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  1. someone in frontlines told me i could be banned for telling the team to farm ranks after we roflstomp capped all points within 7mins like WUT


    1. Diriz0n


      I generally think winning is worth 2 ranks in itself.  What I mean is:  Winning w/ Captain  =  Losing with General. Winning w/ Lieutenant  =  Losing with Major. While not necessarily tied to earning credits, it has to do more with exp. Although General adds double to your exp value, Captain adds half + isn't reduced by losing factor penalizing exp gain. I am not sure if Merits in FL remove exp penalty in loses as it does in pubs. At any rate, because I exclusively use FL and SH battles to grind tier 8 tech tree machines, which for goodness sake don't do in pubs, credits aren't my concern exp is. 

      I am not afraid to take a loss, in order to score major or general, but for sure would rather win with Captain. The problem arises with the extra fast battles, that are over before people can cap D/E  -  and people still idle fucking in C - and the timer goes out and everyone is still fighting Sergeant or Lieutenant......Captain is the safe place, more or less 8-1OK dmg, though I reliably see major, Captain is the safe place that I can chill once grabbing


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