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  1. so Genshin Impact has a hero that tries to seduce the players character and forces you to take them on a date.... this game man lol

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    2. orzel286


      Gacha games have all sorts of characters, either deal with it or move on. BTW: does anyone lese remember pokemon black/white ferris wheel dates? LOL.

    3. ZXrage


      Those were great. The one with special characters typically have gender-neutral dialogue (unless they're Nancy/Curtis). One of the girls also implied they were actually a guy in JP versions but they cut it out in translation. It's generally a culture and audience difference thing more than them trying to be creepy.

      Damn I miss Gen V

    4. Draco912


      9 hours ago, ZXrage said:

      damn dude, its only a day out to do errands, youre the one here tryna read between the lines ¬_¬

      its the choice of flirtatious nature of her dialogue i guess that took my brain that way lol.

      7 hours ago, orzel286 said:

      Gacha games have all sorts of characters, either deal with it or move on. BTW: does anyone lese remember pokemon black/white ferris wheel dates? LOL.

      i am dealing with it i actually enjoy the game its different to me and i like the open nature of the world im having a blast right now.

  2. over one week since we had to put my best friend down. growth in her brain causing seizures. anyone with a pet give them a treat or a lot of pets for me, still look around for her. this is her following me to the bathroom and just chilling.


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    2. Tman450
    3. mistervanni


      feels man, i cant imagine when my cat will die as hes approaching quite elder age...hope your friendo had the best of time with you:D

    4. Draco912


      yea its tough she was rescued by my mom before my mom got diagnosed with lung cancer and ultimately passed from it so its kinda like a double hit since that was a final gift from my mom but now she is no longer suffering and is right next to my mom i bet keeping her company where ever they are.

  3. oh another russian clam tank. seems to me WG has a russian Bias /s i wish they would branch out and do other tanks, game is so flooded with russian vehicles but meh i dont even do clan stuff i barely even play 10 battles a day if i even open the game got so many more enjoyable games to play now. got 54 games some of them old nostalgia kick games for me to play on steam for 35 bucks
  4. welp finally the FL Gov issued a mandatory 30 day stay at home order for non essential. but i think it might be to little to late. i mean yea close everything after the spring breakers flood the beaches then travel back home lol
  5. non taken im used to being inside all the time anyways alot of health issues and a really crap immune system also asthma so me getting this covid-19 virus would likely end in me dying, so im good staying home and staying alive while i can lol.
  6. iirc someone who had it and beat it somehow got it again. which means the antibodies dont last inside very long. then again i wouldnt expect anything less from a lab made virus from the chinese government. atleast people like me who cant go outside got the power of the internet and vidya games to pass time lol.
  7. welp 4 confirmed as of yesterday in my county in FL so looks like my ass is now on lockdown since im in the at risk bracket for this thing to end up killing me. glad for my steam library and my sim racing. stay safe everyone!.and lets get through this all together.
  8. holy hell thank jeebus for concealed carry if that shit happened around my dad dude would be gone.people going super crazy over things that are not as important as lets say medicine and food...... im basically on lockdown here in FL as im in the bracket for getting it so bad i die (crappy immune system) on the bright side atleast i got iRacing and now borderlands 3 to keep me occupied lol
  9. the cpu block pump probably has died if your cpu is jumping so high in temps that its causing it to reach its TJmax then shut down to prevent the cpu from frying. if its still under warranty submit a warranty claim for it, if not best to just buy a new AIO.
  10. got a "new modem" from isp turns out to be one of those puma 6 chipset modems so im loving my constant ping spikes in games and random disconnects..... 

  11. someone in frontlines told me i could be banned for telling the team to farm ranks after we roflstomp capped all points within 7mins like WUT


    1. Diriz0n


      I generally think winning is worth 2 ranks in itself.  What I mean is:  Winning w/ Captain  =  Losing with General. Winning w/ Lieutenant  =  Losing with Major. While not necessarily tied to earning credits, it has to do more with exp. Although General adds double to your exp value, Captain adds half + isn't reduced by losing factor penalizing exp gain. I am not sure if Merits in FL remove exp penalty in loses as it does in pubs. At any rate, because I exclusively use FL and SH battles to grind tier 8 tech tree machines, which for goodness sake don't do in pubs, credits aren't my concern exp is. 

      I am not afraid to take a loss, in order to score major or general, but for sure would rather win with Captain. The problem arises with the extra fast battles, that are over before people can cap D/E  -  and people still idle fucking in C - and the timer goes out and everyone is still fighting Sergeant or Lieutenant......Captain is the safe place, more or less 8-1OK dmg, though I reliably see major, Captain is the safe place that I can chill once grabbing


  12. im not too smart with monitors but if its mainly for gaming i would go with a good 34inch monitor (currently using a 32inch vizio tv since my 24inch gaming monitor is set on my sim rig) if you do any sim racing the 49 ultrawide from samsung is what alot of the twitch sim racers use. think they just came out with a 1440p version not to long ago. but if you have the hardware to run at 43inch 4K then you got yourself a lovely setup for casual console gaming too. not too sure about the ups and downs for WoT on the aspect ratios (again im dumb about monitor stuff only if it looks pretty
  13. kv2 is fun arty is not, kv2 actually needs to get engaged in the fighting in the front lines arty does not, you can counter and catch out a kv2 pretty easily countering arty not so much. so compairing the kv2 or other derp tanks that are not the cancer jap heavies or shitbarn/deathstar to arty doesn't really make sense. i understand trying to make low cal HE viable but in doing so they are going to kill a alot of the venting your anger tanks that are not as much an issue as lets say arty, jap super heavies, wheeled cars in FL or the massive hesh derp guns on the the shitbarn/deathstar
  14. when i read the title i was like for fuck sake and pissed right the hell off as i chose the crommy b since i didnt have it then read further down seeing it was another typical WG oopsie and that it was fixed so i cant cry over my loss for claiming my shit like 4 days ago
  15. dont hate me i bought the sexton from the black market inb4 they sell the lefefefeefe for like 15-20k gold good thing i only have like 4k gold then i would feel even dirtier

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    2. Draco912


      make more money because serb needs all of it for his world domination.

    3. Kymrel


      Might be a bit of a flop like the Alpine Tiger since so many got one in the boxes, but meh...

    4. Draco912


      true or maybe they will add a tier 10 premium russian heavy tank for 50k gold and watch it sell out in 10 seconds lol

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