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  1. All living memebers of BULBA please join BULLS for the time being.
  2. http://www.nintendo.co.jp/ir/pdf/2015/150713e.pdf "Nintendo Co., Ltd. deeply regrets to announce that President Satoru Iwata passed away on July 11, 2015 due to a bile duct growth. 1. Name : Satoru Iwata 2. Date of Birth : December 6, 1959 3. Career Record : June 2000 Appointed as Director May 2002 Appointed as President Appointed as Representative Director June 2013 Appointed as CEO of Nintendo of America Inc. 4. Other Information : As a result, the following two Representative Directors remain at the company. Genyo Takeda (Representative Director; Senior Managing Director) Shigeru Miyamoto
  3. oh god nutmeg please stop playing the M12 at tier ten, its not helping the grind. At all. pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Also, try out tioga.moe's newest signature, canvas!
  4. I am really angry at how space yamato had: -no wave motion cannon -no space thrusters -no missiles. regardless it still does plenty of damage.
  5. Nicook, I thought we are not recuriting, and MAHOU/SHOJO just feeds on PZMOE players.
  6. Now I finally know what the kinds of anime watching people are now.
  7. Or dragon ball, you did be dumb if you haven't watched dragon ball, and by that I dont mean z.
  8. williamcll


    Nothing is more satisfying than to one shot snipe a cromwell 400 meters away. But wow, getting mastery is really hard, I guess I ought to do 3k+ or more to get it.
  9. Sounds just like a certain website. Wait, make that a few.
  10. Garbad, will you try out armoured warfare? That game has better balanced arties but it's full of missile spam right now.
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