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    trying to git gud after hiatus

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    tringapore / state of denial
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    Sciences, History, Economics, Politics, Law, Technology, Military, Philosophy, Theology, Music, Ultimate Frisbee, Lifesaving, Board Games, Poetry, Languages. Wing Tsun
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About Me

Aug 2014 - Joined WoT. Absolute shitter. Played only TDs and SPGs.
Jan 2015 - 6.5k games, 1100 overall, 1500 recent at avg tier ~5, joined Wotlabs
Sep 2015 - 13k games, 1500 overall, 1800-2000 recent at avg tier ~7-8
Oct 2015 - has quit playing tanks upon expiry of Prem, until WG decides to get their shit together. (14k games, 1550 overall, 2.2k recent at avg tier ~7-8)
Dec 2015 - begun playing again after hiatus. Maintaining 2k average WN8 at high tier. Broke 1600 WN8 overall.
Apr 2016 - fucking teal shitter with herpderp random purple recents moments. solid/high blue recents (2300+, 58%WR) now
Jun 2016 - completely stopped playing WoT
Nov 2017 - started playing casually again, hovering around 2k WN8 because many stock grinds
most of 2018 - took break from tanks
Nov 2018 - playing a bit harder now after long hiatus, hovering around 1500 WN8 because all shit
Jan 2019 - back to 1800 average WN8; WR is still shit


Current goals
1. Improve own gameplay/skillz. Raise recents to consistent >2200 at high tier with WR of minimum 58%.

2. Get more CW-viable/carry top tier tanks.
     Currently owned: E-100, Obj140, BC25t, CGC, IS-7
     Unlocked but not bought: T-62A
     Seriously grinding toward (in order of priority): TVP (SkT50), Progetto (P43Ter), T57H (T69), T-100 LT (T54LW), 5A (110)
     Casually grinding toward: 50B, STB (both stopped)

3. Grind out more tanks for personal campaigns and keepers for each tier (Strv, E50, 4005, 430U, 


For lulz
Tank combat 101:

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