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  1. well after over a decade of wanting to get a racing wheel i now have a logitech g29 but cant really mount it to my current desk since its freakin rounded and not a straight rectangle so im going to see if i can mock up with my uber shit drawing skills a DIY wood wheel and chair stand after i do some more searching to get some ideas in my dumb brain. so excited for F1 2018 and also assetto corsa once everything is done!

    1. Assassin7


      reading this, I just had a great idea. 

      plank of straight wood, hang it halfway over the desk and vice it to the desk on both sides attach wheel to board. boom.


    2. Draco912


      well after hours and hours on sketchup making a mock up i made something i kinda like. and assassin your idea would be good but this deskt is some flimsy extendable thing i would trust it holding the weight of my monitor keyboard and wheel but this is what i came up with in sketchup. my dad went to school for cabinetry making so he knows how to mess with the tools and stuff here is a link if anyone is interested in looking. (models for wheel, pedals, monitor, monitor mount and chair all from sketchup 3d warehouse).