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  1. Looking for people to toon with on EU (please add me I'm lonely :doge:

  2. Wait what. I'm I stuck with 100k xp on the obj416 after the latest update(s)??

  3. I'm confused. Did I just get a free LTTB?

    1. Assassin7


      With 9.18 yeah? If you had an old T8 light, you get that as a tier 9 and the new tier 8 light in your garage. 

      I think you just had to have it researched as well to get the free tier 8 in your garage, and not actually own it.

      I got a BC 12T and an LTTB in mine.

    2. rumpage
  4. Trying openxcom and I'm NOT having a good time lmao (first mission had 3 cyberdisc)


  5. At 6k games my recent is almost lower than my overall (1.8k). What the fuck am I doing -__-

  6. Stock tiger II might be my worst experience in wot so far.

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    2. Audax_Bellator


      The B1 would like to trundle into this conversation

    3. avandelay


      Free XP is your friend.

    4. Fulcrous
  7. 43 % wr and 1700 wn8 past 7 days. Such a shitty week of tanks

  8. Ho-ho-ho. Skorp G is stronk

  9. Fuck the T-32. Piece of trash.

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    2. rumpage


      Actually when I think about it this isn't the loser mentality I usually play with! I need to get shit together and perform. I've been lazing around and playing on autopilot just grinding some tank lines.  This isn't working for the T32 so I need to be a bit more serious, especially in my post-game analysis.

      A point is to always try and find the fault of the player not the tank -__-

    3. Joyrider216


      Much better :awyeah:

      if you need help, shoot me some replays, I love the T32.

    4. leggasiini


      I dont particurarly like mine but its certainly not trash tank, lol

  10. The new T8 prems are fucking cancer 

    1. bolagnaise


      The good cancer or the cancer cancer?

    2. rumpage


      Good cancer if you happen to be in one.

      Bad cancer when I'm grinding heavies and meeting a couple in each game. It just luck that most pubbies are even worse than me and not abusing their armor + pen more.

  11. Just had my worst game yet - first I flip my tank then my internet goes down.

  12. I need a mouse with heating... Bloody winter is coming.

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    2. TheMarine0341


      wonder if AMD makes mice... :D

    3. MAJEST1C


      Here i am wearing shorts to CU.

    4. megaflex4000


      You just need better APM scrub. :dealdog:

  13. My computer crashes when put into sleep mode without bluescreen report or anything in reliability monitor except "Windows was not properly shut down". Where do I go from there? ;o

    1. galleri


      Pour water into the tower.....order 600 dollars in parts

    2. woe2you


      Disconnect everything non-essential and see if it persists. If not, it's an issue with a driver for something you unplugged.

    3. Folterknecht


      The wealth of information you are providing is overwhelming my synapses.

  14. Just started grinding Tier X for real. Doing ok/good but holy shit arty at this level really is cancer. Byebye small rep and med kits...

  15. 4 tank slots and no credits :(

    1. kolni


      50 tank slots and no credits :doge: 

    2. Megrin


      no tank slots and no credits.

    3. rumpage


      That's balance.

  16. 1304 xp to ace the A-43. That is NOT reasonable.

    RIP me.

    1. woe2you


      Result of the Incinerator meta, possibly?

  17. ST-I researched. Undistributed experience spent: 165060.

    I hated the KV-4 at first but in the last 20 games or so it did good. Still - it's a shit tank.

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    2. rumpage


      The keyword is 'lucky'. If your opponent aims a bit 175 pen goes through like half the time - at least.

    3. Wewum


      That's why you angle :)

    4. rumpage


      Half the time is when you angle more or less perfectly.

  18. Can't decide on Obj 430 II or T-54. I want the T-54, but don't think it's worth free XP the gun or the grind. Someone decide for me? 


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    2. creator31


      430 is miles better

      only thing t54 has going for it is better turret placement 1 degree more gun depression and better lower plate armor also it leads to better t10s

    3. Jug0sLovEn


      I first got the obj 430 II, played it to get the gun for the t54 (the one with good pen but worse everything). I then soled it and played t-54. It saved me lots of freexp but that 220 pen gun is pure cancer. Later I bought obj 430 II to 3mark it and I can say that obj 430ii is the best heavy tank at tier 9. T-54's turret is shit now, everything pens it.

    4. rumpage


      Thanks a lot for the responses guys. Now I just need to Ace A-43 before switching the crew (it has been ridiculously hard for me for some reason).

       I'll go 430 II first - get the gun and the also buy the T-54. Then I'll see what happens.

  19. I use o/ all the time. Does it look like heil hitler and should I stop using it? :O

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    2. Zinn


      No, it's just a regular way of saying hello in chat. o7 is usually reserved for people you respect, since it's a salute.

    3. Medjed


      <o \o SIEG HEIL

    4. SkittlesOfSteeI


      Or you can o7 people sarcastically to call them bad.

  20. What's the best armor viewer? Tank inspector seems to be a bit bugged out currently :(

    1. RichardNixon


      tanks.gg is fine. Just remember that ricochets are based on pre-normalized angle, and that no-one really knows how spaced armour works.

    2. rumpage


      Perfect. Thanks mate

    3. HabNab


      I prefer to think of it as a sneak peak at secret buffs, like the 215b getting 600m of frontal spaced armor


  21. I need more platoon mates to retain my sanity. Req: IQ over 70. Thanks.

    1. Private_Miros


      Stop trying to hog precious scarce resources :doge:

  22. I was gone for long enough to forget that most players don't use their bloody brains. The stupidity sometimes...

  23. Getting back after a 8 month break is gonna be brutal.

  24. At last equipment sale!

  25. Just a teal shitter.

    1. westybig


      rip us friend

    2. ninz


      Teal is the new Purple!


      Not really...

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