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    Birkovic reacted to OnboardG1 in Graf Spee   
    Apart from EU. We are the only server that doesn't get that mission. Fuck the Paris office. 
    The missions for Graf Spee are pretty easy though. Knock out a few doubles and both pins fall. Especially if you stack bonuses on premiums and complete the after modifiers mission twice.
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    Birkovic got a reaction from cheereereerios in Brown Trout: Name and Shaming Shitters on the High Seas   
    I know that one shouldn't play during the weekends and expect much, but 5 games in my Bayern to get my double (and a win in the Mutsuki), was all I could take:

    No double for you, have 5 losses in your festering turd of a German BB, Birkobitch .l..
    The amount of teams, which were 4-5 ships down after 4 minutes was impressive. But seeing both my teams DDs AFK in zone mode really fueled my rage.* Christ, I sometimes simply can't understand other people in multiplayer games...
    *We pulled a wild comeback from being down 4-8 to 3-1, only for their carrier to hide from our team, while time ran out, so they won by points due to their DDs not being AFK and cap'ing at the start.
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    Birkovic reacted to TouchFluffyTail in WoWS General Patch Discussion (currently 0.6.0)   
    There are enough t9 and 10 to constantly drag up my t7s and 8s into those matches.
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    Birkovic reacted to Private_Miros in exYU circlejerk   
    Wars in the region have started over less?
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    Birkovic reacted to BiggieD61 in Quick questions & quick answers. [WoWS]   
    I have a Texas and it's just a target barge for Scharnhorst, Nagato and Gneissenau's - we won't even discuss fighting tier 7 DD's with almost no secondaries .....
    It works okay in tier 6 matches and is a force to be reckoned with in tier 5.  But MM at this time forces it into too many tier 7 matches.
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    Birkovic reacted to OnboardG1 in Quick questions & quick answers. [WoWS]   
    Arizona is T6 and therefore screwed by the matchmaker, but it's actually not too bad. You still have 12 guns and good dispersion for a US BB. The indy is hit and miss but I like it. It has better matchmaking than the Arizona and the AP is brutal. Just because T6 MM is so shitty I'd suggest the Indy but the Arizona is probably the best T6 prem at fighting up (Warspite is good too).
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    Birkovic got a reaction from Ruestir in The WoWS carry and carry Fail Thread   
    Have at look at flamu's low tier guides (and then the rest of his content): https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL1NRuAJjSDRhtTDppWlBL-f4rAxk7uMzp
    It helped me alot.
    iChase have some nice guides too: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLoRQa0D7yVpc05KETkgPsyZHIRZd980cO
    I would start from there. Best of luck
    Though I had a rough start to the game in Japanese cruisers, I think that I've made a decent start so far. My stats for reference: https://eu.warships.today/player/500812028/Birkovic
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    Birkovic got a reaction from Invictus in Quick questions & quick answers. [WoWS]   
    I'm on EU. Over here it's been available for dubloons for some time now. In general our ships for dubloons marked is quiet OK, I must admit.
    @OnboardG1, I believe that, I've seen you do both the Arizona and Indianapolis on Flamu's stream. Assuming tier 7s go on discount this weekend, which one would you recommend for EU meta?
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    Birkovic reacted to MntRunner in Quick questions & quick answers. [WoWS]   
    The Arizona does pretty good when up tiered. It's got decent AA for it's tier, but the best thing about it is the guns are really accurate. With the spotter plan I sometimes get citadel hits at 18+ km. Even with the current MM I think it's a worthwhile purchase.
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    Birkovic got a reaction from Invictus in Quick questions & quick answers. [WoWS]   
    The tier 6s have been on 30 % off the entire week. I've been holding off buying the Arizona due to the current MM, the limited AA (I don't toon) and the relatively low calibre guns. 
    Is that a correct call?
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    Birkovic reacted to Orrie in Update of WN8 expected Swedish line ???   
    The Swedish WN8 Value Pack is priced at 49,99€, or 79,99$, per account.
    Please PM for more details.
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    Birkovic reacted to BattleHook in Update of WN8 expected Swedish line ???   
    anyone got the expected wn8 values of the Swedish line ? I need the WN8 expected (maybe be temporary ones untill the final values are released) of udes03. @kitty maybe ??
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    Birkovic reacted to OnboardG1 in Fubuki reward is worth Mutsuki & Hatsuhara pain   
    It has the reload booster consumable so it can double-torp once every four minutes or so.
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    Birkovic reacted to How_Terrible in WoWS General Patch Discussion (currently 0.6.0)   
    When playing cruisers and battleships as a bottom tier you just need to play conservatively. You can be aggressive, but not as dangerously so as when you are top tier. Also, even if you are soloing try to stick near one or more friendly ships at all times with a preference for sticking with a higher tier friendly. There are two reasons for this. One it usually gives the enemy something more attractive to shoot at. Two it allows you the vulture damage / kills off of whatever your combat buddy is shooting at (and as an added bonus it may also help you keep a higher tier friendly alive for a longer period).
    Destroyers are a different story. Generally speaking for them being bottom tier is only really a true disadvantage when they have to get in gun fights with higher tier destroyers. Though this doesn't really apply to the IJN destroyers since they are pretty fucked if they are engaged by any non-IJN destroyer regardless of tier.
    I have nothing for carriers since I just don't play them at all.
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    Birkovic reacted to RollerCoaster47 in WoWS General Patch Discussion (currently 0.6.0)   
    I find both Notser and iChase to put out decent content, but neither are very good commentators and I get annoyed by them more often than I enjoy their videos. If you really want some good tips and to learn from a very good player, I highly recommend checking out the videos put out by Flamu.
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    Birkovic got a reaction from TAdoo87 in Race to the Kranvagn   
    Why did this make me think of strippers? Your Murican culture is getting to me 
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    Birkovic reacted to kolni in Race to the Kranvagn   
    Can I join?
    You guys have no chance of beating me in no-lifing  
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    Birkovic reacted to xWulffx in WoWS General Patch Discussion (currently 0.6.0)   
    Still, like I told the asshats who sat waaay back and couldn't support the cruisers and destroyers the other day in game - they're called Battleships not Sniperships for a reason.
    Hard to give specific advice, because they play differently based on Nation and tier.
    General tips -
    Do what I called wagging the dogs tail and wiggle your rear end around to ~30 to 45 degree max to get some of your rear guns into play, but not a full broadside and over expose yourself. Even if you only manage to get 1 rear gun into play, as opposed to a full broadside and getting hammered, your still doing more damage. Unless you are sure you can do a full broadside and get away with it ...
    Try running a platoon of 3 BBs together and stick together for a concentration of firepower so you can focus fire enemies and back each other up with AA.
    American BBs at low to mid tier are slow and must pick a course and try to anticipate where they can actually do something and participate in the action, especially those with shorter ranged guns.  Frontal armor on the Americans seem a little weak to me and I have been citadelled  head on below tier 7.  They seem to do better on a ~30 angle from the side and front. Higher tiers are faster and have good deck armor for long range plunging fire defense.  The North Carolina and Iowa do better head on with ~10 to 30 degree angling head on.
    German BBs are slightly faster in most cases and have really good side armor for the most part, but he deck armor can be a little dodgy, so they perform better at closer ranges than the American.  The ones with torpedoes are great close in brawlers, as are some with the amazing secondary's ~10 km with secondary module like the Bismarck, also run Hydro on the Bismarck ... its excellent.
    Japanese BBs are in general the fastest so try to run and gun when you can. They seem to have the weakest side armor in general, Yamato not withstanding, so going head on at a 10 to 30 degree angle is in your best interest.  They are fast so keep aware of your team and don't over extend.
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    Birkovic reacted to map381 in WoWS General Patch Discussion (currently 0.6.0)   
    It's not a hard and fast rule, but I play my BB's like heavy brawling tank.  Obviously it's best to not do it alone(rip me and my solo-pubbing) but IMO most BB's i've played are best at under 15k.  Minimize those deck penning cits and you're close enough that it doesn't take 10+ secs for your salvos to land, leaving the enemy less time to avoid them
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    Birkovic reacted to Jarkorsis in WoWS General Patch Discussion (currently 0.6.0)   
    Look on YouTube for ichase and notser. They generally have good advice or vids you can analyze and adapt to your style. BBs usually in my case get 60 percent of my damage late in games at close range. The exception to this is Tirpitz which is accurate at long range.
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    Birkovic reacted to Deusmortis in 4 Years of WoTLabs   
    I was old.  I'm still old.
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    Birkovic reacted to Fabunil in 4 Years of WoTLabs   
    Let us celebrate our autism.
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    Birkovic reacted to Never in 4 Years of WoTLabs   
    Holy shit.
    Huge thank you to everyone for making this possible.

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    Birkovic reacted to BiggieD61 in King Fu Captain   
    Remember the fun little Kamikaze R everyone earned from the Pearls missions?  I enjoy it, and it's now turned into a legendary creature since the Minekaze that we knew is no more.  I looked at the Warships today site for examples of people who played it a lot, and there are people who play almost nothing but it.  The best players by WTR average between 100-300 games in it - nothing too extreme, but the people who play it all the time ....
    Jorge_W_Bush  1,113 games  44.47% wr 13.6k dmg and a SOLID 505 WTR  (omg - that is a good name though )
    12PK_JARHEAD60  1.059 games  43.81% wr  18.2kdmg with a 593 WTR ( Marine likes beer? Nah ...)
    and either his alt or his brother
    12PKMAIN  1,207 games 46.89% wr  19.7k dmg and a 641 WTR
    One guy named SmilinBob_fighter has 2,532 battles - JUST IN THE KAMIKAZE R!  He is not bad in it, but his Shimakaze is at 41% wr over 100 games.
    How bad they might be is not the point I am trying to make, I'm in no place to criticize other peoples play, yet the fact remains that there are over 50 people with 1,000 games in the Kamikaze R alone, and if Wargaming opened this up to people who had 750,000 unredeemed free xp for the Missouri - everyone one of them would have one on DAY ONE.  I don't want Jorge, 12PACK or his buddy getting ANYWHERE near that ship so they can pollute the higher tiers with their game spamming shit lord play.  If they do blow the $100 plus dollars to actually get it, at least it will help insure the long term viability of the company providing the game that I like to play.  Giving away OP little DD's like the Kamikaze R at tier 5 was not a great idea, but understandable since they were trying to build a community - giving away an OP tier 9 BB would be inexcusable, and a real detriment to the community.
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    Birkovic reacted to OnboardG1 in King Fu Captain   
    How long have people played tanks for? It's a long term goal for f2p players and an easy way to milk whales in the short term. Neither of these are bad. You also need 750k XP earned on ships to convert so it gates shitters from insta getting a T9. 
    QQ moar
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