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  1. From what I have heared from my clanmates who have it, the new AMX CDC premium is also a good credits printer. I notice them raking in alot of credits during teambattles. Not sure if it is like that in the pubs though.
  2. I just found an old screenshot of me using the 105mm derp gun on a Tiger I. I am utterly embarrased of myself.

  3. To buy a T49, or to not buy a T49... I really don't know.

    1. SchnitzelTruck


      t49 = fuck winning, i wanna derp

    2. UnusualMedic


      T49 = Just yolo and derp someone in the ass

    3. Kiwi.


      CDC's worst nightmare

  4. Despite being in the anti artillery camp, I really won't mind having a FV304...

  5. I don't have one, don't really play TDs so didnt get one out of the shop when it was there.
  6. I just had a game with actual teamwork and communication. It was awesome, hope that next time it happens it wont take 3k games.

    1. Levenbrech


      ah...yeah...once every 3K games sounds bout right for me.

  7. Its my most played tank thus far. Its actually a quite relaxed play. Yes its slow, and yes the armour is unreliable, but its big HP pool and good gun make up for it imo. Platoon up with 3 TOGs, focus fire and you shred through everything, especially with trained crews and full equipment. Although in some games the TOG is downright ineffective due it simply being too slow and comming too late to the party .
  8. It might be dirty, but I want to play in a platoon with tanks which if platooned, just turn out to be (nearly) OP for funs. I am thinking of: My favorite, 3x TOG II* 3x M41 Bulldog 3x IS-2 3x Char B2 (this one is downright nasty I think ). Any people willing to platoon up to statpad form a platoon like that?
  9. Playing while hangover, is that a good idea?

    1. Denizzje


      I already murdered my stats yesterday, average 350 wn8 over like 12-15 games. :/

    2. Kramburglar


      is playing -ever- a good idea?

    3. Denizzje


      A very interesting question, of which I have no answer.

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  10. Anybody know when the 0.9.7 CT is supposed to start? Want to play with the low tier French monsters. :D

  11. Denizzje

    eve story?

    Your IP adress has been recorded. Greetings, FBI Child Protection Department
  12. I am bribing the servermaster now with $3.21 a month. I can has the Patron?
  13. I actually liked all that stuff about Czech tanks...
  14. Denizzje

    eve story?

    There are animated underage Japanese schoolgirls in Eve? *subscribes*
  15. Many different opinions about food I see. Thank you for your informative post jacg123. I think the main reason I use food on my IS-2 and WZ is to get the reload under the 10 seconds mark. For some reason having I am 'obsessed' with having it under 10 seconds, although 10,21s vs 9,91s is probably not really worth the 20.000 credits.... I guess. After jacqs post I do am going to see if it will help on my Bulldog.
  16. I take severe offence in my forumtitle being Suiscout. I do alot of things wrong in the game, but I don't do that. :( :( :(

    1. IAmA_Tank_AMA


      I liked Agricultural Magnate or w/e but its gone forever :'[

    2. Nekommando



    3. Denizzje


      I paid a bribe so now I can be a Siema PL expert.

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  17. I have so far only managed to join your sessions once, but you teached me how to Westfield there and it works great . I hope to be able to join another session with you soon . I hope you can teach me how to sidescrape properly in the Tiger II (or just in general actually )?
  18. Hey, I tried to search for food with the search function but I got alot of generic topics with no relevance to wot at all . I want to ask wether people actually use premium food with their tanks. If so, with what tank(types)... and does it actually help you? What is the best situation to use premium food for? Now I use food on my IS-2 and my newly bought 110 with the 122m. It actually helps a bit with the reload. But it does get me into making a loss nearly every game. I am not so sure however with what other tanks I should use it. The M41 Bulldog is one example I am doubting wether to
  19. Is XVM broken, atleast on EU?

    1. aaveq


      I HOPE SO <3 <3 <3

    2. Denizzje


      Its fixed, complaining works. :P

  20. +1 ! I love the Ke-Ho, should get it out of my garage sometime again .
  21. The best tank in tier 4 is by far the Char B2 (captured one).... I think imo it is the definition of sealclubbing. That gun keeps clubbing at a very fast rate... I feel so dirty everytime I played a game with it in when there was no Matilda in the enemy team. I really wish WG finds a solution to make lower tier tanks enjoyable, as I want to play with World War II tanks more than late war bluepaper tanks and early CW tanks tbh. Like, getting an historical battles mode.... but apperantly that is too hard. :/
  22. It might be insignificant for all the purples here... but I finally made it to yellow :D.

    1. Golem501


      Congrats! GJ! I don't expect purple either... I derp out too often... if I can get from green to bluish I'll already be proud!

    2. Ruestir
    3. rumpage


      Congrats! Every step counts :)

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