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  1. After playing well in the Cromwell solo, I'm finding it incredifuckingbly hard to play the Comet... is it the meta or what?

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    2. leggasiini


      Yeah Comet is no longer that great, RoF + depression + mantle were the things what made it cool.

      Now mantle is basically gone (its unrelieable now; afaik easy 8 can pen mantle with AP), which also hurts its 2 other pros. 

    3. Monkey


      HD also made it look weird, all tall and unwieldy

    4. StormCrowReaperManyHats


      Yeah I think it actually got taller which didn't help it to not take damage.

      Also as far as the meta goes it's not really just the Comets fault. All of the tier 7 mediums suffer massively, it's the first tier that heavies actually become really, really good. TD's start to have 700 alpha gun options and arty actually starts to get splash and alpha that hurts and they just sees far too many really good tanks as opponents even in the same tier.

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