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  1. You either live extremly far from the exchange.... or there is something horribly wrong with your cables, either internally in your house or the ones leading to your house. Ever checked with your provider?
  2. Your maximum speed in megabytes per second is the ammount of megabit per second divided by 8. You will always lose something more due to overhead and other factors.
  3. Limit the upload rate of your connection in your router to no more than 80% of the upstream capacity. You can usually do this with a feature called QoS. On a DSL line, if you use all upload capacity, the whole line gets 'jammed'. You can see this effect when you download upload a torrent. If you let it upload on full speed, your download speeds collapse. If you curtail the upload speed, you will notice the download will go as fast as possible.
  4. The speed of DSL is dependant on your distance to the central exchange. However, latency will generally be less affected by the speed of your DSL line. Should you even get a prehistoric 10 mbit connection or less, you could still play WoT with it. However, due to the large size of the US ( I am assuming you are from the US due to you being on the NA server) you might still experience higher latencies if you live far away from the server. I would say, check with the provider for the following things: 1. What is the distance? 2. Is VDSL availible? VDSL is a newer technique than the prehisto
  5. 2200 more wn8 and I will be purple.

    1. favorius
    2. Denizzje


      I meant dark purple! :P

    3. Denizzje


      And thanks for that website btw, now I can see my individual stats in each tanks, ty :).

  6. I have been there once a while ago, to see the Kittycat II and that weird German WW1 tank in RL are great .
  7. Why does your horse in your avatar still carry a christmas hat?
  8. Waterwar has quit the metoring trade, leaving me without a mentor. I found having a mentor helped me alot (I know how to sidescrape now lol) and thus I hope to find a new one. I am: 3.3k games 700 wn8 47.5% WR scrub, improving at a relatively slow but steady pace. What I currently play: Chinese heavies 110, WZ-111 and IS-2 American little bastard the M41 Walker Bulldoge The British landship TOG II* Made in China Type T-34 to go to the Chinese lights What I seek to improve: - I am overly agressive, this can be good but sometimes I just get killed with 0 damage because of it -
  9. I just installed a missle launcher on my TOG II*. Its awesome.

  10. In retrospect, despite the my tank collector syndrome tingeling that day, I am really glad I didn't get it. I already bought the WZ-111 which is relatively rare, very strong (maybe sometimes OP as top tier) and much more fun and useful.
  11. I am starting to love the 110. Getting to 56% WR in it, which is very high for my scrubstandards. And it got my first waifu in it. She sounds like a man though.

    1. Denizzje


      I never drove an IS-3 but I find them quite easy to damage frontally, and otherwise their turret top. In my opinion the 110 is a superior tank as long as it doesn't get flanked.

      I have alot of trouble dealing with T32s, 110 doesnt have the most accurate gun so I easily hit the turret instead of the hull and also probably because I keep underestimating them.

    2. Kitten


      shoot bottom of t32 mantlet/shottrap, pen everytime as it bounces into the hull

    3. Denizzje


      Thanks, will see if I can manage that next time one is bothering me ;).

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  12. I do think that now they have done this, you and I will have the chance to get the su-76i , which I personally was just too late to get, soon but at a horribly inflated price. And WG strikes my 'tank collector' syndrome again, I have an irrestible urge to buy this piece of shit and I am trying to justify it with a year of premium.
  13. Another epic WG EU fail... WG failed to communicate the team requirements for the mystery cup, thus nearly every team got disqualified. gg

    1. FreddBoy


      WTF? What was the team requirement for the mystery cup?

    2. Medjed


      WG EU needs to be burned down

    3. Denizzje


      WG EU are now trying to cover up their mistake, blaming the captain of each team who got disqualified for not reading the forums....


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  14. Finally got my first female crewmember with HT-15. On a loss. *rages*

  15. Thanks for your comments all, again some upboats! I draw my conclusion that Denizzje the scrub will continue to suck at tier 8 max for now, and that Denizzje will use the E-75 when the time is right. I'll check OMC modpack out, using Aslain's but its a bit crashy for me since 0.9.6, tank you Firedog . Hitskins, autoaim assitance sound like cheating to me though... aren't these illegal to use? I already use a effective armour calculator on my own tank and a longer zoom mod and I feel dirty for using it .
  16. Thanks for the replies you all, have some upboats! According to the poll, the E-75 seems to be nearly unanimous over the WZ-111-4. I think thats clear . Maybe my 'view' of it was too rosy with my experiences of my wallet warrior tier 8 WZ-111. In that tank I have my highest average damage but relatively lower WR than with my other Chinese. I also greatly enjoy it in stronkholds and 7v7 matches. The ammount of votes which say I must stay out of tier 9 says enough. My logic for actually considering starting to venture into tier 9 in a while was that I feel there is less of a difference w
  17. Hey all, Recently I have been pondering about what my first tier 9 will be. I have two options, the E-75 and the WZ 111-4. I won't get it inmediately as I still have to grind about 85k for both options. Not sure when I will get that done, but since I am well underway it probably won't hurt thinking what it wll be . WZ-111-4: + I really enjoy the IS-2 and 110, I got my best WR of the heavy tanks with my IS-2 and I feel I am getting better at consistently dishing out damage in my 110 now its fully upgraded and with an improving crew. Had a rough start with both tanks and my stats of
  18. Good moaning!

    1. RutgerS


      You should be grateful that the RAF bummers are still farting

      for freedom

    2. RutgerS


      They have scored a direct hot on the pimps."

      "The pimps?"

      "The pimps! The pimps in the pimping station! No water is being pimped down the poops!"

    3. ZXrage


      Guten morgen.

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  19. How fast does wotlabs actually update stats? Can't get my head around it. Sometimes it seems instantly, sometimes more than half a day.

    1. TouchFluffyTail


      Whenever someone looks at them, with like a 6-12 hour delay between updates.

    2. Deusmortis


      It's closely tied to the secret server hamster feeding schedule.

    3. Denizzje


      Ah now I understand, thanks TouchFluffyTail. Yesterday I didnt check for a whole day untill I quit playing for the night and my stats were already in. I was confused.

      And I do hope the hamster is being fed properly.

  20. TOGs can be devestating when platooned. Those poor KV-85s dont know how to handle 3 'machinegun' 17 pounder guns on it. TOGs can also be very useful mid to late game when both teams are damaged and suddenly a fast firing 1400hp behemouth comes in. On the flip side of the coin, you are a clicker magnet and due to your 'speed' you regullary have 0 damage games. Its armour is bad but you will have occasional bounces. The TOG is absolutely useless in stronkholds btw.
  21. WG intentionally leaked the removal of premium MM tanks. Is this just a brainfart I am having or does it hold merit?

    1. hall0


      If they remove premiums with smm you will notice it. They will announce it on the portal so everyone can still panic buy it.

      More profit for WG.

    2. Shackram


      That, just their usual crash grab by making people panic before they make the change.

    3. hiipanda


      its why we're being flooded with premiums lately. All the replacements are being tested.

  22. Good to see that there is hope for me .
  23. http://wotlabs.net/eu/player/colinbrett666 How is this possible?!?!
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