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    Birkovic got a reaction from bathoz in She-No-Know-Me?!   
    Murican's why you make Jap names into Engrish memes?
    On a more serious note, it makes browsing the forum quickly harder. Could we maybe just add the real name at the end of the title in some way? Pretty please 
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    Birkovic reacted to Madner Kami in Z-23 - what am I missing   
    I find any of the german T6+ DDs so far, are kinda hard to describe in terms of how to play them successfully. They are a great many things and then are the exact opposite a minute later, due to changing circumstances. They have tremendous firepower, but lack DPM. They have great torpedoes, but lack volume or RoF of tubes. They have hydros, but utterly suck at engaging other DDs. They are fast, yet do not want to be the first. They have staying power, but are incredibly fragile. They are stealthy, but hard to miss.
    In general, I guess, they are the most hybrid of any of the hybridized ships we currently have in the game, both horizontally and vertically. Like a battleship, they are mostly about their AP and staying power. Like cruisers, you are incredibly good at punching upwards in the food chain. Like DDs, they are sneaky and can go places fast. They got powerful torpedoes, like the IJN DDs, but are not torpedo-boats, like the russian and USN DDs. They got powerful main artillery, like the russians and USN DDs, yet suck at slugging things out, like IJN DDs.
    Many words, to say a few things: They are good at a lot of things and they are bad at a lot of things. But I needed to get that out of the system...Thusly, to answer your question:
    Use your torpedoes, generally, in an area denial or defensive role. They are fast, they have a high payload, they are almost guaranteed to leave a flooding, they have good range and they are sneaky as fuck. Use them to drop them into smokescreens or throw them at enemies that are trying to engage your fleet and coming towards you. Your guns suck at engaging DDs, but they are ridiculously good at fucking BBs and cruisers. For BBs, two salvoes usually result in one or two fires, then switch to AP and bombard the superstructure and any less armored part of the hull. For cruisers, just drop the AP into their sides and only use HE once they wisened up and are bow-tanking you.
    As for the Z-23 in particular, I think the key to success is, to use the 150s. You gain a gun and "free" IFHE in comparison with other DDs. Your HE-DPM increases by about 8%, helping in fighting DDs and the increased fire-chance is substantial and important in fighting capital ships. Your AP-DPM goes down, but you gain better penetration, less bounces and more of the ever important (for these ships) alpha. Going for the 128-AFT-route is a trap, imo. Unlike other destroyers, you are a huge target and you are incredibly susceptable to battleship-AP, so sniping does not increase your chances of survival, quite the opposite in fact. Your smoke doesn't last long, so make sure you have an exit-strategy, but do not be afraid of using it offensively. Your good camo and high speed generally allows you to get out easily, once the smoke starts dissipating.
    As I am writing this, I realize that I am driving my german DDs a lot like I drive my Furutaka and Aoba. Sneak about, ambush, drop a fire at maximum range, vanish from sight and avoid prolonged exchanges of fire like the devil avoids holy water.
    As for dealing with radar, do the same that any sane DD-captain should do. Voice your distaste for that broken OP mechanic on the forums and make sure to make it a point in every survey you take.
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    Birkovic reacted to publord in I think I've hit the wall, could use help   
    I don't feel like watching those right now, but I have a few tips that are more "meta" than anything else
    1. Its probably time to div with better players. You'll learn a lot.
    2. Choose an optimal time to solo. Prime time weekday is the least derpy that I've seen. Weekends are iffy, but doable. Late night queues have extreme RNG due to the smaller pop, with wild swings in skill level. Do not do them. Too often it will be a question of who gets the NADO fishing div. Or you get matched against a uni CV while your team has WARBEASTY. Stuff like that. You already have enough things fighting against you when you're solo.
    3. Manage your enthusiasm. If you can only muster a "eh I guess I'll play", don't fucking do it. I've never had good experiences from playing unenthusiastically during a grind. This goes for long term too. Just quit and come back later, you'll probably play better. We experience mental fatigue in anything that we do repetitively 
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    Birkovic reacted to Manic_Wombat in Quick questions & quick answers. [WoWS]   
    I popped a super container on the weekend with 1k gold in it. Big smile!
    Speaking of normal containers, I usually opt for the consumables option as the best value since each consumable is worth 22k credits and I'll often get 3+3 usable ones ($132k) and three "something else".
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    Birkovic reacted to Crossfader in So yeah, WG keeps track of EVERYTHING you say in game   
    In Soviet Russia, chat reads YOU
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    Birkovic reacted to SoliDeoGloria in Looking to division or a clan   
    Yeah, The prems are some of the best ships in the game. More unique to play.
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    Birkovic reacted to ncc81701 in Gneisenau   
    Agree, the Gneisenau and Scharnhorst are the two most influential BB at tier 7 given their speed, torpedoes and armor profile which favors mid-close range engagement. It's a ship that you can use to bully other ships contesting caps whereas the nagato prefers a mid-long range artillery duel and the Colorado struggles to get into position. I also rank the Scharnhorst over the Gneisenau because the gun caliber fits its mission profile better than the 15" guns on the Gneisenau, but both can be played very aggressively and get results. 
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    Birkovic got a reaction from ncc81701 in Gneisenau   
    I've just finished the Colorado grind, which was the last tier 7 BB grind for me (I only play solo). To be honest I felt the most influential in the Gneis, which my stats display too - even though it was my first tier 7 BB. 
    Damagewise I thought it was easier to do OK in the Colorado, but I think that is more down to now having played about 1,2k games as opposed to half, when doing the Gneis, but the lacking speed made me long for the other ships on a regular basis, even though I've been workning hard of improving at taking central positions on the maps.
    I liked the Nagato the least - not that it is a bad ship - but the big superstructure made it a lot harder for me to carry and soak up damage for my team. The guns were enjoyable though. After about 7 pub games I ground out the rest during last season of ranked, where I went from rank 19~ => 10 with a very high win rate. The ship worked well in that meta.
    Nagato 7 BB  Japan 7 57.14% 77,007 1,784 2.5 1.4 0.7 43% 26% 0% 1,544 Colorado 7 BB  USA 26 61.54% 83,431 1,963 6.7 1.5 3.0 77% 28% 0% 1,828 Gneisenau 7 BB  Germany 28 75.00% 83,762 2,000 4.2 1.4 5.1 68% 32% 20% 1,616 Scharnhorst 7 BB  Germany 116 62.93% 78,036 1,982 4.2 1.6 2.4 61% 30% 15% 1,412  
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    Birkovic reacted to ncc81701 in North Carolina   
    I'd get AR first, then AFT since AR is always useful. AFT is not a bad first choice either since +20% AA range is no joke. I'd save BoS for last since DoT effects can be mitigated by skillful timing/use of DCP and heals. 
    My build for NC captain. 
    T1: PT
    T2: EM + AR
    T3: BFT + SI
    T4: AFT + CE
    I find PT at tier 1 to be invaluable for assisting in timing your turns and judging how aggressive you should be. As a side note, skillful use of PT is why the "high citadel" on Iowa never bothered me and I didn't think it needed a buff.
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    Birkovic reacted to cheereereerios in Fletcher vs Gearing   
    MBM2 is better dispersion, better secondaries, and torpedo traverse, correct? Yeah, I usually take it on DD's if only to spin the torps around faster, but if you are specializing to DF, the AA range would obviously be better.
    Got the Fletcher when tech tree ships were discounted a couple weeks ago. Niiiiiice. (Basically same captain setup as my IJN DD captain as well.)
    edit: but Lol Yang laughs at all DD's in the cap now. 
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    Birkovic reacted to OnboardG1 in Goodbye NC, hello Iowa   
    Yes, because it fucks up the inter-class balance while doing very little to change the intra-class balance. You can play Missouri, Iowa and Montana effectively without getting deleted. I have over 100k damage average in my pre-buff Missouri, because I play it properly and understand how to maneuver to avoid being deleted. I don't care how advanced the USN ship is, I don't care how big the captain's balls are it's a game balance problem to make the ship harder for cruisers to counter. And it's entirely to appease the whining mass on reddit who are annoyed that their pet boat can't stomp face in every situation.
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    Birkovic reacted to OnboardG1 in Goodbye NC, hello Iowa   
    Or, and maybe this is a stretch, BB players could use their brains and execute turns when not under fire or when undetected. It is now substantially harder to citadel the ships because the trajectory at pen range is so flat. I'm fucking sick of WG giving Danegeld to battleship players.
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    Birkovic reacted to canadiantrex in Kaga is for sale?   
    Nah... how bout: 
    Well, I just got torped... do I fix the flooding then let the bombers finish me in 15 seconds? Or do I just let the flooding kill me?
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    Birkovic reacted to Pocktio in The Hunt for the Bismarck campaign Q&A   
    Bismarck acquired. 
    Now to never play ships again for the next 3 months. 
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    Birkovic got a reaction from 33nfidel in The Hunt for the Bismarck campaign Q&A   
    Why no just exchange the duplicates for the missing badges? 1:4 ratio
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    Birkovic reacted to Yurra in Looking to get into boats, what are good ranked boats to go for?   
    Fuso - lacks in tankiness but compensates with best firepower in tier. Weak to airstrikes and torps because of poor handling, mediocre torpedobelt and non-existent AA. Good bote but I wouldn't rank it as god tier. Mutsu - flexible, low armor, massive guns that overmatch everything in sight (shit raw penetration though), and once again no AA to speak of and poor handling, but you're the 2nd fastest T6 BB. On the other hand, you have 4x1, 2 per side torpedo launchers with very narrow arcs, you're gonna use them once in a blue moon but hey, they're torps on a BB! NM - Slow, tough as nails, many guns with very good pen but wonky accuracy, AA is pretty hefty but still nowhere near Cleveland-levels of no-flight-zone Arizona - more accurate guns with lower pen, a bit tankier than NM, still slow as a Maus in Lakeville valley, AA is almost nothing to speak of. If there's not going to be many CVs, I think AZ is straight up better than NM and is definetely a top pick. Bayern - incredibly tough, much of the ship is covered in non-overmatchable armor (which also means HE can't pen you there either), gunners tend to drink too much bier guns do overmatch but they have shitty raw pen and questionable DPM. You're reasonably fast and very maneuverable. For me, the Bayern is a godsend, some people seem to hate it mainly because of guns, bout you're so tough you can get up close and personal and just demolish every other BB save for, maybe, Warspite. Warspite - very similar to Bayern in most regards, except it trades some takiness for absolutely incredible guns, with excellent accuracy, penetration and the ability to overmatch. Cruiser DCP means you can get more liberal with blowing it on fires, and a Repair party that heals 33% of citadel damage instead of the usual 10%. AA, what is even AA? You're however, extremely maneuverable so any potential airstrikes can be evaded with ease. Top tier pick as well. Dunkek - very fast, flexible, best raw penetration in tier and fastest reload time. However, this is where the good stuff ends. Weak armor all around means you'll get overmatched and penetrated by HE all the time, guns have shit DPM, AA is non-existent and the ship is so looooong. You could probably get away with much kiting and repositioning, but if you sit bow-on, she melts very fast. Cruisers:
    Aoba is a weird one. You have shitty DPM but your guns are still 203mm, which means you have very high fire starting potential, excellent AP, you can HE pen more areas on BBs than you would with other cruisers. But you're not gonna be much of a threat to DDs or planes. DFAA saves it from getting annihilated by CVs. Not bad but not god-tier either. Cleveland - short of god-tier. Unmatched firepower, AA and HP with shit concealment, armor (you melt under HE and you're so big that BB AP is going to hurt really bad) and very floaty shell arcs. Budyonny takes my prize for the top cruiser pick. Very comfortable range, excellent guns in every aspect, pretty tanky for a cruiser and workable AA. Only bad things are the yuuuuge turning circle and a long citadel Molotov - bussian rias 180mm doomcannons and that's pretty much it. It's a very long sausage just waiting to get dev-striked by BBs and CVs. If you can evade focus it's a very good ship, but it gets deleted so easily. Memeberg - with the upcoming 360noscope turrets and free IFHE it's moving up from shit-tier to mediocre tier. It gets deleted even more easily than Yolotov and guns, while having great DPM, have such wonky ballistics that I struggle to hit anything further away than 10km. You have a scary torpedo suite though, if you can ambush somebody around a corner you'll probably win the fight (but such scenarios happen once in a blue moon). With the maps you'll get in T6 ranked the long range German Hydro might prove quite useful Graf Spee - the tankiest T6 cruiser with very scary guns (that, mind you, have very wonky accuracy) and a set of long range torps. You also get 40k HP, Repair party and the choice of DFAA and German Hydro. Personally I'd rank it very high Leander - a very good oversized DD. It can fire exclusively AP with special characteristics (short fuze which means you almost never overpen and very good bounce angles), has a solid torpedo suite and gets acces to Hydro, Smoke (deploys for only 7 seconds and lasts very long, so you have to slow down to ~19kts before you start blowing it, the cloud is very large so teammates can hide in it too) and Repair Party. No armor to speak of which is sometimes a good thing, as you're very hard to citadel from close range. A very good pick that requires much skill to pull off. Perth - Leander's sister ship, but it has normal AP as well as HE, loses the access to Repair party but gains a catapult aircraft, and the main difference is her smoke screen. It deploys for 100 seconds but each individual smoke cloud lasts for 10 seconds. What this means is that you can be cloaked while moving around at 12.5kts for more than a minute and a half. If you can get near a cap undetected, pop your smoke generator and hydro and take the cap essentially for free. Once your smoke runs out you're gonna have to hide around for nearly 3 minutes. It's a very niche ship that hasn't got much use outside of securing caps, there are muany better ships for dealing damage. Duca d'Aosta - she's a contradictory boat. Has access to both DFAA and Hydro as well as a catapult plane. Short gun range of only 14km, but her shells travel extremely fast. AP has low pen and HE has low fire chance, which means low DPM, but her torps are pretty special - very slow at 51kts with 12km range. She is extremely fast so you can close into cap zones faster than some DDs and get out quickly once the enemy BBs start showing up. A very solid cruiser in general even though it's kinda weird. DDs:
    Fubuki - why take it when the Shinonome exists? Shinonome - a straight up better Fubuki. 3 triple torpedo launchers that deal 2k less damage, travel 2km less and are 4kts faster compared to Fubuki torps. She can actually defend herself since she has 50% more gunpower, and you're definetely going to want to be aggressive and contest caps in ranked. A very good pick, especially for clearing out smokes which I reckon are going to be even more prevalent now that there's no Radar at T6 Hatsuharu - the worst T6 DD by far. Shitty guns, only 2 triple torp launchers. Only thing going for her is best-in-tier stealth. Farragut - top tier pick. Brings excellent utility in form of long-lasting US smoke and has unrivaled gunpower in tier which means she is an excellent cap contester and gunboat in general. Her torps only have 6.4km range so you won't be stealth torping anything. Also, don't bother with the C hull, you trade 1 gun for DFAA which is not worth it, even in ranked. Gnevny - a slightly worse Anshan with slightly better fire chance. Great if you're not the only DD on the team because you simply can't stealth torp Anshan - a better Gnevny and a very good pick. Powerful long range guns with shit turret traverse that makes her bad in close encounters, 8km torps (compared to Gnevny's 4km) that enable her to stealth torp, high speed and utility in form of smoke. Ernst Gaede - very good at cap contesting. Beefiest HP pool of any T6 DD, Hydro on a DD, very punchy 150mm guns and fast 8km torps make her a great all-around DD. Only real downsides are shitty DPM and very short lasting smoke. I can't tell you much about CVs except that Independence is very flexible with her loadouts and her fighters are straight upo better than Ryujo's, while Ryujo has better strike potential while not sacrificing fighters (unlike Indy's 0-1-2 loadout) but requires better micromanagement due to more squadrons.
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    Birkovic reacted to WhatTheSkara in Manchester Arena explosion: 19 dead, 60 injured in Ariana Grande concert   
    Maybe Ariana Grande sucks at singing and someone got literally triggered.

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    Birkovic reacted to Whole_Nutmeg in Manchester Arena explosion: 19 dead, 60 injured in Ariana Grande concert   
    Logged onto wotlabs tonight thinking "Damn, I really, really hope someone made a thread so I could discuss the terrorist attacks! It's not like I have the option to do that on facebook, twitter, the comments section of internet newspapers, dedicated politics forums, etc... No, I come to wotlabs to talk about this shit!"
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    Birkovic reacted to KillerTiger in opinions on sirfoch being censored?   
    No one should be surprised. If a company and a third party that the company had a relationship with creates content not just criticizing a product, but openly insults the very company they have a relationship with, of course the company will strike back. To punish the third party and to set an example. They didn't do anything not within the realm of what they could do. 
    WarGaming, just like any other business, is there to make money. Not saying I as a consumer particularly agree with everything they do, just like many other companies out there, but their actions are pretty typical.
    With that being said, if I was on the other side of things and was someone high up in WG, I probably would have pressed for something to be done. It's not good for business when your own partner openly slams you as a company.
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    Birkovic reacted to CarbonWard in opinions on sirfoch being censored?   
    Poke the bear, surprised when bear bites back.
    Accuse WG of being dirty fucking money grabbing pieces of shits, surprised when WG does exactly what a money grabbing piece of shit does and DMCA strikes you.
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    Birkovic got a reaction from for_SCIENCE in Brown Trout: Name and Shaming Shitters on the High Seas   
    I've seen people with worse stats and several thousand games interact in chat. I've never understood how one can enjoy being abysmal at a game and a) not trying to improve or B) just finding something else to do.
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    Birkovic reacted to OnboardG1 in WoT and any said comparisons are a No No at WoWs   
    These aren't elitists. They're the dunning-kruger crowd who think they're woke because they hide their stats.
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    Birkovic reacted to WarshipsToday in Warships Today Rating - a WoWS rating, and warships.today   
    We gave the server some more resources, hopefully this will help the issues where it's failing on loading a profile.
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    Birkovic reacted to kolni in EU scrub needs help with WR.   
    If you actually don't know how to win, start with slow ass heavies. Winning in them is about as easy as it'll get. They can easily pull 70% solo and the fact is that they're slow enough to limit your positioning decisionmaking down to a minimum. Positioning and deployment is everything, I'd argue that in the long run they're more important than mechanical skills and micromanagement (even though the latter can help you through some rough spots).
    Just think real hard going into a battle, you have 30 seconds to decide where to go and this is where you should have decided. Never go anywhere on routine, always double check it. Otherwise you'll end up being overrun because a normal play that usually works doesn't because things didn't play out like normal = consistency gets thrown out the window. Read your teams lineup and compare it to the enemy team. Easiest way to do it is just to press TAB and you get them lined up by eachother for a better comparison. This is where you decide what areas of the map might be weak/strong and what to capitalize on. You obviously can't predict what every tank will do, but you do have vision on your own team and that information combined with the enemy lineup should give you a decent hint of what areas you can win, and what areas to avoid. Almost all maps have flanks that don't really relate to eachother more than that they lead to enemy bases. So playing one side being scared of losing the other is not really a problem until they start closing in. The one problem with heavies and where the real top players stand out is that they see it early enough to catch it in action, while the good ones might see it too late most of the time and only get there once they've already dug themselves in and there's much less to capitalize on.  Slow tanks prey on attrition lanes, it might be bigger guns on average, and less damage farms but I'd argue that fighting anything is better than being outrunned by your team and fighting nothing in the faster lanes. (In some maps this obviously doesn't apply, Stalingrad and Windstorm lanes are all slow so it's all about team deployments/lineups and making good decisions rather than being forced into a play you don't want simply because it's the only viable option). A tank that's not able to catch up to current fights is worth about as much as a dead tank until he can get into the engagement, and the later he arrives the less impact he'll have.  The biggest reason for slow armoured HTs being the easiest is as I said, the fact that your positioning needs to be good from the get go, and being forced into that black and white type of play is much easier to grasp than the much more fluid grey of lights and mediums. Once you start positioning well earlier, with every break from taking fire/firing you get you should think of what to do next, and what's happening around you. If you see 2 enemy tanks fighting 7 allies on the other side of the map, it's pretty safe to assume that they're going to take it. But it also means there are 5 tanks from the enemy team are somewhere else, and you need to take that into consideration when deciding what to do next.  Cutting corners. Everybody does it, whether it's crossing a little too much to the left and take an extra shot for it, or a trade you obviously wouldn't win. Good thing with heavies is that they get punished the absolute minimum for this out of all classes. Armour is a real thing, even in gold spam meta. Cutting corners is necessary to be able to catch up, and the difference is that you're now doing it on purpose and most importantly with reason. An example would perhaps to skip out on the two shots of damage in the 8 line of Himmels at the endgame and driving straight through the middle square to make it in time for the last cleanup on the rails if you think there's more there. In an endgame this won't change outcomes of games, but once you start seeing these situations in early and mid game, they most certainly will. The earlier you get to an engagement the more power you have to influence it, and by doing good in this, you'll not only end up with better games, your winrate can go up like 5% on this alone. The earlier you start seeing things happening and react to them, the better you'll perform.  Fighting dead flanks. This is something the damagewhore in me can't really give up on yet. If I'm losing my flank, or about to win it but losing literally everywhere else. The damage I do on this flank is pretty much useless. The tanks there aren't doing anything useful but the enemy tanks on the other side are. The productive enemy tanks need to die, while the ones stuck being useless can be dealt with later. In slow heavies this can be tricky and you have to see it really early to be able to counter it right and it's probably one of the hardest things to get right when your mobility allows for very little wiggleroom in your deployments. Good thing is as I said, little wiggleroom means having to make right decisions or they don't work.   
    In mediums and lights this becomes alot more abstract, because you play on mobility and much less on lanepushing and more on enemy mistakes such as pokes, overcommitments and bad deployments (catching a tank for free pretty much). But they also rely much more on vision and constant targets, meaning you have to keep moving to do what you need to. And while you can push a side aggressively in russian mediums etc, most people have no idea what to do next. They won this side, what next? Any good enemy player would have seen it coming and gone elsewhere, sure the side was an even easier win but everything else will be a harder one. Map control is also pointless if you can't make use of it. It's good for reassurance though, but you can't really capitalize on it in blitzes, you need to keep moving constantly until you hit a point where your impact will be good enough, and that's much harder to keep doing without armour or a big gun. Smaller guns means more exposure and more exposure without armour means your HP is much more valuable, so you can't really start trading until it will start affecting a game outcome. 
    If you want I can go on with this subject forever but I think this should be enough to get the hang of the basic metagame that you might have overlooked. 
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    Birkovic got a reaction from map381 in The WoWS carry and carry Fail Thread   
    I don't know where to put this, so I went here. I just want to thank all of you, which provided advice and help for a novice to improve at this game. Currently I'm grinding the Benson and Bismarck, which could see me pass the magic 1400 WTR overall just before crossing the 1k games milestone.
    Considering I've only played solo so far, I would argue that I now carry my own weight in the teams, which makes the game very enjoyable for me.
    Thank you o7

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