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    Birkovic reacted to Rodrigopine in WoWS General Patch Discussion (currently 0.6.0)   
    I know a lot of people bitch about the Khaba however you can  make a strong argument that the Fletcher is the best DD in the game; great concealment, great ship handling, fast torpedo reload. It's a great all-rounder that can do work on any map in any game mode.
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    Birkovic reacted to Sgt. Pepper in WoWS General Patch Discussion (currently 0.6.0)   
    Don't quit on the Mahan. Especially if you haven't unlocked the second set of torpedoes. The upgraded torpedoes turn it into a completely different boat. If you have and still struggle with it, I dunno what to say as it plays similarly to the Farragut.
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    Birkovic reacted to RollerCoaster47 in Dunkerque   
    That's true of basically any battleship, not just the Dunkerque.
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    Birkovic reacted to RollerCoaster47 in Hate Playing the Benson   
    Nope, having 9.2 km range is better. Not worth giving up 20% of your range for only a 5 km boost to what will still be slow torpedoes. Only ships you could make an argument for torpedo acceleration on are the Gearing and the Black.
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    Birkovic reacted to Jaegaer in Ranked Season 7: Back to 6?   
    Ok, started only two days ago and, boy, is it a pain to be a late starter.
    I fully confess that I can't cope with the totally chaotic behavior of the players that are now around rank 15. Also games are total steamrolls most of the times. Last three games in ranked ended with one side loosing only 0-1 ships while annihilating the other side in record times. And even though in my 20 games I have not been top exp on the loosing team twice progress is very hard as the winrate is mostly 50:50.
    Last game I lost was with Kraken and High Caliber...
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    Birkovic got a reaction from 33nfidel in Ranked Season 7: Back to 6?   
    @33nfidel why not the Arizona? Being NA I would assume, that you love that boat ;-) It's a better ship (for ranked and pubs) then the Mutsu.
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    Birkovic got a reaction from 33nfidel in I think I've hit the wall, could use help   
    All good points from publord
    To build on the last point: Try playing shorter session of 1-2 hours tops.
    I've recently put this to good use, and finally pulled my solo win rate past 58 %. It had been hovering at 57,xx % for a very long time. When doing long sessions, I would at some point get a string of bad teams, go full tilt and end with a win rate below 50 % over a large amount of games, which would set back the efforts from the previous weeks. 
    Furthermore, like in WoT, learning when a flank is crumbling and beginning the retreat can work wonders. BBs steaming away are hard to kill and often provide a nice distraction to help your team mates, while you get decent damage. Yoloing in when the flank is lost often does the opposite. Back when I played WoT WaterWar at some point while in toon brought up the topic of running. At first I was quiet reserved, but as he demonstrated it and I began to find a balance of not just running like a headless chicken, it began to show in my stats.
    Last suggestion: I don't know if you are that type of player, but having a yellow legal pad next to your computer, and after every battle writing down three things, which you could have done better (i.e. angling, overextending, not realising team mates left the flank), is a very nice way to define frequent errors and thus areas of improvement. This also helps take the focus way from the eff'ing team mates, if you have a tendency to rage (like I have), and instead provide a constructive outlet.
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    Birkovic reacted to publord in Ranked Season 7: Back to 6?   
    I'm really struggling to give a shit about ranked. Think I'll just take the extra signal flags as my reward and call it a day
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    Birkovic reacted to Madner Kami in Ranked Season 7: Back to 6?   
    Or become completely useless in the case of the few mods that make sense to be used. Rudder shift or hydros on my german DDs and I can't even use both Hydro and Speed Boost mod at the same time. GG.
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    Birkovic reacted to RollerCoaster47 in German Cruisers Discussion   
    I see TouchFluffyRetard is still butthurt over.... I don't even know. Poor guy thinks he knows something about the game when he hasn't even gotten a tier ten yet and has virtually no experience at tier nine either.
    I thought it would be rough but it got more and more enjoyable as I progressed. I had two games in a row of 219K and 220K damage in the last few games I played in it. Overall, the Kutuzov is probably better, but having the concealment to always be within radar range once you get lit is nice. Detected, pop radar, rape DD for at least half its health, repeat. The best games in it come when you're hitting targets, primarily BBs, at range but you're not the center of attention as they shoot at someone closer and easier to hit than you. Kite away if you are the target, and accept that no matter how angled you are, sometimes BBs are going to get that citadel on you since your armor is quite thin.
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    Birkovic reacted to SchnitzelTruck in 9.20 Supertest - Soviet Medium Changes   
    It's in a Russian museum
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    Birkovic reacted to SchnitzelTruck in 9.20 Supertest - Soviet Medium Changes   
    E50/m 254mm turret armor when?
    Come on WG, you got this.
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    Birkovic reacted to kolni in 9.20 Supertest - Soviet Medium Changes   
    I have a hard time seeing how even the 46% No gold using supertesters can give the feedback of this being balanced  
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    Birkovic got a reaction from cheereereerios in Brown Trout: Name and Shaming Shitters on the High Seas   
    I haven't played operations, but to me it's the same dev's, which decided that divisioning +/-1 tier ships is a nice feature. Getting a Danae on your team in a tier 7 game is always a pleasure.
    I sometimes wonder if or how they play their own game...
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    Birkovic reacted to bathoz in Ranked Season 7: Back to 6?   
    It's not about the Ryujo. I mean, yes, it's better than the independence, but that's not what counts. Carriers are so binary that it becomes a completely personal decision. Are you going to be the better carrier player more often than you're not? Go for it. Because as soon as you're not, you're actively hurting your own chances.
    I'm also starting lowish – I reckon I'll play the Dunkerque to start with, just because it'll be fun ships and I won't be able to play it once things get serious.
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    Birkovic reacted to Jaegaer in Ranked Season 7: Back to 6?   
    After a look at the map I don't think that DDs have such a huge impact this season.
    The caps seem right next to the spawn points and only two caps means each team takes one automatically with not much contesting going on.
    Shinonome is a mixed bag. Guns are pretty good but 8km torps mean that if the other side has a Fubuki the Fubuki can torp easily while screening the fleet and spotting the Shinonome repeatedly before the latter can come into torp range.
    Also I think that Ruyio will be really strong, at least initially. The only ship that has dank AA is the Cleveland, all the rest can bei dropped easily (though 2-3 Bayerns giving each other suppoort can be painful).
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    Birkovic reacted to Jaegaer in Carrier thread   
    If he is a good player... A bad IJN player will just stack squads.
    And here lies the true problem for balancing CVs against each other - the vast skill gaps of players that are pitted directly against each other.
    I think WG envisions USN CVs as a possibility for bad players to perform at least somewhat. Auto bomb drops are MUCH better, relatively, than auto torp drops. Less squads or more rugged planes are also better for the baddie.
    WG already said they are experimenting with solutions for a unified attack type, skill based but not too punishing for bad players. Lets see if they can come up with a solution.
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    Birkovic reacted to How_Terrible in Do we have/need/want a thread for random video clips?   
    This is what happens when your thread title isn't specific enough.
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    Birkovic reacted to How_Terrible in Ranked Season 7: Back to 6?   
    According to the NA site table you should start at rank 16, and yes.
    All of the tier 6 battleships are a decent choice in one way or another.
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    Birkovic reacted to Psycodiver in Coming back to the Furataka   
    What other Furry Taco could anyone else be looking for here?
    BTW, I fixed the subject
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    Birkovic reacted to Rodrigopine in German Cruisers Discussion   
    Don't worry, you still have the shittiest ship in the line, the Hipper to look forward to.
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    Birkovic reacted to Mesrith in I think I've hit the wall, could use help   
    This game doesn't actually have that many applicable skills, so it's pretty easy to narrow down which you need to improve upon.  Since others have already provided replay review I'm not going to do that, but analyze yourself and determine which of these you're lacking, then focus on it.
    Shooting skills.  Beyond just hitting straight-lining targets, you need to be able to predict player movements.  Most players won't pull a 90 and sail away at any sort of angle, instead they'll pop a 180 behind their team and hope that enemies will just shoot something closer.  I get a lot of my devastating strikes by waiting until I see the rudder commit, and then shoot into the turn, landing shells on them at their most vulnerable. Target prioritization.  Make sure you're shooting the right things instead of focusing on raw damage.  I run into quite a few good players on the server that seem like they're playing for WTR and just padding damage all game instead of making harder shots to damage or kill destroyers.  They'll happily ignore that dancing Udaloi at 12km in order to fish for another fire on that full-health Yamato at 15km. Map awareness and positioning.  It's almost never worthwhile to go to a flank at the start of a match; you're hoping that the enemy chooses to go there and gives you something worth shooting at.  Start off in a central location so that your guns can always be firing.  Pay attention to the map and what both teams are doing, and react to it early enough that you're in the right position to deal with it 3 minutes down the road.  If you're kiting 2-3 enemy ships and they start turning around, you're going to be out of the fight for 5 minutes unless you've paid attention and turn to chase them in time.  Always keep your guns engaged. Kind of minor, but make sure you're maximizing consumables.  Don't use Damage Control on a single fire, make sure you're getting a full Repair Party, make sure a destroyer isn't already exiting your radar circle when you pop it.  
    To be a better player, you have to consistently contribute more damage and kills than the red guys.  It's an oversimplification, but you really do just need to shoot more often than them (positioning), sink them faster (target prioritization), and hit more often (aiming).  This game doesn't have a gaggle of weak spots or counters to memorize.
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    Birkovic reacted to Jaegaer in Looking for a ship upgrade guide   
    The hull often gives you more of everything and this is, alas, not always easy to discern. Some ships get an extra torpedoe per launcher, some even get additional guns. All get more hitpoints and often better maneuverability, which is always uselful.
    Some DDs (Destroyers) are an exception to this rule. IJN DDs often gain little from the better hull and should go better torps first. USN DDs have C hulls that sacrifice a gun for better AA, most people do not equip this hull in random battles.
    Finally Cruisers that have no armor (most of the Ru line and some others) and thus rely on range can get a range upgrade first. Do not do this on the Chapayev (tier VIII) though as the Chapayev gets it's radar consumbale with the better hull...
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    Birkovic reacted to Rodrigopine in She-No-Know-Me?!   
    Probably will need some admin to handle that. Even though I started the thread I can't edit the title in any way.
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    Birkovic reacted to Psycodiver in I think I've hit the wall, could use help   
    I rarely play more than a hour any night, depends on how the night is going. I hate grinding so I spend allot of time in each tier and ship
    Thanks NCC81701, you really went above and beyond, I'm seeing my piss poor position decision thanks to everyone pointing it and I see what I should have done.
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