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  1. got a "new modem" from isp turns out to be one of those puma 6 chipset modems so im loving my constant ping spikes in games and random disconnects..... 

  2. someone in frontlines told me i could be banned for telling the team to farm ranks after we roflstomp capped all points within 7mins like WUT


    1. Diriz0n


      I generally think winning is worth 2 ranks in itself.  What I mean is:  Winning w/ Captain  =  Losing with General. Winning w/ Lieutenant  =  Losing with Major. While not necessarily tied to earning credits, it has to do more with exp. Although General adds double to your exp value, Captain adds half + isn't reduced by losing factor penalizing exp gain. I am not sure if Merits in FL remove exp penalty in loses as it does in pubs. At any rate, because I exclusively use FL and SH battles to grind tier 8 tech tree machines, which for goodness sake don't do in pubs, credits aren't my concern exp is. 

      I am not afraid to take a loss, in order to score major or general, but for sure would rather win with Captain. The problem arises with the extra fast battles, that are over before people can cap D/E  -  and people still idle fucking in C - and the timer goes out and everyone is still fighting Sergeant or Lieutenant......Captain is the safe place, more or less 8-1OK dmg, though I reliably see major, Captain is the safe place that I can chill once grabbing


  3. im not too smart with monitors but if its mainly for gaming i would go with a good 34inch monitor (currently using a 32inch vizio tv since my 24inch gaming monitor is set on my sim rig) if you do any sim racing the 49 ultrawide from samsung is what alot of the twitch sim racers use. think they just came out with a 1440p version not to long ago. but if you have the hardware to run at 43inch 4K then you got yourself a lovely setup for casual console gaming too. not too sure about the ups and downs for WoT on the aspect ratios (again im dumb about monitor stuff only if it looks pretty lol)since im on a really old vizio smart tv but i think ultrawide would give you more peripheral vision letting you see more of the battlefield
  4. kv2 is fun arty is not, kv2 actually needs to get engaged in the fighting in the front lines arty does not, you can counter and catch out a kv2 pretty easily countering arty not so much. so compairing the kv2 or other derp tanks that are not the cancer jap heavies or shitbarn/deathstar to arty doesn't really make sense. i understand trying to make low cal HE viable but in doing so they are going to kill a alot of the venting your anger tanks that are not as much an issue as lets say arty, jap super heavies, wheeled cars in FL or the massive hesh derp guns on the the shitbarn/deathstar
  5. when i read the title i was like for fuck sake and pissed right the hell off as i chose the crommy b since i didnt have it then read further down seeing it was another typical WG oopsie and that it was fixed so i cant cry over my loss for claiming my shit like 4 days ago
  6. dont hate me i bought the sexton from the black market inb4 they sell the lefefefeefe for like 15-20k gold good thing i only have like 4k gold then i would feel even dirtier

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    2. Draco912


      make more money because serb needs all of it for his world domination.

    3. Kymrel


      Might be a bit of a flop like the Alpine Tiger since so many got one in the boxes, but meh...

    4. Draco912


      true or maybe they will add a tier 10 premium russian heavy tank for 50k gold and watch it sell out in 10 seconds lol

  7. i mainly play tanks so the added bonus to exp and credits seems ok i just dont like the fact you now get bonds missions but only with the WoT prem time
  8. well its been around 2 weeks since i played WoT and my god am i more calm and relaxed. been messin about in iRacing since i was able to get 3 months and a free car for 12$ with a promo code. i never knew how much tonks made me such a bitter angry person. lifeis good right now. until for some reason i decided to play again and fuck my inner peace over again lol

    1. orzel286




      inb4 punted in t1 :doge:

    2. Draco912


      @orzel286 oh yea i get punterino'd but atleast so far its more calming than the shit show that is tanks lol. only got the free shiz on iracing right now but im enjoying making my left turns :P

  9. my g29 wheel platform/rig has been completed but i kept forgetting to take a pic of it. its nothing fancy but it works for how small my room is and the space it has to fit in.


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    2. Tman450


      I like how you used a tan cloth car seat, lol. I recommend Assetto Corsa if you can get the ultimate edition on sale. fun game with a setup.

    3. Draco912


      yea im hoping it goes on sale soon its on my wishlist. my dads brother owns a car repair shop and has a bunch of junked vehicles so the seat i got is from a van i can sit on it for hours and it doesnt bother me i can almost sleep in it. im too addicted right now i have been playing rfactor 2 demo and race room so much but i need to get some sleep >.<

    4. Tman450


      rip dude get some sleep

  10. AC died 2 days ago during a lovely time here in Florida, so fun having your house be 90°  luckily we found the part that died not to far from here so now i dont feel like im in shreks swamp...

  11. well after over a decade of wanting to get a racing wheel i now have a logitech g29 but cant really mount it to my current desk since its freakin rounded and not a straight rectangle so im going to see if i can mock up with my uber shit drawing skills a DIY wood wheel and chair stand after i do some more searching to get some ideas in my dumb brain. so excited for F1 2018 and also assetto corsa once everything is done!

    1. Assassin7


      reading this, I just had a great idea. 

      plank of straight wood, hang it halfway over the desk and vice it to the desk on both sides attach wheel to board. boom.


    2. Draco912


      well after hours and hours on sketchup making a mock up i made something i kinda like. and assassin your idea would be good but this deskt is some flimsy extendable thing i would trust it holding the weight of my monitor keyboard and wheel but this is what i came up with in sketchup. my dad went to school for cabinetry making so he knows how to mess with the tools and stuff here is a link if anyone is interested in looking. (models for wheel, pedals, monitor, monitor mount and chair all from sketchup 3d warehouse).


  12. i actually have no wiggle room right now lol i am broke as a joke. i am disabled and no income from me. i would have to have my dad buy it and he is retired >.< hence why it might take me ages to get a new gpu anyways even if its not a high end one and i need atleast something thats on par with a 1070 got lots of games i want to play that my 770 couldnt
  13. i have a evga 750w supernova g2 psu and if its true that new better gpus are coming ugh guess i will have to wait. i tried playing wot on minimum with my intel integrated gpu it runs the game but my god it looks like ps1 graphics lol. guess till new gpus come out i will be stuck just playing my 3ds >.<
  14. welp it has happened to me and i feared it was coming but it still sucks. my gtx 770 from gigabyte died on me Friday April 6th at 9:00am EST after having my pc that was built for me for about 4 years which means its out of warranty. and with the prices of gpu's Right now i really doubt i would be able to get one anytime soon since im fully disabled and have no money and have to live with my father. if only gigabyte had 5 year warranty then i could try to get them to replace it. weird thing is it still powers on but the fans spin at like 100% i assume because they sound like they are about to make my case lift off but it isnt giving any signal from the hdmi or dvi port to my monitor after my pc randomly shut off in the middle of a battle on friday. i dont think its the pcie slot because i even tried another and same just fans spinning super fast. im just super sad because gaming was my only escape from how f'd my current health situations are. any suggestions on new gtx gpus manufactures would be appreciated or should i stick with just gigabyte gpus?
  15. name and shaming myself apparently? i got hit with a 1 day chat ban. guess thats what i get for letting my toxic cousin play on my account lol
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