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  1. Someone who would take care of a player who doesnt play God knows how long and offered clan or platoon? I can play every afternoon - evening and whole weekends. The point is that somebody will have patient to play with me random and i will just ride with you. I tried it myself, but every map is so horribly changed, that how many times I feel like a noob. PS: I have all the tiers, including 8 with limited MM. PSS: EU, 25 years You don't have to respond here, just write in the PM, have a nice day.
  2. Hello, i played in the past ESL in WoT. Then i end game and sold my account (yea, that money help me to get my new flat, so whatever :-) ). Now i want to play with chill people, here is my alt account. http://www.noobmeter.com/player/eu/well_clicked/505928810/ I want to play primaly my premium tanks. But have everything from 2-10.My work is really bad for CW or strongholds. I work in bakery as driver so i have to wake up early.http://www.noobmeter.com/player/eu/well_clicked/505928810/ I would like to join to TS/Discord. My english is not great, but i can understand and sometimes even something say ! :-D Have a nice day!
  3. Allright, my EU account is gone because FU czech email provider. So i am looking for EU account. Can trade for WT acc with two 5. jets and T-54. I hope i dont break rules.  #peace

    1. Assassin7


      how is it gone?

  4. Have american and russian crew. T54 or Patton ? Dont have IX. tier, so..PS: two things: fun and statpad. 

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    2. Crossfader
    3. Goldflag


      Entwicklung-50 Standardspanzer!!

    4. Trobs


      Get both, but are good.

  5. T95E6 or Obj 907 (already have Patton, 62A, 140, 430, E5)

    1. Epic


      e6 seems like a waste

    2. Tutik


      Yea, but it is a little bit unique. 

    3. Luna


      907 is ballin. I love it.

  6. Russian heavy premium tank - KV5,IS6,IS3A? KV5 is really awesome, but cant take it to strongholds. I really dont know, helps?

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    2. lavawing


      IS6 can work in stronks if you abuse overmatch. Tiger II, IS-3, other IS-6s and other shit generally have turret top weakness which you can just slam through with AP rounds.

    3. IanSanJR


      im crying, WG cancel HD is6..~

    4. Tutik


      Yea, but it will be Soon  .. ok i will go to IS3A, something new atleast.

  7. Today i won this thing in some contest. So, my question is, is there someone who is playing it ? I know it's not something really good, but i want to give a try for one reason, because tank is really SEXY in my opinion, atleast in HD model. So i have some crew trained from RHM, JT88,E25, Dick and StugIV with BIA, camo and repairs (because JT88 brawling) what should i give as equipment, of course rammer and then ? Camo and bino ? I try it in training room and it seems like how poor is Alfa damage the aim time is surprisingly long. So, what about GLD or Vents ? I really dont know. The sad things is there is no good review of this tank (except Quickybaby, but you know...) so i cant really get any good information. So, wotlabs community will you help me ? Thanks. PS: Give this beauty some love. :-) PSS:Sorry for bad english.
  8. My question is, what will be better after buffs KV5 or IS6.. What from these tanks buy as christmas gift for me as russian heavy crew trainer ..
  9. Just bought today too. Looking for some toons on EU, just feel free to invite me. ->iTutik
  10. 34-3, Rammer, VStab and Vent or GLD?

    1. #NightWolf5628


      Honestly depending on playstyle, it's up to you. T-34-3 is a lot more brawly tank, so I would, go vents, but if you play more passive, get GLD.

    2. kolni


      You have too long of a reload to get continuous shots out that make DPM matter anyway, your problem is both penning shots and hitting them more than your DPM haunts you, I'd just skip the rammer because GLD/Vstab/Vents all help you hit your shots


      9 penned shots are better than 8 penned and 2 bounced you would've gotten with a rammer

    3. aaveq
  11. So many golds on my account. I dont have 34-3, 54Prot, STA2, CDC, Lauwe.. something to pick in 15% disc?

    1. zapyoug


      all of those tanks are bad

      54 prot/CDC seem the least bad(prot is getting a nice little buff next patch to the gun handling)

      34-3 is good if you are a masochist 

    2. no_name_cro


      34-3. Play4funTM mate.

  12. Someone give / sell me acces code to Armored Warfare ?

  13. Guys, T-34-3 or T-54 Prot ? Have crew for both.

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    2. boomdiada1


      t343 because of pref, and the thing isn't bad since they buffed fully aimed accuracy. Way better than trying to pen t10s with the wimpy gun on the 54proto


    3. Mordator


      t343 cuz its op while mastered

    4. Tutik


      T34-3 is going to be. 

  14. Hi guys, is there someone who will trade with me WoWs code with tier 3 Aurora + slot, 1 day premium and 1000 signals flags for something to World of Tanks ? Something via gift shop for example. Message me if someone is interest. Thank you. Edit: I can go first i really dont have problem with that.
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