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  1. Wow they finally made Sixth Sense built-in

  2. I popped in here because I heard about crew revamp. Completely not regretting quitting several months ago.
  3. @Rexxie I got a Turbo and holy shit it makes this thing so much more able to pick engagements. Not only that, in a some situations (where I felt it was needed) I could get myself into forward bushes and pick up lots of spotting damage. It helps that this has pretty good camo. LTs were driving up to 150m (maybe 100?) of me and not spotting me.. I must say the Turbo really has opened up a lot of possibilities for this thing - I'm now trying to improve my past shit stats in it.
  4. Is a turbocharger useful on a Conq? I've been thinking about it.
  5. I can't make it work at all. I have to try playing a bit more aggressive in it, I think...
  6. Resurrecting godforsaken thread for OP cockroach because I'm kitting out the E25 for German Campaign 2 missions. I haven't played the E25 in a few years now.. Equipment - currently looking at Vents (primary), Bounty Rammer and Bond Optics, plus food and vents directive for max VR. Is it worthwhile to swap out rammer for LNES? Or is the bonus to the camo value not particularly useful given it already has OP camo levels, and it would be better to max out the DPM? Additionally I wonder if the general E25 use cases would support using Binocs instead of Optics.
  7. Someone recommend a good German or Japan tank which is easiest to gain Battle Heroes or Epic Medals in.. this is driving me crazy

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    2. echo9835


      Panther M10 if you have it. Pref MM lets you fight lower teirs more often, the gun is verry good, and it rams stuff.

    3. sr360


      E25 is definitely the top contender. Leo PTA is still very good. Rexxie's T6 recommendations are good too.

    4. sundanceHelix


      Completed in a couple of games. I haven't played the cockroach in so long I'd forgotten how much this shits out actual and assisted damage.

  8. Update: So I finished grinding through in 34 games, 64.71% WR with a measly 2k DPG. This went a lot better than I expected - I had a terrible, terrible experience with the 50 100 (166 games at 46% WR to complete the grind) What didn't go well: I completely derped out in about 5-8 of the games. One game I flipped myself after one shot of damage on Minsk (so embarrassing). I haven't played autoloader heavies in a while so sometimes the exposure control - opportunistic balance was completely out of whack. In a number of games I definitely could have farmed more damage if not for absolut
  9. Gun handling is garbage on its own, and now that I regularly play with 200ping it can be really fucking irritating. Yesterday I tried to clip out a Bourrasque at 75m distance in the open and missed half my clip. The 3.33s inter-shell is so triggering. The upside is that grinding through tech trees is so fast now (21 games and I'm already halfway to the 50B) so I probably will just keep Optics for now. @GehakteMolen It's still a gigantic piece of shit. I'm actually surprised I'm doing as "well" as I am in it (acceptable - by my own standards - WR and WN8 across small sample)
  10. Running Bond Vents (primary slot), Optics and Bounty Vstab on my 50 120 as I grind through to 50B, with BIA, Food and Vents directive. I won't be keeping the 50 120, I only want the 50B. I have about 500 VR now with Optics. Is it at all worth swapping out Optics for IRM or IAU, or is Optics a no-brainer?
  11. Do the upcoming buffs to the Chinese meds justify going up the line at all?

    1. lavawing


      121 shd be a decent hipster tank. Mobility changes are not that significant, but HP + UFP buffs should make it quite strong against meds

      T-34-1 has always been very good and it will be undisputed king of tier 7 meds if the DPM buff happens (it's listed in the official rebalancing post but not actually ingame on the test server)

      The real kicker are the tier 8 and the stock tier 9 (esp if you haven't the 113)

  12. That kind of shit exists on ANZ too? I thought only HK had that kind of shit
  13. I really need help in this. It's by far the worst of my top tier tanks I can't abuse the DPM, I can't bear the gun handling, my positioning is utter crap in it, and I frequently overextend like hell. I try to play it like a heavium but when I'm top tier and I'm MMed against some superheavy it's always such a dilemma to heavy up or to follow mediums. Some maps I can't play like mediums because of shitty slopes requiring gun dep. I was doing well in my upper tiers but this and the 1-4 are really really mindblowing. I should be playing it like a 430/430U maybe? Edit: I wen
  14. What equipment/loadout would you run on an EBR90?

  15. Hmm the last waifutrager mmhmm

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