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  1. I tend to have better games when attacking, but only because I can repeatedly switch flanks and hit defenders where they're weak. On defense, I tend not to do so well because defending works well when I'm more or less equal in numbers on the flank. If superior, they stop attacking (and I need to react with flank-switch) or if inferior I generally get facerolled. But I think both have similar WRs. On attack the SEA pubbies can be utterly fucking retarded and camp/passive like shit, but on defense they can also just really ignore the strategic issues.
  2. So I've stock-ground T69, Charioteer, Caernarvon, and Pantera from absolute stock to fully-kitted, all in Frontlines. It was a shitty experience but hey, I'm quite glad. Now I can focus on Premspam for silver earnings.

  3. Because this is the latest topic I can find on the T69. How do you even play this thing? Even with BIA and Snap Shot and VS1, the gun bloom is horrendous, which means I literally need to brawl with this. The pen is shit, it has not much armour going for it either. All I've read is HEATspam. How I've been playing this... kinda how I think the T57 should be played? Close support up near the front, seeking opportunities to dump the clip without taking much return fire. And my shots miss half the time anyway. Any tips from those who've gone through this?
  4. Anyone figured out the way the random battle rewards happen yet? Or is everyone here just playing really well and getting all them drops at maximum rate? XD

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Errants


      I tend to get them on high base exp games... but not consistently.

    3. sundanceHelix


      I notice that the lock icon changes as you progress. Cracks appear in the lock and propagate before one reward is unlocked. But I haven't really tracked how often they appear. or if any minimum exp is needed before they appear.

    4. sohojacques


      Yeah the lock cracking represents the likelihood/%chance of you getting a reward going up as you play more games.

  5. Most likely going to be Paris for me because anything besides a well-armoured HT/TD basically has not much to do
  6. Aren't we supposed to get some stupid doge camo for participating in Classic? I still haven't got mine...

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Kymrel


      Only played 3 games, still got it.

    3. Enroh


      i did the min required to get it and put it on my M53/55 :doge:

    4. sundanceHelix


      Just server shenanigans. SEA finally got ours. Pfft


    Question: Clippy must be an autoreloader

  8. classic WG... e.g. wheeled vehicles, Defender.. not so fun to play, frustrating to play against.
  9. I spend more time just admiring tanks in my garage than actually playing tanks nowadays

    1. Deus__Ex__Machina


      mfw ive had tanks opened for like 3 hours and have played like 3 battles

  10. Was this article posted on any of the other servers? https://worldoftanks.asia/en/news/general-news/wheeled_vehicles_mar_result/
  11. The wheeled stuff is really cancer on Frontlines I must say
  12. After almost 5 years of playing tanks, I have discovered that upgrading from stock tracks can you give better gun handling. TIL...

    1. Wanderjar


      funny how a better suspension gives a better ride :P


  13. Basically this. I've avoided playing all the regular T8s I'm grinding in pubs for now (sticking to FL). Entire shit is flooded by OP prems. Playing 110, AMX 50 100 etc against Defenders etc is just excruciating. Enjoy the MM. The only issue I've had with it is a lot less chances for epic bottom-tier games in LTs or epic top-tier games in HTs. Basically in the same breath that you can't get shit on as hard by being bottom tier, you also lose (the already rare) opportunities to shit hard on others by being top tier in 3-5-7 and being in a massive bully tank.
  14. SEA is getting trade-ins again. Kinda useless since there are so few useful prems in the tech tree, but I guess I could trade in my FCM or IS6 for the T54mod1...

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