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  1. What i said was correct in a historical and technological sense. The L11a5 was developed as an upgrade to the L7, as using a higher caliber allows for better HESH performance. It happens to be the same caliber as the L1, but it is more similar to the L7
  2. did you even read the OP? it doesn't have a strong front plate, one prototype did, but not the mk.2 it doesn't have the same turret effectiveness as the fv215, I pointed out its strengths and weaknesses in the OP the chieftain has -10 gun depression, also outlined in the OP. as for the other people, giving it JT levels of pen is a massive nerf compared to reality, but keeping heavy levels of pen would be worse also jojack, the gun this gets is a massive improvement (IRL) from the L7, so it would stand to reason that it should be good in game, but wargammin...
  3. Wargaming has mentioned that it is considering replacing the FV215b with the Chieftain Mk2. Supposedly this will happen around the end of the year, but this might not even go through, and they might leave the fv215 in one piece. Wargaming has not released any info on armor stats or gun stats, so I figured I would do some research of my own. The first thing I looked up was the armor stats. [This is the armor scheme that I found for the MK.2.](https://i.imgur.com/Nq7CW03.jpg) Quick things to note, the UFP is autobounce on level ground, however, it is only 275mm effective. This means that t9+ h
  4. So how did you like getting #Wrekt last night by scrublords in t4s? Your arl v39 had me trapped on the far side of a destructible fence in my marder 38t. When he went to drive through the fence, I circled him and wrekt him. ps. your tears at the end were delicious.
  5. 5:00pm saturday to 12:00 pm sunday. (IDL, how does it work?) Daytime for europe + North America, where most of our users reside. You do not have to be there for the whole thing, just show up when you can.
  6. you already have css flair, so you qualify your overall stats are good enough. The thread has been posted on reddit, and if you want to participate, message me here and on reddit, /u/zdude1858 with the same message to verify your reddit account and your stats. This is necesary for me to get CSS tags in place beforehand. Please message me before friday night because I will be very busy saturday, playing tonks and managing this.
  7. The intention was to get very good players. I'm not a unicum yet, so I put the bar above what i'm currently at in the hopes that it would be selective enough to keep the riff-raff out while being inclusive enough to have enough people eligible to participate that availablility would not be an issue. although certain padders will be excluded on sight. most notably, assassin_m18 maybe 2.2k? haha, the name for the tag was put in before I had CSS powers, so that wasn't my decision, but It stuck.
  8. The intention was to have multiple people qualify. Not just you.
  9. Hi, Im zdude1858, one of the mods of /r/WorldofTanks. I was talking with Ratz1lla last week about getting the wotlabs forums more exposure and rat suggested an AMA. For those of you who are unfamiliar with reddit and amas, an AMA stands for Ask Me Anything, basically just a q&a session with an person/group. It isn't restricted by topic, although they generally stick to topics related to the experience of the poster, in this case, being a unicum. I was planning on hosting it all day this saturday. there will be restrictions on who gets to be part of the "unicums" answering questions. I
  10. Sorry, but the current tiers are higher than your highest tier.
  11. Navy, you have obviously not played Brit td's. at 2's mantlet is weak. At8’s secondary gun is 75mm and that side of the tank is 50mm. At7 is just the cupolas. At15/at15a gun mantlet. And tortoise has the cupola. On the at 8 and the at7, the top machine guns are loader hit boxes. Tl;dr, cupolas aren't the only option.
  12. http://worldoftanks.com/community/clans/1000007494-BURDY/ That is the clan page. To join, sign in an click join clan on the right side of the page. Great clan, I hang out with them all the time
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