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  1. Do you actually win games in these platoons (relative to playing 'actual' tanks)? Or do people just spam so much gold that it works out to pretty standard sort of win rate?
  2. Let's get straight to it. Obviously I'm no piece of ass windowlicker (I may be one or the other, but not both) but I've found that I am not confident in the slightest when I play the vast majority of my tanks. I'm not sure if it's because the tanks aren't 'powerful' (ie. the three tanks I'm most comfortable playing are the T-54, T29 and IS-3, arguably best in tier or close to it tanks) or if it comes down to lack of play time, or the fact that I normally only play the game for 1k-2k games before I get tilt and stop playing for 6 months, and since metas change and maps are added etc that could also be affecting me. Either way, I know that the thing that is holding me back the most from getting to the hot dark purple status is the lack of confidence. So, as a unicum player, do you find yourself confident in any tank? Or is it after X amount of games you find it? Or do you never find it? Is it only on the 'good' tanks that you ever feel like you can out play someone 10 times out of 10? It still boggles my mind how my recent can be as 'good' as it is because 80% of the time I just herp derp around and pull damage out of my ass, because I don't have the confidence to brawl in most mediums, to hold the corner in most heavies. I even find myself getting outplayed by people in lower tier tanks on a semi-regular basis, especially if I know they're a good player due to their tags (as I don't play with XVM). And if you find that you didn't have confidence, but now you do, what was it that changed? Do I need to slam out 2k games in my T-54 to feel more confident with all tier 9 tanks? Do I just need to play more games period? Thanks for any help you can give me.
  3. So really it's quite similar to the Maus? Just with a cupola.
  4. I know it's probably a trade secret, but where are the weak points on that thing? I've just been shooting lower glacias with moderate to high success. Is it like the tiger 2 where you can just punch through the upper plate if you're in a tier 10? And what about the cupola? Been bouncing off that a shit ton. Basically, frontally, where have you noticed you're getting penned?
  5. Thread title is click bait. No where does OP mention how it feels to win 83% of games and OP never even won 83% of games. Unless where you're from 82.3 rounds anywhere other then 82? *NOTICE need basic math classes for OP.
  6. It seems like you answered your own question. Obviously you're a very good player but sometimes you get the short end of the stick. It happens. The best answer I can give you as someone who (while not being as good as you are) does get fucked over by RNG sometimes is don't let yourself get too frustrated with the game because that will never help. The shitty times will pass eventually, but they'll be back. You said it yourself. Uncontrollable forces. Unless it's your own fault these shots aren't going in (meh aiming, meh leading, not letting the gun aim) which I doubt it is, there really is nothing you can do. I feel like this is all stuff you've heard before. You can't have shitty RNG forever. It's just like the games where you get ammo racked the first shell you take - shit happens. Move on, don't get tilted.
  7. <.< >.> This is not the E 25 you're looking for. Tbh though made me lol. And I remember this exact situation ahahaha. Chi Ri's never forget?
  8. So, as the title says, I'm absolutely trash at playing anything other than a heavy tank on Arctic Region. I've been finding recently that even though I hover around 2500~ ish 60 day WN8, I constantly, constantly get outplayed and get myself into stupid positions. It boggles my mind how I'm still capable of holding 2500 because I feel like such a lemming in around 60% of my battles. This is one such battle. I already suck at the E 25 which is notoriously overpowered (something I've felt playing against them, but never playing with one) and Arctic Region is right up there with one of my worst maps. My biggest issue is deploying properly, as seen in this battle. I really wasn't a factor at all in the outcome and the only real damage I got was from yolo'ing the pershing cause I knew I could out DPM him (and I had a feeling this was going to be a shitty game so I wanted at least a little damage). http://wotreplays.com/site/3356420#arctic_region-kenyanwarlord-e_25 Rip into me. Help me get better pls. I'll be posting a ton of replays in the coming days where I utterly expose myself and hopefully you people can help me.
  9. trigger warning whenever you try and rag on me after I beat your 3 man MAHOU platoon in a tier 9, whilst they're in tier 10's. his platoon was salty the entire game, every single one bitched about something but he went far enough to try and rag on me after I sent him a victory 'lel' after the game. only because during the game he was a salty mo fucka and probably at some point called me a shitter even though I out damaged him and all his platoon mates.
  10. UGHGHGHG I wish I knew about that camo when you could get it. I would've started playing again and joined a clan.
  11. Hey, you never know. It could be the difference between life or death against a waffle.
  12. If English isn't your first language, don't correct peoples use of it. In popular culture, it's acceptable to say 'times more' or 'more times' as people are generally smart enough to understand, with context, what was meant. I can't be bothered to read exactly what you put, but it was something along the lines of, "if you want to be hated", which would insinuate that you do indeed hate me, otherwise you'd have no reason to be the first person to mention hating me. Living a life where you hate everyone who disagrees with you is living life in a shitty way, period. You can disagree with me on many things that are based upon opinion, but this is one thing that I am indeed right about. Living a life of hate is a shitty life. No thanks dad.
  13. 1. If you're going to be a grammar nazi, it's, "you go around telling people they did not understand", not "you go around telling people did not understand". 2. Because to a pubby 1 degree of gun depression or a thicker turret doesn't warrant playing a tank for 2x as long. 140 and 62 A are essentially the same tank in the hands of a pubby anyways. What's the point of having 2? So your reasoning for hating someone is based upon whether or not you agree on things? Pretty shitty way to live your life, but to each their own. You also said a neg of my argument is insulting them, directly after insulting me. Jeez man, get yourself in order. I made a point by pulling data and using common sense to know that people do things for logical reasons. You take the shortest drive to work because that's the easiest and quickest way to get to work. You play a good tank because it's, believe it or not, a good tank. You don't go to the road that you know always has traffic on it, unless you like traffic, you go to the road that will get you there quickest. You don't play the least played tank expecting it to be good, you play the most played tank because it's the most played tank for a reason. Yes, obviously there is some flaws in my argument based upon things like russian bias, historical 'coolness' etc etc but the base logic of it is there. And I only called the guy a cunt because he was indeed being a cunt. Don't be a grammar nazi if you don't know how do words good yourself. Also, in case it wasn't obvious, the stuff underlined was intentional. P.S I never said people didn't understand what I said, I said I failed to explain my thought process thoroughly. The flubs have been my fault so far, not someone else misunderstanding me.
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