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  1. Of the 3 recent On-Tracks that I've been grinding through the top tiers, this is definitely one of the easier ones (much more enjoyable than the Emil II). Only thing seems to be the gun can be randomly fucking derpy when it doesn't need to. Otherwise, very comfortable.
  2. This thing is amazing after the buffs, I'd sworn never to grind the line, but took a chance at it (SEA server On-Track event) and I'm finding it immensely enjoyable. Not as good (overall) as Std B, etc but it's very comfortable and reliable.
  3. I have to admit I struggled for a while with the Defender and Obj430 (recklessness) but holy shit when gun handling is mitigated these two tanks are broken as fuck.

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    2. lavawing


      I don't think it's necessarily recklessness, just that players are a lot campier these days and will refuse to push unless it's 100% clear that it's 100% safe to do so - I got back a month or two ago with the same amount of aggression as I did in 2016-2017 and got absolutely wrecked  - the only things where aggressive plays still seem to work are very fast heaviums like the T-10 and the 277.

    3. MagicalFlyingFox


      aggressive play is the only way to play on ASIA. You just need to get used to where is safe and where isnt now. 

    4. lavawing


      I find myself playing support heavies instead of triple r heaviums since half of the games are just waiting for someone to mess up/get deleted by arty

  4. If your opinions are shittily-substantiated.. what do you expect, really?
  5. Question:
    Conq top engine costs 45k exp, and SConq 255k exp.
    The top engine is on the Sconq. If I unlock it in the tech tree, does the SConq required exp drop?  

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    2. Haswell


      No. But if you unlock the Sconq you get the engine for free.

    3. sundanceHelix


      Alrighty cool thanks!

    4. Diriz0n


      Unlocking it also unlocks it for Cent 7/1


  6. Having stopped at the STA being quite disinclined to go further up the line after the STA, I'm wondering how the recent changes to Type 61 and STB have affected them. How's the Type 61 now that they made these changes?
  7. https://worldoftanks.com/en/news/announcements/is-3a-vehicle-profile-0519/
    Guess what, IS3A coming back to the Premium Shop

    1. sohojacques


      Why not. There’s nothing left to salvage.

  8. Just curious how the map exclusion mechanic is working out for you all so far. Is it significantly beneficial at all or is it mainly psychologically soothing? Situationally useful? (e.g. banning Mines when playing high tier or banning Province/Widepark at lower tiers?)
  9. ...if I had a dollar for every sub-45%er I see driving a T55A or a Obj260...

    1. sohojacques


      Never seen a sub 45% in one. Seen a few ~48% in 260s though. Play 60k+ games and you’ll fluke it eventually I guess. Probably a tad too easy to get with the orders ( or whatever they’re called) allowing players to skip so much of the missions.

    2. hazzgar


      If you have the right tanks you will do the missions faster than a skilled player without the right tanks. Especially if he is not tryharding for them so I'm not surprised. On one account I had I powergrinded through all 4 sets of LT missions in 1 week or less thanks to a combo of amx 13 57 and 13 105.

    3. Wanderjar


      im literally stuck on the HT missions because i play paper heavys so bounces are.... rare. everything else is honored

  10. I tend to have better games when attacking, but only because I can repeatedly switch flanks and hit defenders where they're weak. On defense, I tend not to do so well because defending works well when I'm more or less equal in numbers on the flank. If superior, they stop attacking (and I need to react with flank-switch) or if inferior I generally get facerolled. But I think both have similar WRs. On attack the SEA pubbies can be utterly fucking retarded and camp/passive like shit, but on defense they can also just really ignore the strategic issues.
  11. So I've stock-ground T69, Charioteer, Caernarvon, and Pantera from absolute stock to fully-kitted, all in Frontlines. It was a shitty experience but hey, I'm quite glad. Now I can focus on Premspam for silver earnings.

  12. Because this is the latest topic I can find on the T69. How do you even play this thing? Even with BIA and Snap Shot and VS1, the gun bloom is horrendous, which means I literally need to brawl with this. The pen is shit, it has not much armour going for it either. All I've read is HEATspam. How I've been playing this... kinda how I think the T57 should be played? Close support up near the front, seeking opportunities to dump the clip without taking much return fire. And my shots miss half the time anyway. Any tips from those who've gone through this?
  13. Anyone figured out the way the random battle rewards happen yet? Or is everyone here just playing really well and getting all them drops at maximum rate? XD

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    2. Errants


      I tend to get them on high base exp games... but not consistently.

    3. sundanceHelix


      I notice that the lock icon changes as you progress. Cracks appear in the lock and propagate before one reward is unlocked. But I haven't really tracked how often they appear. or if any minimum exp is needed before they appear.

    4. sohojacques


      Yeah the lock cracking represents the likelihood/%chance of you getting a reward going up as you play more games.

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