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  1. Advertising lvl wargaming: spotted this on the runway of Warsaw Airport xD


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    2. Wanderjar


      hahaha jesus Ace... >.<

    3. DirtyACE7


      There is a certain amount of truth to it, unfortunately, especially with recent deaths of 41 people in Moscow.

    4. hazzgar


      LOL. I love promotions that make the marketing director look good in front of the bosses or come from the bosses themselves but overall are super shit investments. 

  2. Some NERVA dude first used my Strv as mobile cover (which is ok with me), but then he started to push me & prevent me from depressing the rear to elevate my gun, seemingly so that he alone can farm the few remaining targets. Thought they had better players than that—I'd rather have a 3x48% top tier platoon on my team than such a guy.

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    2. hazzgar


      @Kolni you didn't say bots you said players. If you annoy people and be a dick to them they will be a dick to others. You are part of the problem here. I respect your skill but not how you play. 

    3. kolni


      i dont push people out, and i dont  make them take damage

      i just use the concept of negating teammates' damage to boost my own, if they want to farm they have to compete for it

      i keep it classy tho :P 

    4. hazzgar


      Using people as cover is fine by me as long as you don't get spoted and hide behind unspotted tanks but blocking damage makes people later go "ALL UNIKUMZ are EVIL, I WILL SHOOT THEM BECAUZE THEY STILL DAMAGE" and yeah blocking your los when shooting on purpose. Hell people do it even when I use XVM camo accounts.

  3. Empire's Border Encounter feels like Mines Encounter on steroids xD In a T8 match, our team capped in 2.5 minutes and the game was over with 1-0 and only two tanks did over 1k damage. The cap circle is so well protected from all sides that it seems to encourage such fast caps

  4. I finally found a tank against which the UDES 03 armor works extremely well. I encountered an enemy AT 7 using the 57mm autoloader, and his shots ricocheted off my armor :serb:

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    2. hazzgar


      Should work against t6 ru lights too. 

    3. leggasiini


      13 57 and a43 using 57mm as well

    4. Tarski


      UDES should get its own special Steel Wall medal. 

  5. Pershing APCR does 2 0dmg crits to the unangled side of a Skoda T50 in a row. What a turd this tank is lol xD

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    2. Archaic_One


      Once upon a time the Pershing was one of my favorite tier 8s and was generally considered the best tier 8 med.  My  how things change.  After not playing it in ages, I was going to try and 3 mark it, played 4-5 games this fall and promptly sold it.  There is nothing in this game as maddening as the number of fully aimed shots that go astray.  Obviously I just need to spam more HE . . .  

    3. nemlengyel


      Admittedly the gun stuff could be confirmation bias, but in general with the increased amount of well-armored / high penetration / higher alpha tanks running about, this tank seems to be in a bad place :/

    4. Archaic_One


      Oh yeah, especially with all of the really strong tier 8 prems that are out now.  Its a relic of an era where gun depression and an decent turret were all you needed. Now tanks like the 44-100, 40t, 5/1 etc just shit on it 

  6. Pretty much me at the start of battles xD


  7. This shot, this freaking shot though lol. I tried to guess where the Skorp G was and blindshoot it, and got this instead...




  8. I should stop fucking up my shots on Pilsen because of weird factory props/pillars getting in the way lol. I officially cannot play this game xD

  9. Dumb question, but where can I find previous patch notes on the WoT site? Release notes is only for latest, and In Development is written in live-action prose so it takes ages to actually figure out the changes from that.

  10. Haha, found this while searching in Google Maps. Would be interesting to see what it's like ;3 Alas, it'd be a bit anachronistic, but the coincidence is funny

    Screen Shot 2018-08-05 at 20.20.32.png

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    2. Marty


      One more interesting thing


      Actual WoT logo in some field near Minsk, these are the coordinates if you wanna check it out on GMaps/Earth - 54°12'19.9''N28°24'28.7''E

    3. hall0


      Btw. This is not the Malinovka you are looking for.

      Here some interesting thread about it


    4. nemlengyel


      Yeah, this one would have had some German name till before 1945

      I guess the name is just really common like it was said :))

  11. 32853162_1920491964636393_41536542648471

    1. Marver95


      Wtf, where is that from? :D

    2. SkittlesOfSteeI
    3. nemlengyel


      @Marver95 posted by a friend who was attending Pyrkon

    1. Assassin7


      ignoring that, the article saying that prem tanks are OP and pay2win and shit.

      ugh. with the exeption of the defender and maybe the patriot/skorpion G. just... no.

    2. nemlengyel


      yup, I assume people coming from other games with a proliferation of loot boxes or whatever assume that being able to buy a unique weapon (tank) must be p2win, which is why the question was asked—but in WoT that's not true as the WG guy confirmed

      btw Lowe OP tank

  12. has anybody else gotten BSODs on Win10 while returning to garage in WoT (via in-game menu)? Happened to me twice now, not sure if it's the app, the OS, or if this computer will die on me.

  13. fml I didn't pay attention while shooting on Glacier, sank my Lowe and drowned like the bot I am

  14. guys does dead radio guy affect view range? someone said it did, but I never really noticed that before...

    1. Errants


      Only if they have view range buffs, IIRC...

    2. Echo_Saber


      Doesn't a dead crewman break BIA if you had it on that crew?  You might see a VR loss that way.  Other than that, the only way is like @Errants said if they have Situational Awareness.

    3. nemlengyel


      alright thanks - its not critical unless in extreme situations then :D

  15. This was quite hilarious. People are not yet familiar with the Erlenberg map rework which resulted in this deployment - starring redlining Obj. 430 xD


    1. Deus__Ex__Machina


      happens on both sides now, A0 is nearly impossible to dig out without arty

  16. ehh, back in the country, might as well run the updater and see if my Löwe can still start up.

  17. This article mentions Poshy... I cannot independently verify its veracity but it's chilling anyways.

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    2. Fulcrous


      Generally, you don't use fentanyl as a over-the-table medicine, nor would it be prescribed in many cases - at least in Canada. I don't know how it operates in the states but If it is available, I suspect it would be in rare circumstances and it would be difficult to OD provided that instructions are followed (with the exception of patches as heat will speed up the release of chemicals in the patches).

      We could hypothesize all we want, but only the medical examiner/coroner can make that determination... and given all the extraneous factors, I wouldn't be surprised if it was marked as "unknown" due to so many plausibles.

    3. kolni


      In Sweden Fentanyl is not even up for prescription normally. If you do then you have dosage delivered daily to prevent ODing. Odds are someone having to take the drug cant make it to a pharmacy so they aren’t available there. Minimizing robbery risks and so on, it’s not a drug you can get on the streets here

    4. Haswell


      @Assassin7 My take is that it was laced into something else he took, doubt he has any reason at all to even have fentanyl in his possession.

  18. if the BatChat had better gun handling it would be called the Snapchat

    1. Action


      Badum- Tsch.. :D

  19. TFW you are watching a PUBG stream but there is more salt than on a WoT stream LUL

  20. I'm actually curious about the source of the service container ecosystem's Greek fetish.

    1. Tarski


      Someone stands to make a killing with Greek-Names-as-a-Service. 

  21. With some USB mouse game is playable again. Doesn't fix the player unfortunately, but at least my gunner isn't called Franklin Delano Roosevelt anymore.

  22. So on a previous generation MBP, WoT with LEGO graphics, max draw distance and 1280x600 resolution runs at a consistent 60-65 fps without noticeable performance strain on the machine


    the fucking Logitech bluetooth mouse I liberated from the office had to ruin it because it was consistently stuttering when WoT was open. I had to try to snipe using the trackpad instead, which did not stutter, but you can imagine the results. Fuck bluetooth, I'll get some cheap-ass USB mouse.

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