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  1. Tried not being a scrooge and began running my BC with food.. is it just me or has it started performing a lot better.. (my decision-making still a problem, ofc)

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    2. mistervanni


      name a more iconic but really, i cant wait to try out the improved thingie on bc...just need wait after campaign

    3. sohojacques


      I think food is a necessity on the line from at least the tier 8. View range for the LTs plus gun handling for the MTs. And I rarely run food.

      Problem is who wants to dump credits running food on a tier 8 with a 600+xp grind...

    4. simba90


      stockpile food at 50% off and they pay for themselves

  2. You have some unused rewards. Do not forget to activate them before the release of Update 1.4!

    Must I assign the remaining 2 female recruits before 1.4 rolls out?

    1. hazzgar


      I don't think you need to assign them since there is now a "recruits" bar in your barracs

  3. AMX 13 105.. worth it or not?

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    2. Wanderjar


      If you like the 1390, then sure but outside of it being a Fun tank for you, i'd pass and just enjoy the pseudo pref MM at t9

    3. hazzgar


      Do you want to win? Then no. Do you want to have fun? Then yeah.

    4. sundanceHelix


      Thanks guys! Guess I'll just stick with the 13 90. Finding the 4-shot clip a lot more manageable than the old 6-shot. Still firing 70% gold though. :(

  4. I know I've a lot to improve, but why is it that when I platoon I consistently run 60-70% WRs but once I solo I consistently get 48-50% WRs? My playstyle varies very little except in the rare mutually-supporting-carry situation

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    2. sundanceHelix


      I think Fulcrous' observation about 'passive supports' is true, recently I've been playing a lot of tanks which cannot very aggressively frontline - Challenger, Panther II, STA, WT4 etc, while I get much better WRs from my LTs and HTs which can push the frontlines well by presence or vision. 

      but Hazzgar and mistervanni's comments are true too - after a long hiatus I have not been able to read battle flow as well as I did before and the essential solo skills of being very situationally-aware and tactically-on-point just aren't there as before

    3. hazzgar


      Yeah I'm playing less regurarly too and my recents dropped to 57-58 from 60-62%. Though it also has to do with playing too many tanks with different playstyles.

    4. Ham_


      Usually because of the age old math equation, 29v1 < 27v3

  5. * logs into WoT thinking "I'll just clear my 110 daily double and get out" *
    * 7 straight losses later * 

  6. The Christmas sale season has only brought out the worst of the "new player buying premium tier 8" problem... if I had a dollar for everything Skorpion G/Lowe/IS3A I've recently seen who has <3000 battles played. It makes Tier 8 really painful to play... your own teammates don't know what they're doing, and you will stumble across enemies in completely unexpected locations...

    1. sundanceHelix


      * plays more Tier 9s to farm them newbies *

  7. Percentage of draws in my 21586 battles played: 1.35%

    Percentage of draws in my last 1485 battles played: 3.1%

    Is this a new meta?

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    2. sundanceHelix


      Teams bog down to draws on all the open camp-friendly maps. Fisherman's Bay, Murovanka, Malinovka, Studzianki, Prok... and maybe it's a SEA server thing too.. passive meta ftw

    3. FavreFan4ever


      I've been noticing a significant uptick in draws, too. I blame the sudden influx of high-alpha TD's (namely the SU-130PM) that punish aggression. Whatever the reason, games are a lot slower now (NA server here)

    4. sohojacques


      Without checking I’m pretty certain my number of draws are way up as well. TD friendly map design.....

  8. Really really annoyed at my inability to read battle flow well now... sigh

    1. sundanceHelix


      The frequency at which flanks collapse (even with many tanks on it) never fails to surprise me (it's almost like "Oh that flank looks safe, I'll push this way instead" and then suddenly your entire team is dead. Typically within first 3-4 minutes.

  9. Today I saw a 48%er with an Obj260

    I guess it's possible after all

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    2. Ham_


      Pay people like kolni to increase your epeen

    3. MagicalFlyingFox


      You do realise its the ASIA server, the server with well documented rigging and VN Paid Services... 

    4. FavreFan4ever


      Not just ASIA, I'm on the NA server. I couldn't believe my eyes looking at the guy's service record- not only was someone good enough to do all the missions in such a short amount of time, the guy who inherited the account had completely killed whatever stats the young account had accrued in that time.

  10. So.. what are the cap/defend missions in Campaign 1 doing in this meta.. and seriously how did you all get past them? I'm VERY hard pressed to get any one game where cap/defense is possible (LT and HT missions)...

    1. snowdude21325


      3 man platoon, rofl stomp one flank then 3 man cap it. The lower the tier the better because less players are aware enough to turn around.

    2. kariverson


      I found them easy to be honest. What I have issues with is bouncing in this meta. Half the team is always Type 5s anf Fvs and Arties. I can't even bounce 2k that I need for the 279 mission.

  11. Unlocked the Sheridan in a zero-damage T49 game. Worth buying?
    Also unlocked Type61 last night but I really don't feel like going any further considering all the pain I had with the STA..

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    2. sundanceHelix


      I found the T49 pretty big personally. I think if I were to choose Tier10 LT I would just keep the 105 and T100LT

    3. PlanetaryGenocide


      1 hour ago, sundanceHelix said:

      I found the T49 pretty big personally.

      Then don't get the Sheridan, because it's even bigger lmao

      T-100 LT and 13 105 are good choices to keep

    4. minivinny789


      I got the Sheridan and play it without the derp. Plays a lot like the leopard. Just gotta wank in  some bushes and hope no one shoots HE at you.

  12. I heard something about the imaginary line from the gun to target not being the same in actuality vs in sniper view (e.g. the shell comes not from the point of view of the aimer in sniper view but from somewhere lower? Or higher?) What is this about? Never heard of it before

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    2. sundanceHelix


      Isn't this a pretty big deal? Doesn't it change the margins of gun operation as well as peeking/showing tank a fair bit?

    3. Tarski


      This is a huge deal. The fact that it hasn't been patched yet is silly. 

    4. bolagnaise


      On 1/5/2019 at 12:40 PM, Tarski said:

      This is a huge deal. The fact that it hasn't been patched yet is silly. 

      I think the correct word is 'retarded' 

      WG devs are actually useless

  13. The bonds equipment - are you able to remove them from one tank and put them on another? Or are they stuck to that tank forever?

    1. sohojacques


      Can be removed for 200 or 300 bonds from memory.

    2. PlanetaryGenocide
  14. How' the IS7 currently? Didn't buy it for a couple years after unlocking it from T-10 since I thought the gun was too derpy

    1. ninjaman217


      honestly i love the is7, the upper plate gets a lot of bounces and the turret is an absolute beast

    2. king_spaniel


      To me, it's still super comfy and a great tank.  It does get used in CW meta because it is pretty resilient against arty, as well having the classic hulldown that everyone knows.

      An issue with IS-7's is the low (prem) APCR pen, which will struggle against type 5's, etc

      It isn't considered to be in the upper echelon of heavies currently (obj 277, Super Conq, 5a) but I'd say it's worth buying for the overwhelming majority of players. 

    3. Ham_
  15. Feels like the STA-1 is a pretty mediocre medium for its tier right now :S

    1. simba90


      I feel like the STA-2 was never anything but mediocre full stop

    2. Ham_
  16. How would you compare the IS7, WZ-5A and 113?
    It seems the 5A is best? Why?

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    2. SaintLaurentius


      I own 5A and the IS-7. 5A sure has better gun(HEAT over APCR)and mobility, but I like the IS better for randoms. The armor is much more reliable, which means the tank has good stopping power, which the 5A quite doesnt have imo. 


      TL;DR: IS-7 for randoms, 5A for organized stuff generally. Though for example the IS shits on 5A in Mines middle fights.

    3. monjardin


      I’ve had the IS-7 for ages and just bought the 5A and 113 the morning the On Track started.

      The 5A is so comfortable to play with -7 degrees of gun depression on that platform. My Object 260 is going to start collecting dust with -5 gun depression on a much taller platform with less agility in a brawl and much lower DPM.

      I really enjoy playing the 113, but agree with @Kolni in regards to the superiority of the 430U in pubs. It stacks the matchmaker since you aren’t paired with another heavy, but can pretty much act like one when hull down. I haven’t compared extensively, but it feels like the 430U aims much more effectively than the 113 despite having worse final accuracy. 

      Overall, all 3 have their merits when compared in isolation. If you are only getting one for the On Track, then I would go with the 5A. The 113 isn’t all that compelling unless you are a long way from the 430U or play CW. 

    4. Assassin7


      Im kinda disappointed about the 113. It started out as being terrible from its introduction, they mega buffed it to the point where it became really good and a great CW tank, and then powercreeped it out with the 5A and 430U.

      The poor thing has had a rough life :(

  17. wotlabs stats page is malfunctioning for me... I have about a week's worth of stats not showing, and a number of my tanks including E100, M103, T-54 etc have disappeared from my individual tanks stats list.
    Any idea what's going on?

  18. What the fuck I just completed HT15.3 with honours in the M103

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    2. sundanceHelix

      You might want to watch in 3rd person, I have a horrible habit of zooming in-out repeatedly.
      (MVP is really the Emil who kept me alive in the city)
      A bit sad I didn't get Top Gun but my hands were probably shaking after the entire game and the end shooting was really terrible on my part.

    3. Haswell



      Is track damage not counted in the results but still valid toward the mission?

    4. De1tacu


      Its damage recieved not assisted @Haswell

  19. Chinese medium line worth getting at all?

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    2. Fabunil


      With the introduction of the Pocket 113 next patch not anymore.

    3. MagicalFlyingFox


      WZ-120 is a T-34-3 on crack. 121 is powercrept. T-34-2 is no.jpg, WZ-132 is still pretty decent. Derpy as fuck gun though because lets give LTs over 0.4 accuracy. 

    4. PlanetaryGenocide


      If the 430U makes it to live in its current incarnation there'll be literally zero point getting the chinese mediums

  20. And is it still worth going for the E5, or is it already not meta

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    2. Assassin7


      Ignore them, even if its not "meta" its still a damn good tank. 

    3. Meirzin


      I mean it's still a good tank and I enjoy playing it, but he specifically asked if it was meta and it just isn't the best tank for the playstyle.

    4. sundanceHelix


      I would go for Conq but atm I can't see myself going through the Churchills... maybe I should bite the bullet and do it already. Thanks for all the advice though!

  21. Hey guys, is the Kranvagn line worth grinding?

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    2. Tarski


      I liked the Emil I a lot. I'm looking forward to the Emil II, but most good players seem to think it's pretty meh on most maps. 

    3. TAdoo87


      The Emil 2 is a tank with actual armor and an autoloader in tier 9. It cant be that bad by definition. 

    4. DHP


      Tier 7 is godlike. 

  22. #1933 #makeGermanygreatagain

  23. Okay so it's broken because it can put out a lot of damage in one go, halts enemy pushes and then takes a long time to reload with its gun out of the fight?

    Sounds remarkably similar to one entire class of 'tanks', no?

    Please explain to me how arty is NOT broken, you fucking WG asslicker.

    Very well done indeed, posting a video saying how something is broken AFTER WG decide - after how long - to 'fix' it.


    1. Dodge94HUN



      Okay so it's broken because it can put out a lot of damage in one go, halts enemy pushes and then takes a long time to reload with its gun out of the fight?

      Sounds remarkably similar to one entire class of 'tanks', no

      Well, not really. The emphasis is on the fact that it can dish out too much damage in too little time and that it is completely defenseless for 50 seconds.

      He won't say it, but I am pretty sure that he knows just how broken and shit arty is. In the big hatred everybody seems to forget that not only is he a unicum but probably the most famous WoT player, so he pretty much is a fucking perfect target of XVM focus.

      I ain't no QB fan, but this constant fucking hatred against him because of his success (I guess most of you are jelly or shit) is so fucking childish and retarded.

  24. I really need to just stop myself from going on tilt in games... but it's so hard not to.

    Time to find a new pastime honestly...