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  1. nemlengyel

    Quack kill sound effect for WoT

    Yeah, pretty much. You need to go to your WoT installation directory, it contains a folder called res_mods. You need to unzip the contents of this quack archive inside that folder. Afterwards, just start up a replay where you killed a tank to verify the sound works OK.
  2. Sadly I dont have much first hand experience with most T8 prem meds - so I guess you could check their forum threads here and see what people better than me say about them.
  3. nemlengyel

    Quack kill sound effect for WoT

    So I decided to see how audio modding is with the current version of WoT and decided to create a small mod that replaces the crew voiceover for killing an enemy tank with this little gem. The inspiration for this was shishx, who uses this effect in his videos; however, he does not use a mod for that but rather adds it himself during video post-processing. Since I haven't been able to find any mod that replicates this functionality, I decided to create this myself and upload it here in case someone else wanted to have a few laughs as well. The kill voiceover is replaced for all nations. Especially fun if you're playing: Large boomsticks, esp KV-2 AMX 40 artillery In general sound modding seems to be pretty straightforward nowadays and the engine is quite versatile. quack.rar
  4. You could try your luck with the boxes which can net you Defender or Skorp G, both are quite strong. Alternatively Lowe is strong too, if you like the playstyle
  5. nemlengyel

    Charts: What matters to you?

    It doesn't seem to be available for random battles
  6. Heh, creating a thread because someone was venting a bit about unlucky rng seems like a bit of an overreaction to me ;P Content is nice though!
  7. nemlengyel

    Fisherman's Bay

    So how do you feel about this map after the rework? For me it feels way more static now, going mid is a recipe for getting perma/proxy-spotted and quickly artied to oblivion, while the 1-2 line is easily locked down by a few big alpha TDs camping bush and the city seems hard to push without a decisive advantage in numbers there. So is it one of those maps now where you just wait and hope the enemy will get bored and fuck up before you do? Or is there something else?
  8. Pershing APCR does 2 0dmg crits to the unangled side of a Skoda T50 in a row. What a turd this tank is lol xD

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    2. Archaic_One


      Once upon a time the Pershing was one of my favorite tier 8s and was generally considered the best tier 8 med.  My  how things change.  After not playing it in ages, I was going to try and 3 mark it, played 4-5 games this fall and promptly sold it.  There is nothing in this game as maddening as the number of fully aimed shots that go astray.  Obviously I just need to spam more HE . . .  

    3. nemlengyel


      Admittedly the gun stuff could be confirmation bias, but in general with the increased amount of well-armored / high penetration / higher alpha tanks running about, this tank seems to be in a bad place :/

    4. Archaic_One


      Oh yeah, especially with all of the really strong tier 8 prems that are out now.  Its a relic of an era where gun depression and an decent turret were all you needed. Now tanks like the 44-100, 40t, 5/1 etc just shit on it 

  9. Pretty much me at the start of battles xD


  10. This shot, this freaking shot though lol. I tried to guess where the Skorp G was and blindshoot it, and got this instead...




  11. I should stop fucking up my shots on Pilsen because of weird factory props/pillars getting in the way lol. I officially cannot play this game xD

  12. Dumb question, but where can I find previous patch notes on the WoT site? Release notes is only for latest, and In Development is written in live-action prose so it takes ages to actually figure out the changes from that.

  13. actually I am not sure anymore o.o
  14. Based on the title I thought this was going to be a War Thunder thread.... how wrong I was
  15. Haha, found this while searching in Google Maps. Would be interesting to see what it's like ;3 Alas, it'd be a bit anachronistic, but the coincidence is funny

    Screen Shot 2018-08-05 at 20.20.32.png

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    2. Marty


      One more interesting thing


      Actual WoT logo in some field near Minsk, these are the coordinates if you wanna check it out on GMaps/Earth - 54°12'19.9''N28°24'28.7''E

    3. hall0


      Btw. This is not the Malinovka you are looking for.

      Here some interesting thread about it

    4. nemlengyel


      Yeah, this one would have had some German name till before 1945

      I guess the name is just really common like it was said :))