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  1. Decided to play a last T20 match for the night.

    BT8 Highway, shit game, no meds so we lose field right away, I have to run back to base, bounce on a VK 28.01 and miss everything else. Luckily the enemy T6-T7 meds yolo down after me and get rekt by camping TDs.

    We lose city and I bounce off the rear of a fucking ELC attacking into base, but manage to put a shot into it before our arta shotguns it because balance.

    An enemy T34 suicides into our camping TDs, then a wild ISU appears. My fully aimed shots on the ISU go all over the place, and it climbs up to base, destroying the remaining TD.

    ISU then goes full retard, yoloes me, misses, I put him in a sidehug, ggwp ISU. And then I realize all they have left are 3 arta.


    Pascucci's Medal and 2k dmg for absolutely nothing.


    1. sundanceHelix


      Fucking lucky you weren't shat on by 3 arty, then.

    2. nemlengyel


      Was constantly moving but yeah they must have been shitlords.

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