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    KenyanWarlord reacted to Va1heru in Are you confident when you play?   
    I only played td's for the first year because of this, everytime I played a medium tank, I would get shit on by literally everyone and I hated it. Td's were easy because it's hard to punish someone camping in a jagdtiger or jpe. 
    What changed for me was getting the Leopard 1,my second tier 10 and first high tier medium. I loved it but I was terrible. So I played 1k games in it and got better. I also unlocked the 50b and 215b at some point after that and became accustomed to their playstyle as well. But the big kicker was literally just playing a high tier medium over and over until I learnt how to play it. Watching Sela's stream as well and then venturing into replays from guys like pollto, x3n4 and tcamir sealed the deal. 
    Now I can play any tank with the confidence that I can rely on skill alone to make a tank work until I figure out the nuances of individual tanks. There's no special on button to this, it just takes time and practise and the desire to improve 
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    KenyanWarlord reacted to Tarski in VK100.01 - the new "Mini-Maus"?   
    I haven't played it so I can't answer the last question, but the UFP is stronger than the flat parts of the front of a Type 5, so it should bounce most rounds sometimes. The LFP on this tank is almost as strong as the UFP on the Tiger II. The weakest surface of the cupola and the weakest surface of the cheeks have the same thickness at 230mm, so between those just take the easiest shot. 

    Playing around on tanks.gg, it looks like it takes quite a bit of angling for the flat front of the cheeks to get much stronger, and as soon as they do you can just shoot further to the side for an easy pen. Avoid shooting the back half of the turret from the front unless it's extremely over-angled. The back half of the turret doesn't become an easier pen than the front half until the turret is facing almost perpendicular to you. 
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    KenyanWarlord reacted to Zepherex in What it feels like to win 83%   
    Hey friends fellow unicum zepherex here with a spicy guide.
    Yeah so in response to crabs great thread i decided to make a thread with a higher battle count. Basically i moved around and shot stuff. Only played the STB and 121 good tanks those.. yeah. :^)
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    KenyanWarlord reacted to jackquerudo in What it feels like to win 83%   
    If I made a thread every time I had a win streak, I'd be perma banned for spamming
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    KenyanWarlord got a reaction from CheekiBreeki_ in What do you do to maintain excellent (top 0.1%) dpgs?   
    It seems like you answered your own question. Obviously you're a very good player but sometimes you get the short end of the stick. It happens. The best answer I can give you as someone who (while not being as good as you are) does get fucked over by RNG sometimes is don't let yourself get too frustrated with the game because that will never help. The shitty times will pass eventually, but they'll be back.
    You said it yourself.  Uncontrollable forces. Unless it's your own fault these shots aren't going in (meh aiming, meh leading, not letting the gun aim) which I doubt it is, there really is nothing you can do. I feel like this is all stuff you've heard before. You can't have shitty RNG forever. It's just like the games where you get ammo racked the first shell you take - shit happens. Move on, don't get tilted.
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    KenyanWarlord reacted to HS5 in I suck at Arctic Region (and E 25)   
    Too passive in the beginning, I think I would have went to G6 area to spot and maybe shoot something in the beginning, and then do something else. Or if you go north, at least peek around the corner to see if anything is even coming, with E25 you are there before anything from the enemy team with plenty of time to run if needed. Now you just looked at that corner for pretty long time. If something would have came there, you would have seen them way too late, with E25 you want to keep some distance and instead of trading 1 to 1, try to find possibilities to keep shooting continuously. I have played quite a lot of E25 lately, and I think that if you want to do well in it, you have to react to things really fast. It can do damage fast if you are in the right place, and it has the speed to move around, so use that speed. Also I would lose the camo net, at least I don't sit still that much to have advantage of that, and camo is already above epic. Rammer+vents+optics seems to work pretty well.
    Oh yeah, and load more APCR
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    KenyanWarlord reacted to SkittlesOfSteeI in I suck at Arctic Region (and E 25)   
    Not yoloing a chi ri in the middle of serene coast when you're one clippable just so you can fuck his game over would be a good start.
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    KenyanWarlord reacted to Folterknecht in I suck at Arctic Region (and E 25)   
    I never played E25, but have a rough idea about it's camo/viewrange
    ~12:10 get out of that "grave" going south and up to the pedestal F4, where you always can spot for yourself (you have no turret, so ritch peaking at close range is impossible)
    ~11:30-11:00 an other trench ... only worse without a turret (crossfire possible from the KV5 - Leo position). Approaching from G/H 6 toward the Leo keeps the fight one-directional and you can control with your camo/viewrange
    - are there even places on the KV5 where you can pen it reliable with 150mm (with an angle)???
    ok turret roof - not a position one finds oneself usually in

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    KenyanWarlord reacted to Whole_Nutmeg in Conspiracy Time: RNG killed JFK   
    >my face when someone is SO bootyblasted about harmless forum banter that they reply to you a SECOND time, two days later, and the best they can come up with is a weak ad hominen

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    KenyanWarlord reacted to Pompous_Magnus in Conspiracy Time: RNG killed JFK   
    Suck at the game Use a lot of personal reserves  Still suck at the game but, have reserves running. Complain on WOTlabs that RNG and WG are screwing you over. Profit????? Do I have this right???? Makes you think right? Maybe there is a connection?

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    KenyanWarlord got a reaction from kukis12345 in too   
    Not once did I tell people to uninstall it. And gold is part of stock world of tanks. XVM is a mod which majority of the players don't use, let alone know exists.
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    KenyanWarlord got a reaction from Fallenworld in What maps do you loathe playing and why?   
    For me, Prohk-a-I can't be bother to spell out the shitty maps shitty name is by far the worst map in the game for me. I hardly ever play tanks with thick turrets, so your usefulness on the battlefield is extremely limited. You can either go 1-3 line and camp for 10 minutes, hit the mid ridge and get fucked over by tanks with armour or go to the hill and get fucked over by tanks on the hill and on the mid ridge who have thick turrets.
    Normally whenever this map comes up in the rotation I just suicide up the middle at the start. Can't be bothered to waste 10 minutes instead of playing 3 games in that timeframe. 
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    KenyanWarlord got a reaction from Nekommando in too   
    And I value my morals, where you clearly don't. I'd much rather put myself at a disadvantage but not feel dirty afterwards then put myself in an unfair position over my enemies.
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    KenyanWarlord got a reaction from StormCrowReaperManyHats in too   
    And I value my morals, where you clearly don't. I'd much rather put myself at a disadvantage but not feel dirty afterwards then put myself in an unfair position over my enemies.
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    KenyanWarlord got a reaction from Joebob73 in too   
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    KenyanWarlord got a reaction from hayhay58c in too   
    As a person who took IB English in highschool (basically the super high level Canadian shit) we're taught to never take things the way they are and to ask questions. All I did with this post was try to strike a different vein in the brain of some people. Whether people listen or throw away what I said, at least I sparked conversation and got people talking about it. 
    This is just what I do. 
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    KenyanWarlord got a reaction from BoilerBandsman in too   
    And I value my morals, where you clearly don't. I'd much rather put myself at a disadvantage but not feel dirty afterwards then put myself in an unfair position over my enemies.
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    KenyanWarlord got a reaction from TLWiz in Name and Shame Part II Probably Sponsored by Universal Studios and Chrysler   
    trigger warning whenever you try and rag on me after I beat your 3 man MAHOU platoon in a tier 9, whilst they're in tier 10's.
    his platoon was salty the entire game, every single one bitched about something but he went far enough to try and rag on me after I sent him a victory 'lel' after the game. only because during the game he was a salty mo fucka and probably at some point called me a shitter even though I out damaged him and all his platoon mates. 
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    KenyanWarlord got a reaction from noob_tanker in 2k recent. whats next ?   
    If you find yourself in a game like that (generally you can tell based upon your teams deployment, etc) in my opinion you're better off to sit back and chai snipe as your team is getting absolutely fucked. I've turned games around by doing that, tracking a heavy when he comes around the corner so even the shitters can right click + left click him.
    And if you don't win the game, at least your WN8 won't look shitty.
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    KenyanWarlord reacted to Larsson23 in Hello everyone   
    Hello everyone,

    Im Larsson from Germany. I started WoT a couple of years back and dropped it due to inactivity. Now I picked up the game again and I am looking to seriously improve my game.
    I got a wn8 somewhere around 750 and luckily it´s been rising constantly. I started a lot of tank lines and thus I have no skills on any crew just yet. I mainly play t5 and t6 at the moment. I consider the KV85,  and Firefly my main tanks and currently leveling the czech medium line because i really like the gun depression and the new playstyle it opens up ( at least for me ). I also bought the IS but at its stock configuration I am still trying to accumulate some free EXP to get the better gun at least.

    I´m looking to improve my game and I love reading guides and theorycrafting and all that stuff. I would love to join up in a platoon with more experienced players to learn from them from time to time and at some point maybe join a serious clan. We´ll see.

    While I´m at it. I am eyeing the IS-2 deal thats HOT at the moment, can you recommend it?

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    KenyanWarlord reacted to Tankocide in [SHH] (Don't waste the 9.15 platoon bonus) a no-TS platoon clan for good tankers who can't talk: `1600 RECENT WN8   
    You want to platoon with good players and/or get that new platoon bonus in 9.15?..... but............. You don't want to wake the wife? Broke your headphones with the mic?  Don't speak English?  Mute?  A loner?  Or just don't want to talk while playing?  Whatever the reason, don't care.  SHH was designed for you.  
    Not really a clan, just a group of guys who play in N.A. during primetime hours who want to platoon, but don't want to deal with all the other clan crap.  More than anything, this is just as a way of making sure you have at least one other good player on your team.  You can coordinate if you like, but the general idea is, just spam a clan-wide invite on what tiers you are playing.  IF you want to use the in-game talking system, fine, but its optional.
    Minimum requirements:  1600+ recent WN8 stats. (We'd rather have active platooning BLUE tankers than a PURPLE tanker who never platoons)  Heavy play during the primetime NA hours, no excessive seal-clubbering, tiers 6 through 8 mostly.  (activity is critical, this is a platoon clan after all)  (might make exceptions for recent WN8 if you are close and trending upwards)
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    KenyanWarlord reacted to CraBeatOff in Roomba a keeper in today's meta?   
    Fuck all the waffle spawn. Fuck them with HE, forever and always.
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    KenyanWarlord reacted to hazzgar in Elimination: Tier 9 - Skoda Victorious! (COMPLETE)   
    Have you missed me mocking you for that argument? Do you want to be mocked again? 
    If you want to judge tanks by popularity then using your logic:
    Maus is better than fv215b T57 is better than E5 (in recent popularity) Waffle e100 is best t10 TD and 2nd best T10 tank after Bat Chat Chi-Ri is 2nd best T7 med Please stop making a fool out of yourself. Tank popularity = perception of power and usefulness not actuall usefullness.
    Also a ton of people have it because of how good it was BEFORE HD and before Patton, t10 buffs and before a ton of other tanks were introduced. 
    Some strange bearded man in a flannel shirt must have touched you really bad for you to forgo logic in favour of hipster hate but I think it wasn't a hipster but a local hobo who was released in the 80s from the looney bin and from that time wanders the forests around your town. He is the human equivalent of your argument so please stop.
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    KenyanWarlord got a reaction from Wyrda1 in Elimination: Tier 9 - Skoda Victorious! (COMPLETE)   
    If English isn't your first language, don't correct peoples use of it. In popular culture, it's acceptable to say 'times more' or 'more times' as people are generally smart enough to understand, with context, what was meant.
    I can't be bothered to read exactly what you put, but it was something along the lines of, "if you want to be hated", which would insinuate that you do indeed hate me, otherwise you'd have no reason to be the first person to mention hating me. Living a life where you hate everyone who disagrees with you is living life in a shitty way, period. You can disagree with me on many things that are based upon opinion, but this is one thing that I am indeed right about. Living a life of hate is a shitty life.
    No thanks dad.
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