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  1. Now that Trump has won i wonder if all those celebrities that said they would leave the country are packing their bags

    1. Medjed


      you mean those hypocritical cunts? nah, they're staying where they are

  2. One thing nice about Mercedes is the styling stays consistent. So even the older models still look great.
  3. Picker this up a year ago 2005 Mercedes Benz CLK 500
  4. Kennedy Center Tribute to Led Zeppelin 2012


  5. I have been using GData for several years and wonder if anyone has a recommendation for another program.
  6. Just celebrated my 56th wedding anniversary yesterday life is good.

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    2. galleri



    3. kolni


      and here i am unable to stand a girl for more than a week :( 

    4. Wewum
  7. Another good recorder is Dxtory they have a free trial. It can record tow different audio channels. http://exkode.com/dxtory-features-en.html
  8. Just started having a problem with keyboard and mouse not working at start up. I can get them to work if i do a reboot. Running win10 with a ssd drive. Not really a bad problem just annoying having to reboot.
  9. My son was the one who got me into gaming i was visiting him and he was playing fighter ace and got me interested that was in 2002. I was in the Air Force so the flying aspect got me hooked. Played a couple of other flying games then got into WOT now starting to play WOWS from time to tme.
  10. You can call me anything but late for dinner. I do have 2 grand kids though.
  11. I am 74 and going strong as long as i take my meds. Been online gaming since 2001. Played Fighter Ace for 8 years before it went bust. Then Aces High didnt like it and found WOT and have been playing this for 2,5 years. Used to race motor cycles when i was a lot younger have the aches and pains yet to remind me how much fun it was. Got married when i was 19 and still married 55 years later best thing that i ever did.
  12. Let me put this into perspective for you i was 10 months old when Japan bombed Pearl Harbor.
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