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  1. Original article by @precambrian So, you’ve been playing World of Tanks for a while now as a free to play player. You’ve advanced pretty far up a tank line, gotten hang of all the basics, and generally had a good time. You’re finally ready to spend some dosh to bling out your pixel tank experience… but what do you spend your gold on? In this Gold Spending Guide, I’ll outline the different commodities you can purchase with real money, and evaluate the value of each. Hopefully, you’ll now be able to avoid the money traps and spend your hard earned cash more wisely! As you pr
  2. Original article by @precambrian Many people have said that the difference between a good player and a great one is the quality of their decisions. It’s very hard, however, for many players on the cusp of a breakthrough to understand how to make the best decision possible. In this article, I’ll try to give you some background on how to improve your decision making, and provide an easy mnemonic to help you remember what to do in-game. There are two fundamental principles that you should understand before we proceed: 1. You will have to make decisions with imperfect information. W
  3. precambrian


    mfw when someone scores the basketball during pregame countdown
  4. There aren't many monitors on the market that fit all of your criteria. You could consider the older Acer XB270HU if the improvements made in the XB271HU aren't that important to you- if I recall correctly the 271 features an improved stand, the ability to overclock the panel to 165 Hz, ULMB functionality at a max refresh rate of 144 Hz vs 120 Hz for the 270, and an HDMI port for a secondary device like a console- Displayport is ofc required for gsync and high refresh rate. Other than those and the two iterations of the ROG Swift that ASUS offers (the PG278Q is a TN panel, the newer PG279Q is
  5. precambrian

    Witcher 3

    Who's hyped for Blood and Wine on Tuesday? I'm excited to jump back in to the wonderful world of Witcher, and the QOL improvements in the 1.20 patch are pretty awesome too
  6. A French 1070 review leaked earlier today and was taken down, here are cached copies of the benchmarks: page 1 and page 2. Or an imgur link if you prefer Looks to be 8-10% faster than a stock 980Ti depending on the resolution
  7. precambrian


    Servers are opening the evening of May 23 for NA, ~midnight 24th for EU also a 22nd hero is supposedly coming out with release (someone named Sombra?)
  8. According to the Linus review, which Siimcy screengrabbed above, 1080 is pretty much on par or slightly better than 2 980s at 4K. I've had 2 970s for over a year now, and honestly, I'll probably go back to a single flagship in the future. My main issue is lack of support in some games, I hate when one of my cards is sitting there completely useless. When it works, it's worked great, but I've run into a nontrivial number of games where I've had to run just one card, and that's been a major headache. Throw in reduced power draw, better frametimes, and less of a cooling annoyance, I think the 108
  9. Someone can correct me if I'm wrong, but if I recall correctly the 1070 release date is June 10th, so I wouldn't expect reviews of that card until the first week of June. Interestingly, TPU only managed to eke out an 11% OC on base clock. Might wait for AIB cards with non-reference PCB, one 8 pin power connector doesn't seem to deliver enough power to push it further. Temps weren't great either though, might be time to try out watercooling
  10. Current rumor is that the embargo on reviews lifts in 12 hours, who's hyped?
  11. Did you lock your uncore multiplier to stock? You could also play with the input voltage. God I hate you, my 4690k begrudgingly hits 4.5 only after I feed it 1.29V. At least the temps are still ~50C
  12. No idea, haven't played tanks in 18 months But I'll gladly join you in overwatch
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