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  1. I seem to have a very pronounced jumping reticle problem with my Alpine Tiger (noticed this in Frontlines), happens when I peek around/over a corner or cliff or slope or rubble.. has anyone else experienced something similar? None of my other tanks are getting this issue.

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    2. 8_Hussars


      It is a well known issue and unfortunately there is no easy fix.

      The game automatically calculates shell gravity drop to allow players to get more rounds on target.  Without that feature players would miss many more shots.  If anyone has a good way to translate 2D screen targeting info into the 3rd dimension (or depth of field) based on the shooters "intention" I am sure many game companies would love to hear of it.      

      It can be most obviously demonstrated on a ridge line; when the reticle is on a tank its fine.  When a tank "disappears" and/or the reticle switches to the sky (presumably the map border limit) the auto-calculation moves the reticle to compensate for the distance between the two "targets".  The effect will also appear worse with slower rounds.

      So instead of players calculating gravity drop for each and every round, players have to "fudge" the auto-correction mechanic to hit stuff on ridges.  That is likely the lesser of the two problems in this case and although not perfect is better for game play.    

      I suspect the effect may be exaggerated in Frontline due to the map borders being much further away... but that is just a guess.

    3. Android25


      Balcalcmod adds a range lock on a button press. I think it's in the grey area when it comes to mod rules. There are other mods that give a range lock automatically but they're usually part of aimbot mods so they're illegal. Would be nice if someone could tear the functionality away from an aimbot and make it legal.

    4. Fulcrous


      Very delayed but... iirc its because the sky has a hitbox. Your shot will still go as if the reticle didnt jump

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