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  1. Sorry about this essay. I'm just so tilted and seriously don't know how I got on the worse team sooo many times. I've play about 10 games today. 9 losses and one draw (note crash or something like that). Below is my last game. 1800+ base, 919k credits (only running zulu flag) and 165k damage. I spend 2/3 of the game in the center, while my team broadsided everything from DDs in smoke to BBs. Events transpired and all that was left was me in the center and 10-line players. I might have gotten a bit salty... On the plus side I was able to do the entire 5 weekly missions on EU during those 1
  2. The St. Louis appears to be widely recognised as one of the best tier 3 (cruisers) - it's not just you, mate Re BBs: I'm currently at tier 8 in the BB lines, so the game play is different, and I've acquired better sit awareness. At these tiers you generally play at 10-13 km at first due to torp's and waiting for knowledge of hostile deployments. When you and the teams are deployed you can make the decision whether to fight a delaying action on your flank (when outnumbered) or support the DDs which should be providing vision and to some extend a torp screen. At low tiers this feels
  3. Do not stop them. I love it when threads become autistic. Ps. I reached rank 12 and stopped. I hate the player base.
  4. Ditto. @33nfidel why not the Arizona? Being NA I would assume, that you love that boat ;-) It's a better ship (for ranked and pubs) then the Mutsu.
  5. While I thought it looked cool in Aerroons WiP video, I'm not sure that I would spend a lot of time to grind a tier 5 due to value vs. reward (and I own a Kutuzow).
  6. I'm curious, is the Chappy a rough grind? The radar and range makes it seem OK, though I would assume that the carry potentiale solo is below average.
  7. I almost think that I enjoyed the Colorado more then the NM, which is saying quiet a bit. Ground it from stock too (using XP camo's and flags), which wasn't bad at all, as they at that point had removed the old B-hull. @Psycodiver I ran the AA range thing too, but I never had those results - I did shoot down stuff, don't get me wrong - but the AA felt decent, not good like on some ships. That CV player must have made an error or two along the way.
  8. I have the Arizona - Haven't played the Mutsu and only did a few games in the Warspite. I find the Arizona to be a very enjoyable ship. To be honest the only minor downsides are the speed (US BB players won't mind that), AA and that it's a BB which hurts my stats even though I average 79k damage in it and have a decent amount of kills and win rate in it too.
  9. Played 8 games and lost 5 - played Fubuki and Arizona. My god people are bad at this. The random decisions which teams make almost made my head explode. I enjoyed last season, but I'm currently not sure about this one. Had two teams which went all random mode, and went for the 9-line with the DD leading the way. Had another game, where we were up 4 vs. 2 and two team mates just went full ham trying to solo their last two ships, which had 60-80 % health. That didn't end well. At that point I had dealth 95k damage and a health amount of spotting in the Fubuki. I ended up 1 vs. 2. Killed the
  10. I'll be starting at rank 16, which leaves me in the same dilemma as some of the above: Which ship to start in? I have been planing on finishing my Fubuki grind through this season of ranked along with retraining my Steven Seagal from the Colorado to the NC. I do have access to virtually every other silver T6 though, but I don't believe in trying a large number of ships myself. Instead I normally do some research, pick a few recommened ships and try to learn 1-2 ships in particular, which yields better results. Currently I'm tempted to start at the Fubuki to get into the flow and then lev
  11. I don't see any good argument to deal with the frustration of playing ranked tiers, which the good players have gone through already. It's soooo frustrating. I've only done ranked twice. The first time I got in late, and left again. The second time I got in early and to rank 9 with ease (27 battles and 77,8 % win rate), getting my speed beast module.
  12. I know that this is just confirmation bias, but I have this feeling, that whenever I look up US tier 7-9 CV players stats on EU, that are virtually always 40-50 % winrate players. When I check the IJN players they are normally in the high 40 %s and upwards - no matter the amount of games in other ship types. My god I hate those sub 45 %s with a win rate below 40 % in their US carriers, which are running a full strike Ranger etc. This is only a guess, but I have a sneaking feeling that the values of the ships are made even worse, by less decent/good players playing them, due to the better
  13. The expected values of the Hipper/Eugen compared to the other ships on your list says it all. These ships haven't been in a good place for a long while.
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