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  1. I have several lower tier tanks that I enjoy playing, even tho I've moved up the tiers in the tree. But I'm trying to figure out how best to use the 'automatically return crew' function. When moving up the tier, I've transferred the crew to keep the most skilled crews in the higher tier tank. But have checked the box to automatically return crew, when I'm playing the lower tier. But that loses the skill level when on the lower tier. If I use xp or gold to retrain in the lower tier, then when the crew moves back up - they revert to the lower skill level. Is there a way to keep a crew skilled at both tanks? or should I just start a new crew on the lower tank and grind skills and perks?
  2. That's it guys - mod removed and stripes gone... I'll keep working on getting out of tomato land. thanks
  3. Ok, now I'm confused again..... How did my t-44 and my t-71 get stripes on the barrel? Or do they all have them...
  4. Of the three stripes.... One is German, the other is Russian....the two stripes is US....
  5. I'm very confused ( as usual ). I'm a relatively new player - 4 k battles.... And a very solid tomato.. Mostly because of the initial learning curve..... But I have two tanks with three stripes, ( a tier 7 and and a tier 6 with two stripes. How can that happen while I struggle to get my win8 rating out of the red. If I'm really playing that well, What can I do differently to improve stats?
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