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  1. Looking for people to toon with on EU (please add me I'm lonely :doge:

  2. Wait what. I'm I stuck with 100k xp on the obj416 after the latest update(s)??

  3. You should definitely go stock cooler for the 1600 if you're not looking to really push it with heavy overclocking. I don't know the situation with the RX 580 but you might have to wait a looong time to pick it up at a decent price, right? Probably better of with gtx 1060 6gb - but don't forget to spend 1-2 hours overclocking it because it's really easy to get +10% performance without real downsides. You might also look into buying an Intel i5-8400 instead of the ryzen Edit: If you go for the ASRock mobo you won't need the network cards. It has both built-in.
  4. I put obnoxious colors on all gun barrels. Who doesnt want to look retarded?
  5. I'm confused. Did I just get a free LTTB?

    1. Assassin7


      With 9.18 yeah? If you had an old T8 light, you get that as a tier 9 and the new tier 8 light in your garage. 

      I think you just had to have it researched as well to get the free tier 8 in your garage, and not actually own it.

      I got a BC 12T and an LTTB in mine.

    2. rumpage
  6. Trying openxcom and I'm NOT having a good time lmao (first mission had 3 cyberdisc)


  7. All these test show that 1. I'm pretty average 2. I need a better screen.
  8. At 6k games my recent is almost lower than my overall (1.8k). What the fuck am I doing -__-

  9. Stock tiger II might be my worst experience in wot so far.

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    2. Audax_Bellator


      The B1 would like to trundle into this conversation

    3. avandelay


      Free XP is your friend.

    4. Fulcrous
  10. Feel free to add me if you'd like. I'm not great but probably better than playing solo.
  11. 43 % wr and 1700 wn8 past 7 days. Such a shitty week of tanks

  12. Ho-ho-ho. Skorp G is stronk

  13. Pop the post-patch champagne, the thread has been created! Also it's friday. Also have another downvote.
  14. Cool. It'd be real nice if you can drop some notes on what modules/tanks you'd really would've liked to free xp. Also upboat for the clear rules (i.e. #3).
  15. Fuck the T-32. Piece of trash.

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    2. rumpage


      Actually when I think about it this isn't the loser mentality I usually play with! I need to get shit together and perform. I've been lazing around and playing on autopilot just grinding some tank lines.  This isn't working for the T32 so I need to be a bit more serious, especially in my post-game analysis.

      A point is to always try and find the fault of the player not the tank -__-

    3. Joyrider216


      Much better :awyeah:

      if you need help, shoot me some replays, I love the T32.

    4. leggasiini


      I dont particurarly like mine but its certainly not trash tank, lol

  16. The new T8 prems are fucking cancer 

    1. bolagnaise


      The good cancer or the cancer cancer?

    2. rumpage


      Good cancer if you happen to be in one.

      Bad cancer when I'm grinding heavies and meeting a couple in each game. It just luck that most pubbies are even worse than me and not abusing their armor + pen more.

  17. Bastards. Now I know who takes all my credits. My max is 3 million
  18. Irony and drama. The sweet sauce that makes internet taste so delicious... Small rant incoming though. What the fuck is the matter with people taking things so seriously and then taking their reaction even further. The entitlement stupid shits feel whenever they are however so slighted is baffling. So what if somebody is trolling on an internet forum? That's what forums been used for the past 20 years. I do feel cotton jokes and calling people faggot is both insipid and unnecessary but man, just report and go on with your so-called-life if it offends you. Anyway, without knowing anything about anyone regarding this crap the people who runs the site seems fucking weird. Why anyone would spend so much time on something so stupid is beyond me.
  19. Just had my worst game yet - first I flip my tank then my internet goes down.

  20. I need a mouse with heating... Bloody winter is coming.

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    2. TheMarine0341


      wonder if AMD makes mice... :D

    3. MAJEST1C


      Here i am wearing shorts to CU.

    4. megaflex4000


      You just need better APM scrub. :dealdog:

  21. Yeah. The engine goes every 2nd game. Still the most annoying thing is driving straight at the same speed as a tier 7 heavy. Edit: While the speed is annoying I think it's a good thing for balance
  22. I've been waiting for this post
  23. It would only make sense if you'd like to try a tank again. Otherwise it's always nice to be able to see how shit one used to be.
  24. rumpage

    TW: Warhammer

    I tried Dwarfs on hard for my first campaign. Things went really smooth until I reinstalled windows. Kinda boring faction with really strong standard troops - I just spammed quarrelers and dwarf warriors. Playing Vamps now but Chaos or Hoomans will be next.
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