due the long distances the signal has to travel, each way. You can generally expect 200ms at the minimum. Then the signal still needs to travel to WG servers....

  3. Waterwar has quit the metoring trade, leaving me without a mentor. I found having a mentor helped me alot (I know how to sidescrape now lol) and thus I hope to find a new one.


    I am:

    3.3k games 700 wn8 47.5% WR scrub, improving at a relatively slow but steady pace.


    What I currently play:

    Chinese heavies 110, WZ-111 and IS-2

    American little bastard the M41 Walker Bulldoge

    The British landship TOG II*

    Made in China Type T-34 to go to the Chinese lights


    What I seek to improve:

    - I am overly agressive, this can be good but sometimes I just get killed with 0 damage because of it

    - Tunnelvisioning, this still happens too much

    - Map knowledge, I have a low knowledge of good spots, and the positions I learned from Waterwar made me win games


    I am willing to give some compensation in gold for the time!

  4. I am still frustrated that i couldn't pick a SU-76 up. ffs.



    I do think that now they have done this, you and I will have the chance to get the su-76i , which I personally was just too late to get, soon but at a horribly inflated price.


    And WG strikes my 'tank collector' syndrome again, I have an irrestible urge to buy this piece of shit and I am trying to justify it with a year of premium.

  5. Thanks for your comments all, again some upboats!


    I draw my conclusion that Denizzje the scrub will continue to suck at tier 8 max for now, and that Denizzje will use the E-75 when the time is right.


    I'll check OMC modpack out, using Aslain's but its a bit crashy for me since 0.9.6, tank you Firedog :). Hitskins, autoaim assitance sound like cheating to me though... aren't these illegal to use? I already use a effective armour calculator on my own tank and a longer zoom mod and I feel dirty for using it :P.

  6. Thanks for the replies you all, have some upboats!


    According to the poll, the E-75 seems to be nearly unanimous over the WZ-111-4. I think thats clear :). Maybe my 'view' of it was too rosy with my experiences of my wallet warrior tier 8 WZ-111. In that tank I have my highest average damage but relatively lower WR than with my other Chinese. I also greatly enjoy it in stronkholds and 7v7 matches.


    The ammount of votes which say I must stay out of tier 9 says enough. My logic for actually considering starting to venture into tier 9 in a while was that I feel there is less of a difference when I get into tier X battles (powercreep is the term I am looking for here I guess). Tier 8 tanks have to be very cautious there or risk getting obliterated in seconds, which is a hard thing to do sometimes for me due to my (highly) agressive playstyle. I thought that maybe with a good tier 9 tank, I could do better in higher tier battles. But at the same time the ammount of tier X battles I get in goes up, in which my yellowness is pure dinner for dark greens and up, thus which is why I doubted and added this to the poll.



    If you go into Tier 9 now, you're going to get your butt kicked, no offense. I would at least recommend demonstrating a grasp on basic mechanics (light green in Tier 8s or better), before moving on to Tier 9s and then 10s, to potentially try improving the Kewei way. I learned this all the hard way, as my shamefur IS-8 stats serve to show.  =(


    I have seen on some replays and pictures of tank overviews on this forum that there are mods in which you can show individual wn8 on tanks in your stats, but I can't seem to find it. I am curious what my wn8 is on my most played tanks (probably horrendous :P). How can I activate that?



    Id also look for an EU mentor or post a replay pack (5 games) so we can either help by platooning or help by constructive criticism 


    Waterwar was my mentor but unfortunally he quit. He teached me some valuable things like how to actually sidescrap with the autobounce angles, can't believe it took me over 3k games to figure that out. I should probably sent out a request in the mentorship forum to find a new mentor.



    I had put myself into a terrible position too learn early on, i got myself into a terrible clan, and i was learning from terrible players. Later on i realized what a horrible player i was(that shitter logic where you think you are slightly better then average, was no longer my security blanket...the clan exploded) 


    I decided too ask a great player from anvil how too get better. He told me start off at tier 5 or so and play till your doing well and winning, then move up a tier, rinse and repeat untill you meet your ceiling, then back done a tier and work it out there.

    For the first 2.5k games playing the game I was just blindly rushing tanks, opening up lines to certain tiers, playing alot of tanks once and do horribly in all. Was also in a horrible clan. Then I installed XVM and found a drive to get better (was at 480 wn8 when I first installed it at about 2.5k games) and meanwhile I joined my current clan HFT which are all yellow to dark green players (with the odd light blue in the mix) trying to get better :). However the damage has been done and I was already at tier 8. Currently I have a set of well equipped tier 6,7 and 8 tanks with good crews, but my tier 5 tanks are in bad shape as I didn't revert back to them. I had thus decided to actually stop at tier 8 for the time being, but now with the tier 9s not being that far away from my grasp it started tickeling. And thus comes the story of the upper part of this post.


    Sorry if I am writing horrendous Dunglish, my English is not the best today. :P

  7. Hey all,


    Recently I have been pondering about what my first tier 9 will be.  I have two options, the E-75 and the WZ 111-4. I won't get it inmediately as I still have to grind about 85k for both options. Not sure when I will get that done, but since I am well underway it probably won't hurt thinking what it wll be ;).




    + I really enjoy the IS-2 and 110, I got my best WR of the heavy tanks with my IS-2 and I feel I am getting better at consistently dishing out damage in my 110 now its fully upgraded and with an improving crew. Had a rough start with both tanks and my stats of the 110 are still damaged from my derping in the tank at first.

    + I can take my IS-2 crew to the WZ111-4, which is now busy with their third skill

    + I really liked the feel it has when I tested it on a testserver

    + I already got its tier 8 little brother....


    - .... in which I do rather mediocre in statswise, but I actually greatly enjoy playing as well. I can't get my winrate up to above 50% (which is a goal I personally have, might not be much to alot of you here :P)

    - Despite playing it on testserver I don't have a good idea how its armour handles in tier 10




    + It seems to be a much more scrub friendly tank than its predecessor, the Tiger II.

    + Awesome gun handling compared to the China tanks, right?

    + Might be much better suited to my agressive playstyle (which is the reason why I do better in Chinese tanks I guess) than the Tiger II


    - I might be totally wrong on what I said above, as I am basically just guessing.


    Well, what do you guys think, should I take a WZ-111-4 or an E-75? Or, should I just stay the heck out of tier 9 for now.


  8. TOGs can be devestating when platooned. Those poor KV-85s dont know how to handle 3 'machinegun' 17 pounder guns on it. TOGs can also be very useful mid to late game when both teams are damaged and suddenly a fast firing 1400hp behemouth comes in. On the flip side of the coin, you are a clicker magnet and due to your 'speed' you regullary have 0 damage games. Its armour is bad but you will have occasional bounces.


    The TOG is absolutely useless in stronkholds btw.

  9. I was a 600 wn8 overall at 6k battles, with a 44% win rate.  At 9k battles, I had somehow gotten up to 1000 wn8 and 46% win rate......


    Now I'm at 17k and upper 1800s overall and a 54% win rate that is still climbing.


    You can do it man, it takes time and a lot of patience.  


    Good to see that there is hope for me ;).

  10. I don't see how can people like the Tog2 at all, I got one for free, played 1 game nearly fallen asleep from its speed and never touched it again. Yeah, it was a triple Tog2 platoon.


    Anyways this was completely offtopic but gl finding someone.


    Its my most played tank thus far. Its actually a quite relaxed play. Yes its slow, and yes the armour is unreliable, but its big HP pool and good gun make up for it imo. Platoon up with 3 TOGs, focus fire and you shred through everything, especially with trained crews and full equipment.


    Although in some games the TOG is downright ineffective due it simply being too slow and comming too late to the party ;).

  11. needs more alluding to the girl being underage 8/10


    (this is sarcasm pls no NSA)


    Your IP adress has been recorded.



    FBI Child Protection Department

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