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  1. sundanceHelix

    Armored Patrol Map Survey Discuss. (lol) Funny considering our map elimination thread
  2. Need some feedback on the following:
    1. How does the WZ11114 compare tier for tier to the 5A?
    2. How does the Standard B compare tier for tier to the Prog65?
    3. Is the TVP50/51 still relevant in today's meta? 
    4. Is there a best Tier 10 TD? Or are my WT4 and T30 sufficient for the personal campaign missions?

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    2. sundanceHelix


      Follow-on question, if this makes sense - how does the 5A compare to the IS7? I have the IS7 and the APCR pen and gun feel underwhelming as fuck

    3. hazzgar


      IS7 is still decent with snapshoting so the only underwhelming factors are DPM and prem pen. It depends what you want since 5A is slightly more derpy but pen + reload make it seem less so. 

    4. tajj7


      After IS7 buffs I'd say its close to 5A but the 5As better DPM, agility, premium round and gun depression edges it. 

      IS7 still has that turret which with all the premium spam is a massive plus for it. 

  3. Tried not being a scrooge and began running my BC with food.. is it just me or has it started performing a lot better.. (my decision-making still a problem, ofc)

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    2. sohojacques


      I think food is a necessity on the line from at least the tier 8. View range for the LTs plus gun handling for the MTs. And I rarely run food.

      Problem is who wants to dump credits running food on a tier 8 with a 600+xp grind...

    3. simba90


      stockpile food at 50% off and they pay for themselves

    4. hazzgar


      Tanks with no armor and mediocre gun handling really benefit from food. 

  4. sundanceHelix

    AMX 13 57 - worth?

    In 2019 I am still very tempted to buy this even after swearing. I don't want to gift WG a single cent more
  5. You have some unused rewards. Do not forget to activate them before the release of Update 1.4!

    Must I assign the remaining 2 female recruits before 1.4 rolls out?

    1. hazzgar


      I don't think you need to assign them since there is now a "recruits" bar in your barracs

  6. AMX 13 105.. worth it or not?

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    2. Wanderjar


      If you like the 1390, then sure but outside of it being a Fun tank for you, i'd pass and just enjoy the pseudo pref MM at t9

    3. hazzgar


      Do you want to win? Then no. Do you want to have fun? Then yeah.

    4. sundanceHelix


      Thanks guys! Guess I'll just stick with the 13 90. Finding the 4-shot clip a lot more manageable than the old 6-shot. Still firing 70% gold though. :(

  7. I know I've a lot to improve, but why is it that when I platoon I consistently run 60-70% WRs but once I solo I consistently get 48-50% WRs? My playstyle varies very little except in the rare mutually-supporting-carry situation

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    2. sundanceHelix


      I think Fulcrous' observation about 'passive supports' is true, recently I've been playing a lot of tanks which cannot very aggressively frontline - Challenger, Panther II, STA, WT4 etc, while I get much better WRs from my LTs and HTs which can push the frontlines well by presence or vision. 

      but Hazzgar and mistervanni's comments are true too - after a long hiatus I have not been able to read battle flow as well as I did before and the essential solo skills of being very situationally-aware and tactically-on-point just aren't there as before

    3. hazzgar


      Yeah I'm playing less regurarly too and my recents dropped to 57-58 from 60-62%. Though it also has to do with playing too many tanks with different playstyles.

    4. Ham_


      Usually because of the age old math equation, 29v1 < 27v3

  8. * logs into WoT thinking "I'll just clear my 110 daily double and get out" *
    * 7 straight losses later * 

  9. sundanceHelix

    Tracking team WN8 over a series of matches

    It happens to me somewhat often as well even though I'm only a very light blue overall. I've had games where the arty just kept splashing me for <50 HP while I was behind cover (obviously cover wasn't good enough) while I was proxy-spotted, even though there were plenty of other nice targets. When I platoon with prolix, he almost always gets artied far worse than me.
  10. The Christmas sale season has only brought out the worst of the "new player buying premium tier 8" problem... if I had a dollar for everything Skorpion G/Lowe/IS3A I've recently seen who has <3000 battles played. It makes Tier 8 really painful to play... your own teammates don't know what they're doing, and you will stumble across enemies in completely unexpected locations...

    1. sundanceHelix


      * plays more Tier 9s to farm them newbies *

  11. Percentage of draws in my 21586 battles played: 1.35%

    Percentage of draws in my last 1485 battles played: 3.1%

    Is this a new meta?

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    2. sundanceHelix


      Teams bog down to draws on all the open camp-friendly maps. Fisherman's Bay, Murovanka, Malinovka, Studzianki, Prok... and maybe it's a SEA server thing too.. passive meta ftw

    3. FavreFan4ever


      I've been noticing a significant uptick in draws, too. I blame the sudden influx of high-alpha TD's (namely the SU-130PM) that punish aggression. Whatever the reason, games are a lot slower now (NA server here)

    4. sohojacques


      Without checking I’m pretty certain my number of draws are way up as well. TD friendly map design.....

  12. sundanceHelix

    Any thoughts on the t92 light tank- Premium tier 8?

    I'm decent at Light Tank gameplay but I swear I can't make this work as well as it really should be doing. I think I overcommit or begin firing too early
  13. sundanceHelix

    Charts: What matters to you?

    @Never Currently hovering cursor over the pie charts shows battles played but not percentage, would it be possible to show both?
  14. Hi @Never about the same time this update happened, the (R) T-62A was added to my tanks stats on the stats page. It wasn't there before. Is it a bug?
  15. Really really annoyed at my inability to read battle flow well now... sigh

    1. sundanceHelix


      The frequency at which flanks collapse (even with many tanks on it) never fails to surprise me (it's almost like "Oh that flank looks safe, I'll push this way instead" and then suddenly your entire team is dead. Typically within first 3-4 minutes.