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  1. Need some feedback on the following:
    1. How does the WZ11114 compare tier for tier to the 5A?
    2. How does the Standard B compare tier for tier to the Prog65?
    3. Is the TVP50/51 still relevant in today's meta? 
    4. Is there a best Tier 10 TD? Or are my WT4 and T30 sufficient for the personal campaign missions?

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    2. sundanceHelix


      Follow-on question, if this makes sense - how does the 5A compare to the IS7? I have the IS7 and the APCR pen and gun feel underwhelming as fuck

    3. hazzgar


      IS7 is still decent with snapshoting so the only underwhelming factors are DPM and prem pen. It depends what you want since 5A is slightly more derpy but pen + reload make it seem less so. 

    4. tajj7


      After IS7 buffs I'd say its close to 5A but the 5As better DPM, agility, premium round and gun depression edges it. 

      IS7 still has that turret which with all the premium spam is a massive plus for it. 

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