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    Birkovic reacted to How_Terrible in Quick questions & quick answers. [WoWS]   
    B. The C hull is a pubbie trap. It costs you 20% of your gun fire power and all you gain from it are two twin 40mm mounts.
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    Birkovic reacted to Yurra in Quick questions & quick answers. [WoWS]   
    C hull is used only in competitive play as you get Defensive AA, which is pretty useful because the enemy always has a CV. In ranked tho you better stick to the B hull
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    Birkovic reacted to MAJEST1C in Ranked Season 6: Back to Seven   
    I hate people who play arp ships in ranked
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    Birkovic reacted to Tigeh in WoWs makes me better at WoT, teaches me what I did wrong in WoT   
    C actually stands for Crusier, because the first Carriers were envisioned as part of the Cruising Group
    V stands for 'Carrier Aviation', but really the V is from 'Voler', the French verb meaning 'to fly', but it means 'Fixed-Wing Aircraft' in practice (when no additional designation is present)
    CV: Fleet aircraft carrier (1921-1975), multi-purpose (1975-) aircraft carrier
    CV(N): Just used in 1944 to signify it was fitted and used for Night running/flights.
    +A : Attack (merged into CV on 30 June 1975)
    +N : Nuclear (+AN merged into +N on same date)
    +B : Large (USS Midway Class), merged into CVA in 1952
    +H : Helicopter 
    +HA: Helicopter Amphibious.
    +L: Light Aircraft Carrier (complement of approx 30-34 aircraft during WWII, faster than an escort carrier as they were indended to be deployed alongside Fleet Carriers rather than providing support for convoys and amphibious ops)
    AC: You'd think they'd use this for Aircraft Carrier, but they already had an Auxilliary Collier (coal supply ship), so they were stuffed
    CA: Backup name was already taken by Heavy Cruisers (Cruiser / Assault). 
    A Note On Escort Carriers
    About 1/3-1/2 the size of their big cousins, they were cheap and easy to produce in comparison. These didn't have much protection so got smashed everywhere - 122/151 aircraft carriers built in WWII were of this class but none survive. Retired as a type/class by US Navy after the Korean War, as helicopter-deck frigates took over their duties and could keep hunting subs. Guilded missile launchers took over the aircraft protection role and in-flight refueling meant floating stopover points for transport/patrol aircrafter weren't so frequent. Bogue and Casablanca classes were most famous, Commencement Bay class was the last. In Vietnam these got taken out of mothballs and redesignated AKV (Air Transport Auxiliary). Once all major aircraft had refueling probes, they started flying the aircraft themselves.
    Notable examples:
    USS Thetis Bay (CVE-90, Casablanca class) was converted in May 1955 to CVHA-1 - she was the first Helicopter Attack Transport. CVHA stands for Combustible, Vulnerable, Heavy and Expendable. Jokes aside, it means Carrier Aviation Helicopter Amphibious (yuck), a complement to the Attack Transport ships, and supplemented landing craft to give the Navy and Marine Corps a vertical assault capability. 
    May 1959 they redesignate her LPH-6 - although known as an Amphibious Assault Ship she suddenly became Landing Platform Helicopter to the battle group types, and formed the basis of the USS Iwo Jima design in her earlier iteration. It also means 'large helicopter carrier' in political documents (capable of carrying and deploying ~1800 assault troops using its own aircraft) - the Royal Navy called these Commando Carriers colloquially - now only HMS Ocean remains. USN have replaced this class with LHD (landing helicopter dock) and LHA (landing helicopter assault) as the stern dock and/or vertical lift to runway allow for safer and less maintenance-intensive travel with the same deployment in an 'attack' configuration, plus they can handle some planes (particularly VTOL aircraft and anti-submarine aircraft) when necessity hits.
    She was part of the quarantine enforcement group during the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962, in 1963 helped with the Hurricane Flora disaster relief in Haiti, and in 1964...was decommissioned and sold for scrap.
    USS Gilbert Islands (CVE-107, Commencement Bay class) had all her aircraft handling stuff taken out and four radio antennas (two directional, two omnidirectional) installed on her carrier deck. She had 24 radio transmitter trucks (covering VLF to UHF) bolted to the hanger deck, and became the USS Annapolis (AGMR-1) the first Auxiliary General Major Relay ship, or floating communications station. They added a hurricane bow, took out the WWII-era armament and stuck in four radar-controlled twin 3-inch 50 cal AA guns. In 1966 the crew converted the steam lines (from boiler to engine shaft) to cross-connect when necessary, in case of the need for dual-screw operation when maintenance or damage to a boiler occurred, and these modifications were carried out at Fleet Activities Sasebo to just about every ship still in service which could have them done!
    She was the first sea vessel with satellite communications linking the Pacific and Washington (1966, which were installed off the coast of Vietnam after the equipment was late in delivery), and she sent the world's first ship-to-shore satellite radio message in late 1966, by which time she was basically flooded with communications relaying by surrounding ship and shore assets (55 days at sea between port calls until AGMR-2 USS Arlington joined her, except once a fortnight approx to get mail and transfer priority crew at Cam Ranh Bay). She provided rescue-at-sea operations and firefighting support as well. She was sailing for a port call to Perth in 1968 when she got emergency orders to return to Vietnam so USS Arlington could flank speed sail to support in the USS Pueblo incident, where AGER-2 (the Banner-class environmental research ship..Auxiliary...General...Environmental...Research) had been captured by North Korean forces with 83 crew members, one of whom was killed in the attack. Crew were abused and tortured for 11 months, one of the major incidents of the Cold War, and currently still posessed by North Korea, the only ship on the commissioned roster of the US Navy currently being held captive! It's at the Pyongyang Victorious War Museum, if you want to see it.
    While she wasn't the first ship with Satellite Transmission capability (see the https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/USNS_Kingsport_(T-AG-164)), you can see why that couldn't be used for combat ops (30ft parabolic antenna in 53 foot radome, lol), she paved the way for future navy communications - it's worth remembering that the satellites at that time weren't geostationary but in a Low Earth Orbit (LEO) so only available for 5-15 minutes at a time, and gyroscopes were used to assist in tracking. This cut SITREP times from hours to minutes, which helped dramatically during engagements such as the Tet Offensive and Battle of Khe Sanh.
    TL;DR. AC was taken, CA was taken, V means Voler in french. C actually means Cruiser not Carrier originally, if not NATOly.
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    Birkovic reacted to Manic_Wombat in KM battleships   
    Seagal's deadpan voice is so depressing.
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    Birkovic reacted to Dimi2000 in [EU] free amateur coaching (tier 10)   
    Hey all. I've helped a couple of people out in the past with some formal coaching sessions and a couple of informal ones too. My experience as a teacher is somewhat limited although I'd consider myself a competent wot with 3.2k recent wn8 playing primarily tier x vehicles. As I fall somewhere on the lower end of the autistic spectrum I analysise problems in a formulaic manner and have a low tollerence for stupidity (not inexperience). 
    My sessions are (as mentioned) aimed at players trying to improve their performance in high tier vehicles (not arty for obvious reasons). 
    For it to be worth either of our time having a session i recommend you fulfil the following criteria:
    - roughly 10k games played as prior to this learning is simply easy to do by just grinding out battle. 
    - teamspeak3 downloaded and good spoken English as it makes communication a hell of a lot more efficient 
    -at least a couple of tier x vehicles on an EU ACCOUNT with at least a hundred or so battles under your belt so that you know the meta and how to pen other tier x's
    - the ability to stream world of tanks on twitch or other such service so we can analyse your gameplay. Alternatively you can upload 5-10 AVERAGE games of yours and we can analyse these in a similar manner.
    the plan of my sessions is roughly sketched out to be 
    -analysis of your battles one by one going over your thought process decision making and mistakes
    -watching one good result of mine and analysing my plays as to why I do them and how they are different to what you would do as well as seeing if you can spot my mistakes. 
    -to finish the session some high tier platooning with the focus on your decision making, reading match ups and trying to avoid repeating the mistakes we've highlighted. Also we can dip back and analyse these games we're playing together and see what's going right or wrong. 
    If your interested contact me in game (yranna) with a brief description of what your hoping to achieve or if you'd like something slightly different. 
    Although my help is free, if you feel I've been helpful a tip is much appreciated or if not just some positive reputation goes a long way
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    Birkovic reacted to OnboardG1 in WoWS General Patch Discussion (currently 0.6.0)   
    Most of the time you're going to be in overlapping AA range of your division mates and have a cruiser/US DD for panic button. That means you're also likely to have more ways of spotting torpedoes (meaning you can save the plane for smoke shooting). When you're solo the planes are useful to panic bombers. That's not especially useful in division. Being able to shoot accurately into smoke is an excellent ability.
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    Birkovic reacted to Crossfader in WoWS General Patch Discussion (currently 0.6.0)   
    spotter plan give a more birds eye view, so for shooting in smoke it gives you much better depth perception (normal view give a good idea of location on the X axis, spotter plane helps for Y axis). For solo play, the fighter plane, plus direction center is still better, especially on BB's, then spotter plane. It counters CV's plus is great at spotting torps. You just have to use it more carefully now with the reduced active time.
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    Birkovic reacted to OnboardG1 in WoWS General Patch Discussion (currently 0.6.0)   
    The solution there is not to play co-op
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    Birkovic got a reaction from RutgerS in Advice for noobs   
    @RutgerS I think that no matter your skill level you can not go wrong with the Scharnhorst. Furthermore it's entertaining to play, which is a truely nice feature on a premium. Honorable mentions to the Belfast and tier 8 prem's.
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    Birkovic got a reaction from Sidus_Preclarum in WoWS Final 6.0 Commander Skills   
    I see a lot of people suggesting one of two: The one which tells you how many are aiming at you and the one which provides two fighters (provided you are building towards a ship which has fighters).
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    Birkovic got a reaction from Crossfader in WoWS Final 6.0 Commander Skills   
    I see a lot of people suggesting one of two: The one which tells you how many are aiming at you and the one which provides two fighters (provided you are building towards a ship which has fighters).
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    Birkovic reacted to OnboardG1 in KM battleships   
    You probably damage saturated a section. I actually fire wide spread on triple launchers when point blank because it distributes the damage more evenly along the length of the ship.
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    Birkovic got a reaction from Expendable_Lad in Brown Trout: Name and Shaming Shitters on the High Seas   
    Judging by his name he is clearly making a political statement, by showing the decline of USA after the Trump administration has taken over 
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    Birkovic reacted to Mesrith in WoWS Final 6.0 Commander Skills   
    So I've pretty much settled on my builds for most of my commanders.  I'm just going to cover the ones that I think are excellent value in many situations; others I'm not really using, or just have no comment on because "they are what they are", like JOAT and High Alert.
    Priority Target
    Every cruiser I own gets this.  This has proven to be very powerful in the hands of a good cruiser player, as it lets you tunnel-vision damage into enemies secure in the knowledge that you're being blissfully ignored, until a number pops up on your UI and tells you to start paying attention again.
    Preventative Maintenance
    I've put this on all of my destroyers, but to be honest, it feels like the placebo effect if anything at all.  I'll take it at face value as reducing my disabled modules by 30%, but Last Stand still feels mandatory regardless.
    Direction Center for plane
    Any battleship that can take advantage of this skill has gotten it.  It ensures that your single plane isn't going to be on the far side when torpedoes are coming, and it does a better job against incoming planes while forcing players to be more reactive instead of just hitting the button as soon as contact is made and knowing it will be up for awhile.  This was a pretty good change for the game IMO.
    Expert Marksman
    Not as universally-used on all of my commanders as it used to be.  I still keep it on my battleships and select cruisers (Zao), but can live without it in many cases.
    Adrenaline Rush
    I think I have this on damn near every ship I own.  For any ship that expects to be taking some amount of damage, including battleships, brawling destroyers, and most cruisers, having a 10% reload boost at 50% health is really strong for two points.
    Last Stand
    I experimented with skipping Last Stand on my Gearing for a couple of days and seeing if the engine mod and Preventative Maintenance would be enough; it wasn't.  Still mandatory on any destroyer that's going to be fighting over caps at any point.
    Torpedo Acceleration
    Weird legacy skill that really doesn't fit the current version of the game with existing torpedo stats.  I only use this on my Gearing and carriers now.
    Survivability Expert
    Only goes on my US destroyers now, because I get up close and brawl with them often.  Paired with Adrenaline Rush, this gives me the health and DPM to burn down pretty much any opposing destroyer 1v1.
    Basic Firing Training
    Goes on destroyers with usable guns, battleships with good secondaries, and ships with AA that I want to build around.  It's not universal anymore.  Incidentally, the new 20% AA boost is very nice for US destroyers that carry Defensive Fire and were going to take BFT for the main battery DPM anyway.
    I used to take this on just about everything, but now I've had to leave it off of a few battleships and destroyers that used to carry it.  If I'm building around survivability or just have points to spare I've picked it up, but often it's been skipped in favor of multiple tier 4 skills.
    Demo Expert
    I don't really like it (I always thought the 3% buff was grossly overrated, and now it's only 2%), but the 3-point cost makes it affordable on many cruiser and destroyer builds now, so it's pretty common on my captains.
    I think I still have it on Montana, but it's largely fallen by the wayside.  There are just too many other good options, and with so much Hydro floating around and Direction Center, I've skipped this one.
    Manual Secondaries
    Only using this on tiers 8-9-10 German, as nothing else is worth building full secondaries around anymore IMO.  The cost of Manual Secondaries, AFT, and BFT (11 points) is too high unless you're shooting overpowered German HE spam with the range of a Gearing's main battery.
    Fire Prevention
    I've only used it on my Yamato, due to its large, often-stationary nature, and went with a maximum tanking build.  Also, Yamato doesn't benefit as much from AA-specific or secondary-specific builds like Kurfurst or Montana, so I had points to spare.
    It's good, so I hear, but I don't own any mid-tier HE spammers, so haven't used it.  I'll specialize an Atlanta commander one day when I have one to spare.
    Still a good value for many ships due to the impact on either main battery (several destroyers), AA, or secondaries.  I thought it would get pruned out somewhat due to competition, but it's still a very common skill in my port.
    Radio Location
    The only ship I kept this on is Khabarovsk; it will never out-stealth another destroyer, but it will now know where it is, and has the speed to chase it down or flee as needed.
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    Birkovic reacted to Fulcrous in Calling all T110E5 players! get your rounds in before the nerf, also we should have a platoon of those   
    I personally think the cupola deserves a very, very slight nerf. Nothing massive and it should be okay.
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    Birkovic got a reaction from Rodrigopine in Brown Trout: Name and Shaming Shitters on the High Seas   
    Judging by his name he is clearly making a political statement, by showing the decline of USA after the Trump administration has taken over 
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    Birkovic reacted to FlorbFnarb in Advice for noobs   
    Which means, of course, that they won't move outside the base.
    Based on the number of people in low tier cruisers that drive straight into the enemy blob in the first 30 seconds of the match and die, WoWs has the same problem with people suicide-grinding the next vehicle that WoT has.
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    Birkovic got a reaction from Madner Kami in Brown Trout: Name and Shaming Shitters on the High Seas   
    Judging by his name he is clearly making a political statement, by showing the decline of USA after the Trump administration has taken over 
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    Birkovic reacted to Fulcrous in Reptile 3Marks the CGC   
    Torn between +1 and negging.
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    Birkovic reacted to SoliDeoGloria in Advice for noobs   
    I was mistaken, I thought they had. You do have to edit files, directions here. You only have to do it once though, that'll be why I forgot.
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    Birkovic reacted to Psycodiver in WoWS General Patch Discussion (currently 0.6.0)   
    Finally got over 55% wr, I've been bumping along that line for a while now, not to shabby for a solo player I think that only has time to play a couple games a night
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    Birkovic reacted to Mesrith in Why the Warspite is the Yamato of tier 6s.   
    I'd prioritize Superintendent as the first three-point skill.  The massive superstructure and occasionally-wonky belt armor can still be tricky, and with the unique Repair Party that heals some citadel damage, you want to maximize your number of those.
    Manual Secondaries isn't worth 4 points at tier 6 due to the tier penalty, even for a ship with good secondaries.
    I'd think long and hard about whether secondaries are worth it at the moment.  You don't want to be in secondary range of tier 8 battleships or anything German, and with current MM (on NA server at least), that's a big chunk of your opponents.  My current Warspite commander only has 7-8 points since I moved the old one into UK cruisers, but I'm going to stick with a general survivability/AA build until we see what UK battleships are going to be like in the future.
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    Birkovic reacted to Mesrith in Advice for noobs   
    Sure, but I was covering the different classes, not simply advising someone to play whatever holds their hand the best.  IJN cruisers reward you for using AP but have very user-friendly HE with high damage and fire chance, offer low stock concealment, and have torpedoes that provide versatility.  They are more forgiving of situational awareness than US cruisers, survive better than Russian cruisers, and are easier to contribute damage for a new player than the German ones.
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