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  1. Nice! I'm still stuck on Alliance-3, don't have much opportunity to platoon and I'm far from effective in LTs. Very frustrating mission to do.
  2. I'll have to try the Manticore again. When I was using it before I kept getting screwed by EBRs. What were you running on your Manticore, CVS/Optics/Vents?
  3. @sr360Thanks for the LT setups! I've been trying to finish Alliance 3 done for a long time. Has anyone done this mission with platooning?
  4. I ended up getting one. It is fairly similar to the current Hellcat. Gun handling feels better, but you can also notice the reduced top speed.
  5. Looks like there was outcry with the proposed 430/430U changes and they have been cancelled. https://thearmoredpatrol.com/2019/04/26/changes-to-the-object-430-and-object-430u-canceled/
  6. Thanks Crab, I will definitely take a look! just watched them. Very good games. How the heck did you bounce that shot from the Ferdi in the Overlord game? I gotta get some of that RNG!
  7. I'm far from being good, but I'm having alot of fun with the T92. I was watching Circon's stream earlier today when he was playing it and he mentioned that WG was going to hot-fix the critical engine damage issue. Anyone know anything about this?
  8. OMFG! I was just hoping you would write one of these and then it appears! You've got some black magic voodoo going on there! Thanks so much!
  9. Playing yesterday and was having a ton of fun. Should have joined the G TS to hook up with folks. Does anyone know if the Enemy/Friendly tank tags can be scaled? They just seem to small for these my not-so-great eyes.
  10. Server is online. Grabbing some lunch and then going to get busy. In-game nick is the same, msg me if you want to platoon.
  11. Man oh man... anxiously waiting... client freshly installed, drive defrag'd, lets GO!!!
  12. I had PM'd SS about this as well and had the same response.
  13. Thank you for the break down! Now just to get a good friends list going for platooning.
  14. Just saw the announcement too! Fantastic! So which MBT line is recommended to grind first?
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