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  1. Need help, really struggling with the WZ11111111114 and the 5A. For some reason I really can't get their gameplay down. Perhaps I'm playing them too much like a 'normal' heavy?

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    2. sundanceHelix


      @Assassin7 I did pretty well in my T-10 but that was ages ago and I think I've forgotten how to run it as a pure heavium. Thanks for that reminder, I'll try to adjust to that.

      @PityFool That would be great, thanks so much!

    3. echo9835


      I liked the WZ11111111111114 when I played through it maybe a year ago. Use your bigass gun to kick around medium tanks who think they can take a hit. keep in mind how big your tank is, the engine deck acts like an aircraft carrier to arty shells.

    4. SkittlesOfSteeI


      Notice how long the gun is? Thats so you can stick it directly in tanks and out their other side for maximum big damage

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