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  1. Unlocked the Sheridan in a zero-damage T49 game. Worth buying?
    Also unlocked Type61 last night but I really don't feel like going any further considering all the pain I had with the STA..

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    2. sundanceHelix


      I found the T49 pretty big personally. I think if I were to choose Tier10 LT I would just keep the 105 and T100LT

    3. PlanetaryGenocide


      1 hour ago, sundanceHelix said:

      I found the T49 pretty big personally.

      Then don't get the Sheridan, because it's even bigger lmao

      T-100 LT and 13 105 are good choices to keep

    4. minivinny789


      I got the Sheridan and play it without the derp. Plays a lot like the leopard. Just gotta wank in  some bushes and hope no one shoots HE at you.

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