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  1. IGN: Arkeologen (EU server) So I am the only person playing on EU server?
  2. Hi Guys Post your AW ingame name along with the server you play in. Will you guys be moving to ASIA server if it started ever? My Details IGN: Arkeologen Server: EU mods: Please feel free to bin this thread if it is against the forum rules. Mods: Please close this thread. !!!
  3. This is sad man. I even cant post latest exchange rates in offtopic thread? 1 usd = 20k viet dong.. and i got 14 day ban with threats to ban ingame account [Content removed, player sanctioned 14 days forum suspension] Continue crossing the line, and the sanctions will escalate, up to a permanent account suspension including ingame. WG Asia Moderation team /AALG
  4. Nothing will be done haha. WG VN 2.0 confirmed Valve source 2.0 confirmed Half Life 3.0 confirmed!
  5. I got 7 day RO + suspended account for embassy 3.0 haha.. cant even see forum while logged in.!(not game banned tho )
  6. Gun and I got forum banned 3d for referring asia server as WG Viet 2.0 server.. xD
  7. Does it have credit bonus? or its like the normal tonk which helps grind crew.
  8. Neo


    i got it from here http://yuplay.ru/product/14684008/ just 32$ (use paypal) my ign : Los7cau53 k/d ~1
  9. Neo

    World of Codes

    I took Burnout Paradise .Thanks!!
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