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  1. Anyone wanna come back to tanks when 1.0 comes out? I heard Aquavolt and the famous _AntThief_ along with some lesser known characters such as Tomhwk, _Shrew, BrettK42O2, and others are preparing for a revitalized game!
  2. I am determined to continue the search. After hour of calling the level of 6 fortresses (there are many victory) in clan [HSF], the commandment of the committee told me that I was not Bulba material, my statistics were too good, and that I smelled of human waste (thanks _Shrew old commander by upload this for me). They even went so far as to send CR / D: that I was a spy because of the loss of Bulba in a Tier 6 fortresses of the past. It was quite a shock, and I'm still speechless. Thank you for reconsider me to join the clan.
  3. I have found a clan http://na.wargaming.net/clans/1000002895/?utm_campaign=wot-portal&utm_medium=link&utm_source=user-profile Thank you for your time.
  4. Hi, I'm _Official_Bulba_Diplomat. I twist the key forums will not bring me much success, so I will now try a better site than I should have done at the beginning. I'm looking for the fort focused on the clan that focuses on friendship. My past experience with the clan: · For the Diplomat clan called Søbad · For the Diplomat clan called Bulba I enjoy playing World of Tanks and people think I'm a fast learner. I have done extensive research on how to play this game in single-player level, and the team from the perspective of spending hours reading the tioga.moe and wotlabs. My greatest wea
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