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  1. Pershing APCR does 2 0dmg crits to the unangled side of a Skoda T50 in a row. What a turd this tank is lol xD

    1. sohojacques


      Accuracy and pen mechanics are my biggest gripe with this game; over arty, map design, OP bullshit, etc. I've been playing the Leo PTA and Standard B a lot recently and the number of bullshit non-pens (268 avg apparently) and close range complete misses is truly astounding. Town brawling in Ruinberg in my B the other day I should've killed a T-10 from full HP and put some hurt into a T30 but instead only 1 from 7 shots into their hulls penned, including flat side shots on the T30. So I got overrun and died instead. I understand the need for some rng, but winning or losing purely because of the roll of a dice sux. 

      ps I hated the Pershing as well.

    2. nemlengyel


      yeah, the pershing's gun especially gives me quite a lot of BS, 0dmg crits on ez fully aimed sideshots at medium to close range, or bounces from fully paper tanks :/ 

      As for the pershing itself yeah, it feels completely powercreeped—I guess the selling point used to be its turret armor, but when tier 7 mediums and lights can consistently snapshot and pen the turret, that's not really valid any more. Compared to other t8 meds with the same alpha, its gun handling and penetration is way worse. Top speed is decent but it takes ages to get there and it's lost at the slightest incline or obstacle. Oh, and it has a frontal ammorack right behind the tracks. So I've been trying to play the thing as some support tank and abuse the fuck out of every bush I can find, because getting shot at in this vehicle is just not an option...

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