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  1. I bought it because it was getting "removed" with yes, gold that I won playing skirmishes. That's not the point to me, the point is that they sold it in a big "going away" sale where they specifically said it was not going to be available again. Then they give it away to anyone that can do 15k damage a day, which you could do in tier 1. It didn't bother me that people got it for being in the top 10% on those tournys, they deserved it. Im just pissed a bunch of shitters that don't actually have to try very hard are going to get it. And the fact that I get silver as compensation when I finish the mission is pretty shit too.
  2. Considering how I'm one of those people that bought it with gold before it got removed. I'm pretty pissed about this mission.
  3. Still looking for a Skirmish team PM me in game

  4. I need a team, can buy any tier 4 tanks needed. Purple recent WN8 and WR, PM me in game.
  5. If anyone would like to mentor me and work with me on new ideas for strats on maps that would be awesome. I mostly play medium tanks. NA East 2600 recent WN8, 61% WR looking to add a couple hundred to that WN8

    1. SchnitzelTruck


      awwwwwwwww yeaahhhhhh Inb4 OP af LT's kick your ass repeatedly :D

    2. RNG_


      Sheridan or bust.... Even though they slightly nurfed it

  7. why do I always get offered jobs while I'm drinking

  8. I walked up to 3 girls at the beach today and asked them if they liked dad bods, seems relevant
  9. Message me in game with times you are available and I will set something up! Don't just add me as a friend!
  10. People with overall WN8 higher than their recent wat?

    1. Levenbrech


      My belief is that this happens when returning players get back into tanks after a break. I know it happened to me.

    2. Ollie Tabooger

      Ollie Tabooger

      They realize that WN8 is pointless and stop padding to make themselves look better

  11. I stopped reading this because the grammar was making my head hurt.
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