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  1. To be fair, crunch in the gaming industry has been documented as having a very adverse effect on the wellbeing of employees. I do feel sorry for the teams that had to endure it, especially since they didn't make the deadline in the end.
  2. Advertising lvl wargaming: spotted this on the runway of Warsaw Airport xD


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    2. Wanderjar


      hahaha jesus Ace... >.<

    3. DirtyACE7


      There is a certain amount of truth to it, unfortunately, especially with recent deaths of 41 people in Moscow.

    4. hazzgar


      LOL. I love promotions that make the marketing director look good in front of the bosses or come from the bosses themselves but overall are super shit investments. 

  3. Actually that would have been the T34 (which also sacrificed basically everything besides penetration to get that alpha).
  4. hmmm, but couldn't you already change crew member appearance for free via mods?
  5. Some NERVA dude first used my Strv as mobile cover (which is ok with me), but then he started to push me & prevent me from depressing the rear to elevate my gun, seemingly so that he alone can farm the few remaining targets. Thought they had better players than that—I'd rather have a 3x48% top tier platoon on my team than such a guy.

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    2. hazzgar


      @Kolni you didn't say bots you said players. If you annoy people and be a dick to them they will be a dick to others. You are part of the problem here. I respect your skill but not how you play. 

    3. kolni


      i dont push people out, and i dont  make them take damage

      i just use the concept of negating teammates' damage to boost my own, if they want to farm they have to compete for it

      i keep it classy tho :P 

    4. hazzgar


      Using people as cover is fine by me as long as you don't get spoted and hide behind unspotted tanks but blocking damage makes people later go "ALL UNIKUMZ are EVIL, I WILL SHOOT THEM BECAUZE THEY STILL DAMAGE" and yeah blocking your los when shooting on purpose. Hell people do it even when I use XVM camo accounts.

  6. Ohh didn't know that, thanks for the clarification! Should have done some searching on the wiki first
  7. I wonder if it'd help the game if MM treated superheavies (e.g. Maus) as a class distinct from other heavies. Right now there are situations where MM throws in e.g. a T110E5, an IS-7 and a 50 B vs a triple platoon of Type 5s, which can easily result on a steamroll for one side depending on the map.
  8. Empire's Border Encounter feels like Mines Encounter on steroids xD In a T8 match, our team capped in 2.5 minutes and the game was over with 1-0 and only two tanks did over 1k damage. The cap circle is so well protected from all sides that it seems to encourage such fast caps

  9. @Balthazars oh I'm such a dummy. I think I confused the Obj 430v2 with Obj 430 and that's why I thought there was a nerf xD
  10. Thanks! I was thinking of 430 too, but I heard that after the recent nerd it went from awesome to 'meh'. I guess it wasn't so hard hit then?
  11. So I'm close to getting another girl crew and I'm a bit unsure which tank line to put them into. I was thinking of the following: RU med line (T-34 -> ... -> Obj. 140)—I'm inclined towards this one due to the universally acclaimed versatility of this line, I should really pick up myself some Russian hovermeds. German armored TD line—I heard that JgPzIV is great for TD missions, Ferdinand and JT have become pretty good since that HP buff a while ago and JgPzE100 should be quite funny. IS-3 heavy line US turreted TD line Help me choose, please, and feel free to
  12. I finally found a tank against which the UDES 03 armor works extremely well. I encountered an enemy AT 7 using the 57mm autoloader, and his shots ricocheted off my armor :serb:

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    2. hazzgar


      Should work against t6 ru lights too. 

    3. leggasiini


      13 57 and a43 using 57mm as well

    4. Tarski


      UDES should get its own special Steel Wall medal. 

  13. Yeah, pretty much. You need to go to your WoT installation directory, it contains a folder called res_mods. You need to unzip the contents of this quack archive inside that folder. Afterwards, just start up a replay where you killed a tank to verify the sound works OK.
  14. Sadly I dont have much first hand experience with most T8 prem meds - so I guess you could check their forum threads here and see what people better than me say about them.
  15. So I decided to see how audio modding is with the current version of WoT and decided to create a small mod that replaces the crew voiceover for killing an enemy tank with this little gem. The inspiration for this was shishx, who uses this effect in his videos; however, he does not use a mod for that but rather adds it himself during video post-processing. Since I haven't been able to find any mod that replicates this functionality, I decided to create this myself and upload it here in case someone else wanted to have a few laughs as well. The kill voiceover is replaced for all nations. Especia
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